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ASWF Results 8-29-09

Our show started off the same way it does every Saturday night with Rickey Roland handing our nations flag to local kids and playing the national anthem.

1st Match:
Idol Bane vs John "The Premium" Allen
Winner: Idol Bane via pinfall.

2nd Match:
Cody Only vs The Enforcer
Winner: Cody Only via pinfall.

3rd Match:
European Championship
X-Kaliber (Champion) vs Mike Anthony
Winner: X-Kaliber via DQ. This came after Mike Anthony used a guitar to take out X-Kaliber.

4th Match:
Tag Team Championship
Danger Zone vs Beach Bums
Winner: Beach Bums via DQ. Danger Zone would use a chair on the arm of Mark Wolfe taking him out of action for two weeks.

5th Match:
Vinny Romano vs Scott Fury
Winner: Scott Fury with a rollup pin.

6th Match:
Fan Requested Strap Match
CM2 vs Seth Sabor and Deadly Dale
Winner: Deadly Dale would return to aid Seth in his valiant match against CM2 but they would fall short via pinfall.

Trish Stratus to Host RAW

Trish Stratus will host the September 14th edition of Monday Night Raw.

Latest on Rey Mysterio Suspension

As reported on earlier, many WWE sources are claiming that there is lots of heat on Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio for doing an interview with The Record in Mexico giving his side of the story for his recent 30 day suspension in violating the company's Wellness Policy.

PWInsider is reporting that the company could possibly be put in a position where they have to punish Mysterio further or risk someone else in the future doing the same thing. These same sources also feel Mysterio more than likely did the interview to help build sympathy for himself in the Mexican market should this situation lead to a possible departure from WWE.

Mysterio did work WWE Smackdown/ECW house show events this weekend, working in the main events against WWE World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk. The word backstage was that Mysterio was telling wrestlers who asked that he had a legitimate prescription for a painkiller and that the company didn't give him proper notice and time for his doctor to give them details on his prescription. He also reportedly told others that he hopes the company will reconsider his case when he has a chance to speak with management at the Smackdown tapings on Tuesday.


TNA Unhappy with Brutus Magnus (?)

Brutus Magnus' standing with TNA officials was said to have been hurt following his performance at the company's Hard Justice PPV back on August 16. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that many in the company were not high on the British Invasion vs. Beer Money match because Magnus was out of position quite often. What makes this interesting is that Magnus had impressed people in regards to his potential following his TV match with Sting on Impact, but his poor performance at the PPV seems to have hurt him.


IZW Results from 8-29 in Lawton, OK

Impact Zone Wrestling
August 29th 2009
Impact Arena

1-Kyote Joe beat IZW Impact Champion 'Mr Money' Randy Price by disqualification in a Non Title Match

2-'The Gifted' Eric Rose beat Polarous by pinfall

3-Montego Seeka beat 'Great' Dane Griffin by pinfall

4-Kevin Morgan beat Shane Rawls by pinfall

5-'Sensational' Seth Allen beat 'High Energy' Jermaine Johnson by pinfall

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USWO Results from 8-29 in Nashville

35 attended

Dyron Flynn b Violent T and Harold Knight in a 3-way when he pinned Knight

Chris Phoenix b Bad Boy Dixon

LT Falk b Jason Briley

Kevin James & Cody Weatherby b Chris Norte & James Duncan when James pinned Norte

LT Falk vs Damien Payne ended in a double pin

Deathwish (w/James Duncan) b Saint & Psycho Medic when a Deathwish guy pinned Saint after Duncan threw fire at him

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TIWF Results from 8-29 in Trenton, TN

Tennessee Independent Wrestling Federation results for Saturday 8-29-09 at Showplex Arena - Trenton, Tn.

Marvelous Mike Kelly def. The Unknown Soldier

Knockout Kid def. Sgt. Payne

Big Brad Simpson def. Chadd Badd

New Breed of Perfection def.Hostile Brian Michaels/ Buckwild Bill

Bradd Badd def. Chico Mendoza

FuZ!on def. Devon Day & Kilo

• Notes:
• 137 in attendance.
• TIWF debuts in Yorkville, Tn. On Fri. 9-4-09 @ Benny’s Auction Barn.
• TIWF Returns to Trenton on Sat. 9-5-09.
• Announcers: Drew Magruder & Hotrod

Catch us live every Saturday night at the Showplex Arena in Trenton, Tn.

