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IWA Championship Wrestling Television Debut on My50-August 29, 2009

Nice opening video. Announcers Eddie Spain and "The Commentating God" Jason Hall welcomed everyone to IWA Championship Wrestling on WPXX My50. Jason said we've got a jam-packed show lined up.

One half of S & S, Syn, is interviewed by Deonte Brooks. Brooks asked Syn who would S & S like to face in the finals of the tag-team tournament, The Asylum (Psycho & Pappy) or Full Scale Assault (Xander Raines & Jason Steele). Before Syn could give us his answer, announcer Jason Hall stood up and took his glasses off, saying, "Excuse me! Excuse me! Excuse me! Why don't you ask the real question, Deonte Brooks? And that question is this, Syn. You got beat! You and your little tag-team partner, y'all got defeated in the first round of the tournament, right? So my question to you is real simple. How does it feel to get the sympathy from the IWA Committee, The Board of Directors, to get put in the finals? You don't even have to compete like The Asylum and Full Scale Assault, who earned the right! Earned the right to compete! How does it feel? I wanna know! I wanna know!" Brooks apologized to Syn for the interruption.

Officer Hudson walked out and called Syn a cheater giving him an ultimatum to either leave now or suffer the consequences. There was a really funny moment during Hudson's interview when Hudson told a lady in the crowd to shut her stinkin' mouth. That done it! Big mama jumped up out of her chair and set her little girl that she was holding in her chair. Following this, she screamed at Hudson, "I'm standing right here! Come make me shut my mouth! I don't think so!" I'm so glad the camera caught that. Hilarious!

Officer Hudson jumped Syn from behind with some sort of foreign object. Hudson sent Syn in the ropes, who ducked two clotheslines before catching Hudson with a dropkick. Syn followed with another swift kick, before his offense came to a screeching halt as Hudson caught Syn with a clothesline. Hudson with a suplex and then he crashed into Syn with his legs as he was tied up in the ropes. Hudson kicked Syn out of the ring. Hudson attempted an axehandle smash off the apron, but Syn moved, sending Hudson into the steel guardrail. Syn brought Hudson back in the ring and put the boots to him. Syn with a snapmare. Syn attempted a lionsault, but missed when Hudson moved. Hudson measured and connected with two elbow drops and flew off the second rope with another. Syn caught Hudson with a boot to the face as he tried to splash him in the corner. Syn stomped and punched away at Hudson. When Syn attempted a pin, things got out of hand as Precious and Dre' Black hit the ring, followed by Samoan Raja, Suicide, and D.J. Stunner. Precious and Samoan Raja went after Syn as Dre' Black, Suicide, and Stunner chased Officer Hudson to the back, while beating on him.

"The Samoan Savage" Samoan Raja came out. Raja was scheduled to have a match with "The New Flavor" Edrick Hines, but Eddie Spain said he just received word that something has happened to Edrick Hines backstage. "IWA Original" Sniper came out to wrestle Raja. As soon as the bell rang, Samoan Raja took it to Sniper with some chops until Sniper stopped the big man by poking him in the eyes. Raja took back over with some more chops. Raja sent Sniper into the corner, but missed a splash when Sniper moved out of the way. Sniper executed a BIG German suplex on Raja. Sniper dropped some knees on Raja's arm and then tossed Raja out of the ring. Sniper went out after him. These two big men brawled outside. Sniper sent Raja into the steel guardrail and ring post. Then, Sniper picked up Raja and dropped him over the top of the guardrail. The match resulted in a double countout, but these two kept going at one another. Sniper ended up, throwing Raja into the wall, which busted a hole in the wall. That looked cool.

Wrestling News Center's very own, Tia, was spotted taking pictures.