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NEW Results from 8-28 in West Memphis, AR

Dan Matthews beat Kevin Charles

Eric Wayne/Austin Lane vs Justin Smart/”The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony – time limit draw.

Josh Carney beat Kid Nikels to end his winning streak in NEW.

About 57 in the building

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USWO/ATL Results from 8-28 in Nashville

52 attended

Saint b Trakan Mathias

Psycho Medic b James Duncan

USWO Jr. Champion Lee Cross b Harold Knight

Jeff Daniels & Chris Michaels b Tommy Mercer & Playboy Scott Hayes when Daniels pinned Hayes

Bad Boy Dixon b Psycho Medic

Kevin Dunn & Matt Korbaine b USWO Tag Team Champions Damien Payne & Josh Crowe in a non-title match when Korbaine pinned Payne

Dirty Money b JD Maverick (w/James Duncan)

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Ultimate NWA Results from 8-29 in Scottsboro, AL

Ultimate NWA Results from Scottsboro, AL

1) Corey Hollis d. Kyle Matthews

2) "The Nightmare" Ted Allen d. Amos Moses

3) "Violent Passion" Patrick Bentley vs Adam Jacobs ended in a double DQ and they had to be pulled apart

4) Adam Roberts d. "Wildthing" Will Owens to win the Ultimate NWA Heavyweight Championship and official reinstatement into Ultimate NWA! They return to Scottsboro on Sept 19!

Credit: Scott Hensley @ Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

NWA Anarchy Results from 8-29 in Cornelia, GA


From Cornelia, GA in front of almost 200 people

Palmer comes out in camo and says that the show will have a lot of pure southern hatred on it as people settle their differences, especially in the War Games match. He then welcomes the Solie family in attendance. They had copies of the Gordon Solie Chronicles available for sell.

Todd Sexton comes to the ring and demands someone fight him. Bo Newsome comes out and Referee Mike Posey starts the match

1) Bo Newsome d. Todd Sexton with a roll up

Mercedes Mosley brings out the red carpet and velvet rope.

2)The Entourage(Mike Mosley & Andrew Alexander) d. The Wild Bunch(Billy Buck & Chris King) with interference from Jay Clinton. Alexander had a spot in this match where he rolls into the ring and just log rolls over the referee to distract him from Mosley attacking haha it was interesting.

After the match, Wild Bunch lays out Clinton... who is scheduled to be in the next match. It was originally scheduled to be a 4 way for the Young Lions Cup but Malachi was not involved in the show tonight.

3) Skirra Corvus w/ The Reverend d. El Veterano IV and Jay Clinton to become the number one contender for the Young Lions Cup. Skirra is such an interesting worker... tall skinny guy that is super flexible and can do some amazing things in the ring.

4) Talent & Money(JT Talent & Andrew Pendleton III) d. New Wave(Derrick Driver & Steven Walters) in a ladder match when Pendleton blinded one of the members of New Wave with powder as he climbed the ladder. Some crazy spots in this match including a double spike ddt from the top of a ladder on Pendleton and a Spanish Fly on Talent through a ladder on chairs.


5) Seth Delay w/ Brodie Ray Chase d. Slim J w/ Orion Bishop in a brass knuckles on a poll match when fill-in Referee Mike Posey nails Slim J with his own brass knuckles. Brodie was sent to the back after he climbed the ropes and grabbed the brass knuckles. The first ref tried to re-hang them but fell off when the wrestlers hit the ropes. Posey came out to take over and Bishop helped the first ref to the back.

6) Jeremy Vain d. Shadow Jackson to retain the Anarchy Heavyweight title when Orion Bishop came out to check on Shadow Jackson and then SPEARS HIM! Vain and Bishop celebrate together.

7) Team Anarchy d. The Unholy Alliance when Ace Rockwell taped Shaun Tempers to the ropes and beat him into submission. Some AMAZING stuff in this match. It was announced that Truitt Fields could not make the show due to a death in his family and Slim J had said he would step in. The matched started and Slim was not able to come out due to the shot from the brass knuckles. SHADOW JACKSON replaced him! Ace Rockwell did an airplane spin with TANK on his shoulders... yes TANK.... he spun over ten times... it was crazy. Shatter then slammed Ace into all 4 sides of the cage, denting all 4 sides! Judas gave Kimo a crucifix powerbomb. Judas also worked with Iceberg to crucifix powerbomb him off the top onto Tank on a table... it was insane.
Order of entry:

After the match Team Anarchy throws The Reverend in the cage with Iceberg and Jerry Palmer. Palmer pummels him and gives him a tombstone piledriver. Iceberg went to the top and came down with a big splash on The Reverend! They carried Rev out on a medic board. Great show.

Credit: Scott Hensley @ Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

Jarrett Returns to TNA This Week

Mike Johnson of PWInsider reported the following...

By Mike Johnson on 2009-08-31 08:41:09

Jeff Jarrett will be heading to Australia this week to take part in a TNA promotional tour with Jeremy Borash in Jarrett's first appearances publicly since taking time off from TNA several months back.

As reported last week in the Elite section, Jarrett had been expected back shortly as the prime reason he was away from the company, a custody issue between Kurt and Karen Angle over their children had been settled and the Angles are again on good terms. Jarrett is currently involved with Karen Angle.

Dixie Carter had stated Jarrett would be back working with the company "sooner than later" in media appearances last week.

Jarrett and Borash (and possibly other TNA personalities) will be doing a promotional tour. It appears the company may be touring Australia in the future.

Credit: Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

IWA Championship Wrestling Television Debut on My50-August 29, 2009

Nice opening video. Announcers Eddie Spain and "The Commentating God" Jason Hall welcomed everyone to IWA Championship Wrestling on WPXX My50. Jason said we've got a jam-packed show lined up.

One half of S & S, Syn, is interviewed by Deonte Brooks. Brooks asked Syn who would S & S like to face in the finals of the tag-team tournament, The Asylum (Psycho & Pappy) or Full Scale Assault (Xander Raines & Jason Steele). Before Syn could give us his answer, announcer Jason Hall stood up and took his glasses off, saying, "Excuse me! Excuse me! Excuse me! Why don't you ask the real question, Deonte Brooks? And that question is this, Syn. You got beat! You and your little tag-team partner, y'all got defeated in the first round of the tournament, right? So my question to you is real simple. How does it feel to get the sympathy from the IWA Committee, The Board of Directors, to get put in the finals? You don't even have to compete like The Asylum and Full Scale Assault, who earned the right! Earned the right to compete! How does it feel? I wanna know! I wanna know!" Brooks apologized to Syn for the interruption.

Officer Hudson walked out and called Syn a cheater giving him an ultimatum to either leave now or suffer the consequences. There was a really funny moment during Hudson's interview when Hudson told a lady in the crowd to shut her stinkin' mouth. That done it! Big mama jumped up out of her chair and set her little girl that she was holding in her chair. Following this, she screamed at Hudson, "I'm standing right here! Come make me shut my mouth! I don't think so!" I'm so glad the camera caught that. Hilarious!

Officer Hudson jumped Syn from behind with some sort of foreign object. Hudson sent Syn in the ropes, who ducked two clotheslines before catching Hudson with a dropkick. Syn followed with another swift kick, before his offense came to a screeching halt as Hudson caught Syn with a clothesline. Hudson with a suplex and then he crashed into Syn with his legs as he was tied up in the ropes. Hudson kicked Syn out of the ring. Hudson attempted an axehandle smash off the apron, but Syn moved, sending Hudson into the steel guardrail. Syn brought Hudson back in the ring and put the boots to him. Syn with a snapmare. Syn attempted a lionsault, but missed when Hudson moved. Hudson measured and connected with two elbow drops and flew off the second rope with another. Syn caught Hudson with a boot to the face as he tried to splash him in the corner. Syn stomped and punched away at Hudson. When Syn attempted a pin, things got out of hand as Precious and Dre' Black hit the ring, followed by Samoan Raja, Suicide, and D.J. Stunner. Precious and Samoan Raja went after Syn as Dre' Black, Suicide, and Stunner chased Officer Hudson to the back, while beating on him.