Dre' Black entered the ring for the next match. His opponent, The A.N.T. (Amazing Natural Talent) came down to talk with Deonte Brooks. A.N.T. said he got screwed out of his chance to get the titles, last week, but this week somebody is gonna pay. A.N.T. had some words for the fans in the IWA Arena, calling them rednecks and saying that half of them didn't even have teeth. The action got underway with both locking up with a collar and elbow tieup. Dre' Black started working over A.N.T.'s arm, flipping him over, but A.N.T. would not stay down long before he got back on his feet with an impressive kip-up. A.N.T. would counter attacking Dre's arm, but Dre was quick to regain control, sending A.N.T. down as he tried to fight back with a bridge. A.N.T. caught Dre' with a headscissor into a headlock. A.N.T. broke the hold in the corner. The two locked up with Dre' catching A.N.T. with an armdrag takedown, followed by a clothesline. A.N.T. rolled to the outside for a moment before coming back in. Dre' laid in some punches, but missed a splash in the corner. A.N.T. suplexed Dre' and got a nearfall. A.N.T. went to work on Dre's leg. A.N.T. attempted another suplex, but this time Dre' outpowered him, countering with a suplex of his own. Two count. Dre' clotheslined A.N.T. in the corner and nailed him with a running bulldog. A.N.T. got his shoulder up. A.N.T. caught Dre' with a ddt when Dre' tried a back body drop. The ref got knocked down as Dre' executed his signature “Black Out” maneuver on A.N.T. The Ref could not make the count. As Dre' checked on the ref, A.N.T. hit Dre' with a pele kick, followed by a standing moonsault, but didn't connect. As Dre' tried to pick up A.N.T., A.N.T. cradled him up in a small package to get the win. Your winner is The A.N.T. (Amazing Natural Talent)! After the bell, A.N.T. continued his assault on Dre' Black by punching and choking him until some of the crew came out to get him to stop. A.N.T. told Dre' Black that he would see him on Friday if he can make it at "Deception", which took place last Friday. Results from "Deception" have been posted below.

Malik "The Great" and Suicide make their way to the ring for some tag action. "Every Man's Dream and Every Woman's Nightmare" Precious walks out with pink hair and a purse. You just gotta see it. The big question was who would be Precious's tag-team partner. "The Manager of Champions" Victor Reed and Cymba came out. Reed brought out the monstrous Armageddon to team with Precious. Precious was cuttin' up. Precious began the match with Malik. Jason Hall and Eddie Spain were talking about Precious and Malik facing each other at "Deception", which from what I heard was an incredible match. Malik takes over with a headlock. Precious with a headscissor, but Malik slipped out reapplying the headlock. Malik with a drop toehold. Precious reversed Malik's headlock into an armbar and patted Malik on his backside. Precious asked Malik to tag in Suicide. Suicide in with a headlock on Precious. Precious shoots him in the ropes. Suicide puts Precious down with a shoulderblock. Suicide back in the ropes, but ends up on the receiving end of a Precious dropkick. Precious made the tag to the big man, Armageddon, who came in punishing Suicide with some vicious strikes and catapulted him out of the corner with a big hip toss. Armageddon with a gorilla press slam on Suicide, followed by a clothesline. Precious tagged back in. Precious with two lefts and a right on Suicide and then took a cheap shot at Malik while he was standing on the apron. While the ref was trying to hold back Malik, Precious hit Suicide with a low blow. Then, Precious stomped a mudhole in Suicide and took another cheap shot at Malik. Precious threw Suicide on the outside and walked up behind the ref, clapping his hands to signal a tag to Armageddon. Armageddon leveled Suicide with a big boot and went for the pin. Malik made the save, kicking Armageddon. While Armageddon was staring down Malik, Precious ran in, catching Suicide with a sidewalk slam. Armageddon would step on Suicide and connect with a leg drop. Armageddon would show his strength by picking up Suicide by the throat with both hands, raising him in the air before dropping him. Precious back in. He rubbed on Suicide while he was down on the mat before going up top. Precious flew off with a leg drop, but Suicide got out of the way. Precious got some wicked air. This gave Suicide just enough time to make the tag to the fresh man, Malik "The Great". Malik in with a head of steam, dropkicking Precious and then went to work on Armageddon with some dropkicks. Malik was going to work on Armageddon in the corner until he hurt his hand while punching Armageddon's mask. Armageddon attempted a chokeslam, but Malik slipped out of the way, putting the big man down with the trouble in paradise kick. While Malik was celebrating, Armageddon got back up and destroyed him with a colossal chokeslam to get the three count. Your winners, Armageddon and Precious! After the bell, Precious put the boots to Malik and hit him with two backstabbers before Suicide ran in to chase him off.