"The Samoan Savage" Samoan Raja came out. Raja was scheduled to have a match with "The New Flavor" Edrick Hines, but Eddie Spain said he just received word that something has happened to Edrick Hines backstage. "IWA Original" Sniper came out to wrestle Raja. As soon as the bell rang, Samoan Raja took it to Sniper with some chops until Sniper stopped the big man by poking him in the eyes. Raja took back over with some more chops. Raja sent Sniper into the corner, but missed a splash when Sniper moved out of the way. Sniper executed a BIG German suplex on Raja. Sniper dropped some knees on Raja's arm and then tossed Raja out of the ring. Sniper went out after him. These two big men brawled outside. Sniper sent Raja into the steel guardrail and ring post. Then, Sniper picked up Raja and dropped him over the top of the guardrail. The match resulted in a double countout, but these two kept going at one another. Sniper ended up, throwing Raja into the wall, which busted a hole in the wall. That looked cool.

Wrestling News Center's very own, Tia, was spotted taking pictures.

Dre' Black entered the ring for the next match. His opponent, The A.N.T. (Amazing Natural Talent) came down to talk with Deonte Brooks. A.N.T. said he got screwed out of his chance to get the titles, last week, but this week somebody is gonna pay. A.N.T. had some words for the fans in the IWA Arena, calling them rednecks and saying that half of them didn't even have teeth. The action got underway with both locking up with a collar and elbow tieup. Dre' Black started working over A.N.T.'s arm, flipping him over, but A.N.T. would not stay down long before he got back on his feet with an impressive kip-up. A.N.T. would counter attacking Dre's arm, but Dre was quick to regain control, sending A.N.T. down as he tried to fight back with a bridge. A.N.T. caught Dre' with a headscissor into a headlock. A.N.T. broke the hold in the corner. The two locked up with Dre' catching A.N.T. with an armdrag takedown, followed by a clothesline. A.N.T. rolled to the outside for a moment before coming back in. Dre' laid in some punches, but missed a splash in the corner. A.N.T. suplexed Dre' and got a nearfall. A.N.T. went to work on Dre's leg. A.N.T. attempted another suplex, but this time Dre' outpowered him, countering with a suplex of his own. Two count. Dre' clotheslined A.N.T. in the corner and nailed him with a running bulldog. A.N.T. got his shoulder up. A.N.T. caught Dre' with a ddt when Dre' tried a back body drop. The ref got knocked down as Dre' executed his signature “Black Out” maneuver on A.N.T. The Ref could not make the count. As Dre' checked on the ref, A.N.T. hit Dre' with a pele kick, followed by a standing moonsault, but didn't connect. As Dre' tried to pick up A.N.T., A.N.T. cradled him up in a small package to get the win. Your winner is The A.N.T. (Amazing Natural Talent)! After the bell, A.N.T. continued his assault on Dre' Black by punching and choking him until some of the crew came out to get him to stop. A.N.T. told Dre' Black that he would see him on Friday if he can make it at "Deception", which took place last Friday. Results from "Deception" have been posted below.

Malik "The Great" and Suicide make their way to the ring for some tag action. "Every Man's Dream and Every Woman's Nightmare" Precious walks out with pink hair and a purse. You just gotta see it. The big question was who would be Precious's tag-team partner. "The Manager of Champions" Victor Reed and Cymba came out. Reed brought out the monstrous Armageddon to team with Precious. Precious was cuttin' up. Precious began the match with Malik. Jason Hall and Eddie Spain were talking about Precious and Malik facing each other at "Deception", which from what I heard was an incredible match. Malik takes over with a headlock. Precious with a headscissor, but Malik slipped out reapplying the headlock. Malik with a drop toehold. Precious reversed Malik's headlock into an armbar and patted Malik on his backside. Precious asked Malik to tag in Suicide. Suicide in with a headlock on Precious. Precious shoots him in the ropes. Suicide puts Precious down with a shoulderblock. Suicide back in the ropes, but ends up on the receiving end of a Precious dropkick. Precious made the tag to the big man, Armageddon, who came in punishing Suicide with some vicious strikes and catapulted him out of the corner with a big hip toss. Armageddon with a gorilla press slam on Suicide, followed by a clothesline. Precious tagged back in. Precious with two lefts and a right on Suicide and then took a cheap shot at Malik while he was standing on the apron. While the ref was trying to hold back Malik, Precious hit Suicide with a low blow. Then, Precious stomped a mudhole in Suicide and took another cheap shot at Malik. Precious threw Suicide on the outside and walked up behind the ref, clapping his hands to signal a tag to Armageddon. Armageddon leveled Suicide with a big boot and went for the pin. Malik made the save, kicking Armageddon. While Armageddon was staring down Malik, Precious ran in, catching Suicide with a sidewalk slam. Armageddon would step on Suicide and connect with a leg drop. Armageddon would show his strength by picking up Suicide by the throat with both hands, raising him in the air before dropping him. Precious back in. He rubbed on Suicide while he was down on the mat before going up top. Precious flew off with a leg drop, but Suicide got out of the way. Precious got some wicked air. This gave Suicide just enough time to make the tag to the fresh man, Malik "The Great". Malik in with a head of steam, dropkicking Precious and then went to work on Armageddon with some dropkicks. Malik was going to work on Armageddon in the corner until he hurt his hand while punching Armageddon's mask. Armageddon attempted a chokeslam, but Malik slipped out of the way, putting the big man down with the trouble in paradise kick. While Malik was celebrating, Armageddon got back up and destroyed him with a colossal chokeslam to get the three count. Your winners, Armageddon and Precious! After the bell, Precious put the boots to Malik and hit him with two backstabbers before Suicide ran in to chase him off.