Up next, was the Main Event, which was a semi-finals match in the IWA Tag-Team Championship Tournament to decide who would move on to face Syn & Stunner in the finals at "Deception". The match featured Full Scale Assault (Xander Raines & Jason Steele) taking on The Asylum (Psycho & Pappy) accompanied by "The Manager of Champions" Victor Reed. The fans were behind The Asylum as you could hear them chanting, "Psycho!" and "Pappy!" Pappy and Jason Steele started things with a face-to-face staredown. Steele pushed Pappy. Pappy shoved Steele back in return. Steele slapped Pappy. Pappy returned the favor. Pappy punched Steele and hit him with a big clothesline. Pappy made the tag to Psycho. The Asylum double teamed Steele by sending him in the ropes, hitting him with a double clothesline, followed by dual falling headbutts. Psycho brought the heat with a combination of chops and uppercuts. Psycho went coast to coast clotheslining Steele in the corner. Psycho went for the pin, but Xander Raines ran in and got the taste slapped out his mouth. Psycho hit Steele with a clothesline to get a two count. Psycho whipped Steele in the corner, but missed the splash this time, as Steele ducked out of the way. Steele pulled Psycho down to the canvas by his hair. Steele made the tag to Xander Raines. Raines in on the attack. Pappy came in clubbing Xander in the back with an axehandle. Once Xander got up he asked Psycho, "What are you hitting me for?" Psycho and Xander went at it, toe-to-toe. They collided in the center of the ring as Jason Hall said, "You just found out what happens when two trains collide!" A discombobulated Xander tried to make a tag to Pappy. He got tagged alright as Pappy unloaded a couple fistacups upside his head, sending Xander crashing to the mat. Xander got caught up in between the ropes as Psycho hit him with some uppercuts. Xander raked Psycho's eyes and tagged in Jason Steele. Full Scale Assault connected with the hi-lo combo as Steele clipped Psycho from behind as Xander hit him with a clothesline. Steele with a pin, but Pappy ran in punting Steele in the skull to break the count. Pappy and Xander brawled on the outside, while the two legal men, Psycho and Steele went at it inside the ring for a moment before Psycho threw him out on the floor, as well. Xander and Pappy rolled back in the ring. As Xander was trying to pick up Pappy for a fireman's carry, Psycho ran in. Psycho and Pappy landed some uppercuts on Xander. Psycho ducked an oncoming clothesline from Steele and planted him on the mat. Psycho and Pappy connected with "The Fall from Grace" to get the win. Your winners, "The Asylum" Psycho and Pappy! So The Asylum faced S & S in the finals to crown the New IWA Tag-Team Champions, this past Friday at "Deception". Following the match, Psycho blasted Xander and Steele with the Singapore cane. The show wrapped up with Psycho and Pappy staring at the IWA tag belts that were located on the announce table. Psycho landed some parting shots on Xander and Steele with his Singapore cane as Pappy hit them with his chain. Eddie Spain and Jason Hall hyped "Deception". Be sure and check out all of the results below from "Deception".

You can watch IWA Championship Wrestling at 10:00am on Saturday mornings on WPXX My50

Wanna attend an IWA TV Taping at the IWA Arena? IWA TV Tapings are held every Saturday at 2:00pm at the IWA Arena, located at 1225 State Line Road in Southaven, Mississippi. The building is located right beside Sonic and across the street from Dale's. FREE Admission!

IWA’s next big show “Fall Out” is Friday, September 25, 2009 at 7p.m. Ticket prices-$6.00 for adults and $3.00 for children

Video taping provided by First Impressions Video-Hernando, MS (901)461-4452

My Thoughts and Additional Info-I really enjoyed the show. Liked the setup they had, especially the announcer's table. The show kinda reminded me of the old IWF Slam. A couple things that I thought was really cool. The fact that there were no commercials and at the end of the broadcast, they listed all of the wrestlers that performed during the program. I attended the tv taping on Saturday so I will post that report soon and be on the lookout for all of Tia's great pictures from the event.

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