Up next, was the Main Event, which was a semi-finals match in the IWA Tag-Team Championship Tournament to decide who would move on to face Syn & Stunner in the finals at "Deception". The match featured Full Scale Assault (Xander Raines & Jason Steele) taking on The Asylum (Psycho & Pappy) accompanied by "The Manager of Champions" Victor Reed. The fans were behind The Asylum as you could hear them chanting, "Psycho!" and "Pappy!" Pappy and Jason Steele started things with a face-to-face staredown. Steele pushed Pappy. Pappy shoved Steele back in return. Steele slapped Pappy. Pappy returned the favor. Pappy punched Steele and hit him with a big clothesline. Pappy made the tag to Psycho. The Asylum double teamed Steele by sending him in the ropes, hitting him with a double clothesline, followed by dual falling headbutts. Psycho brought the heat with a combination of chops and uppercuts. Psycho went coast to coast clotheslining Steele in the corner. Psycho went for the pin, but Xander Raines ran in and got the taste slapped out his mouth. Psycho hit Steele with a clothesline to get a two count. Psycho whipped Steele in the corner, but missed the splash this time, as Steele ducked out of the way. Steele pulled Psycho down to the canvas by his hair. Steele made the tag to Xander Raines. Raines in on the attack. Pappy came in clubbing Xander in the back with an axehandle. Once Xander got up he asked Psycho, "What are you hitting me for?" Psycho and Xander went at it, toe-to-toe. They collided in the center of the ring as Jason Hall said, "You just found out what happens when two trains collide!" A discombobulated Xander tried to make a tag to Pappy. He got tagged alright as Pappy unloaded a couple fistacups upside his head, sending Xander crashing to the mat. Xander got caught up in between the ropes as Psycho hit him with some uppercuts. Xander raked Psycho's eyes and tagged in Jason Steele. Full Scale Assault connected with the hi-lo combo as Steele clipped Psycho from behind as Xander hit him with a clothesline. Steele with a pin, but Pappy ran in punting Steele in the skull to break the count. Pappy and Xander brawled on the outside, while the two legal men, Psycho and Steele went at it inside the ring for a moment before Psycho threw him out on the floor, as well. Xander and Pappy rolled back in the ring. As Xander was trying to pick up Pappy for a fireman's carry, Psycho ran in. Psycho and Pappy landed some uppercuts on Xander. Psycho ducked an oncoming clothesline from Steele and planted him on the mat. Psycho and Pappy connected with "The Fall from Grace" to get the win. Your winners, "The Asylum" Psycho and Pappy! So The Asylum faced S & S in the finals to crown the New IWA Tag-Team Champions, this past Friday at "Deception". Following the match, Psycho blasted Xander and Steele with the Singapore cane. The show wrapped up with Psycho and Pappy staring at the IWA tag belts that were located on the announce table. Psycho landed some parting shots on Xander and Steele with his Singapore cane as Pappy hit them with his chain. Eddie Spain and Jason Hall hyped "Deception". Be sure and check out all of the results below from "Deception".

You can watch IWA Championship Wrestling at 10:00am on Saturday mornings on WPXX My50

Wanna attend an IWA TV Taping at the IWA Arena? IWA TV Tapings are held every Saturday at 2:00pm at the IWA Arena, located at 1225 State Line Road in Southaven, Mississippi. The building is located right beside Sonic and across the street from Dale's. FREE Admission!

IWA’s next big show “Fall Out” is Friday, September 25, 2009 at 7p.m. Ticket prices-$6.00 for adults and $3.00 for children

Video taping provided by First Impressions Video-Hernando, MS (901)461-4452

My Thoughts and Additional Info-I really enjoyed the show. Liked the setup they had, especially the announcer's table. The show kinda reminded me of the old IWF Slam. A couple things that I thought was really cool. The fact that there were no commercials and at the end of the broadcast, they listed all of the wrestlers that performed during the program. I attended the tv taping on Saturday so I will post that report soon and be on the lookout for all of Tia's great pictures from the event.

Interview with EPW Promoter/Owner Edith Poole

This is an interview done Friday, August 28, 2009, at the EPW Arena in Booneville, with EPW owner & promoter Edith Poole. As everyone knows, there have been a number of issues recently involving EPW, and that’s what we are here to talk about today, at Edith’s request. As most of you know, I quit doing interviews about a year ago, but I have agreed to do this one because I want to know what Edith has to say, and I think all of you will, too. So, here we go….

Thank you for this opportunity, Edith. I am looking forward to hearing what you have to say about all this stuff that has transpired recently.

You’re welcome, Axeman.

I know that, since day one when you opened this promotion up, people have been all over your case, all over the message boards, with all kinds of crap and criticism about EPW and about you, about your roster, about your facility, and on and on. But lately things have gotten a little crazy, so I have a few questions for you. Let’s start with TV – it’s my understanding that you never intended to do TV, is that right?

It had never been discussed.

What made you decide that you wanted to do TV?

Dustin came to us and said that he wanted to put us on TV. He asked if I would give him permission to use EPW, and I told him we had never discussed doing TV, but I talked to some of the guys about it, and they said if Dustin wanted to do it then yeah, let’s go for it. We knew at that time that our building was not up to par for TV, and we decided to go ahead and let him do it anyway. He started taping after we had done contracts, and he started taping the shows and sending them to WCBI to be put on the air on the MY Mississippi Network.

Things rocked along OK for a few weeks, right?

Yes, we had a little criticism, but… You know, criticism helps in a lot of ways. A lot of people don’t understand that whenever they criticize you it makes you strive to be that much better.

So when did things begin to go wrong & fall apart with the TV effort?

When we booked Pure Destruction, Cody & Brody Hawk, I had been told that it was a possibility that one of our sponsors was going to pull out, but I wasn’t told that that sponsor had pulled out. On the night that LSD was supposed to have gotten hurt, at the hands of Cody & Brody, there was a lot of stuff that went down in the dressing room, and Izzy Rotten was the first one that started, and he texted me a message on my cell phone, which I will let you read, and he told me that he was through with EPW. Now, I was not going to say anything to my booker, which as you know is Kross, because Izzy told me that he was going to talk to Kross on Monday or Tuesday, so I was going to give him the chance to tell Kross. Well, Izzy called Kross, but he never, according to Kross, one time mentioned that he had quit EPW. So when Kross found out, along with some of the other things Kross had asked the guys to do, like if any of the guys has a problem with what he does in the dressing room or what is done in the ring, they need to be coming to Kross because he is the booker, and not come to me. Simply because Izzy ignored what the booker asked him to do, Kross let him go.

But he had already quit, right?

He had already quit.

OK, back to TV, did Dustin pull out, or did you end the arrangement with Dustin, how did it come about that we are not filming for TV any more?

Well, as of right now we are still under contract with Dustin and Arsenic Entertainment. Dustin came to me the Sunday evening after that incident with LSD & Pure Destruction, and he told me that they were wanting out of the contract. He asked me that if he fixed up a contract releasing Arsenic Entertainment and himself from the agreement, would I do it. I agreed to do it at the time, but since then there have been other things that have happened, there have been a lot of things said and a lot of opinions voiced that we had agreed would not be voiced while he was under contract with EPW, and because of that, I am not letting him out of the contract.

So he is still under contract to put EPW on WCBI every week?

He is under contract to put EPW on TV, but he is apparently not interested. He tells me that the people who work with him are not interested in doing any more wrestling, and that they have gotten into recording bands and stuff like that.

Well, OK, are there any circumstances or conditions under which you would let him out of the contract?

I don’t know. I would have to think about that really hard.

So he has not come to you with a proposal or a contract or a form of any kind for you to sign?


OK. You mentioned the incident in the ring with LSD & Pure Destruction earlier. There has been a lot of talk, a lot of controversy, a lot of mud slinging and rumors about what went down that night. What is your opinion about what happened?

I did not see anything wrong with it. LSD acted like he was totally hurt. We did the necessary and proper thing – when a person claims that he is hurt and needs medical attention, we call the ambulance. Before the ambulance got here he went to begging us not to make him go to the hospital, saying he was fine. Well, some of the people there with him insisted that he go. So he ended up going to the hospital. They did, according to what I have been told, cat scans and stuff like that, and the reports we have heard said he was not hurt, they could not find anything wrong with him.

This whole incident came about when Pure Destruction did their finishing move with LSD.

Yeah, they did a double spine buster. That Sunday morning after this all went down I called our Commissioner, Sammy Hall, I had him come down here and look at that CD, along with my booker and myself. Sammy watched it, and he told us that Cody & Brody did nothing wrong. They did their finishing move on a trained wrestler, and he did not take the move like he was supposed to.

So it was LSD who botched it.


So they tried it again another time.

And he botched it again.

So they tried it again a third time.

Yes, and he botched it again a third time.

So when it was messed up a third time, they went to a different finish.

Yeah, they did something different and ended the match. There have been a lot of things pointed out to me. I called Sammy because, I felt in my heart that nothing had happened to LSD as far as him getting seriously hurt. But in order to clear my mind and get stuff stopped before it got started, I called Sammy Hall to come down and look at that tape. A man that has been in the business for 33 years, if he doesn’t know what a shoot is, then nobody does.

So Sammy found no fault with Cody & Brody’s actions?

He found no fault, he told me and Kross that the only thing he saw was LSD not taking the move like it was supposed to be taken. He said that if he had gotten hurt, then he would have done it on his own, that it was his own fault.

So, I assume Cody & Brody are still on the EPW roster, right?

They sure are.

What is LSD’s status in EPW?

Well, as of right now he has told us that he could not wrestle for a couple of weeks. This past weekend, however, he was in our dressing room. It surprised me to see him here, and when I saw him walk through the door, I asked him what are you doing here? And he wanted to come in and sit out in the crowd with a neck brace on and whatever. With all the bull we have been going through, my booker did not let him. If he had been injured as bad as people were saying he was, then he would have had a neck brace on from the doctor instead of coming to our dressing room to try to find one to wear while he was sitting in the crowd.

So will EPW use LSD in the ring again?

That is very debatable. That would be up to Kross.

There has been a lot of controversy and crap going on since this all went down. Izzy Rotten’s departure from the company, whether he was fired or whether he quit, he’s not working for EPW any more, correct?


What else has happened with EPW since then?

Well, there has been a lot of stuff on the message boards that has really hurt my feelings. I’ve done a lot of crying. But I’ve got people standing behind me, and even though someone called the Health Department about my concession stand and restrooms, I want to thank that person simply because there are a lot of things I have been trying to get done & repaired around here that were not getting done, but because of the Health Dept. coming in all that stuff is getting done now by the person responsible for the building. Our bathrooms are being repaired. We will now be able to use both restrooms without it causing problems. My concession stand will have a totally new look, and repairs are being made there, too. We will have all necessary certification. So, to whoever made that call, thank you.

So the concession stand will continue to operate, right?

It will continue to operate with all repairs and with all needed certificates.

Back to Izzy Rotten – you said you had received a text message from Izzy saying that he was quitting EPW. Do you still have it on your phone?

Yes I do. Here it is.

OK, it says: Well I’ve thought long and hard about this. After what I saw tonight I’m done with EPW. I’ve never been a saint in this business but I can’t watch that again, I’ll talk with Kross in the morning. One BMF.

That was sent at 1:32 in the morning on August 16, 2009.

That was read as it appears on your cell phone, correct?


So as far as you are concerned, Izzy quit.

Yeah. When he texted me and told me he was through, I thought OK, he’s not coming back. Well, you know, I thought for sure he had left us because of what supposedly happened to LSD. Izzy showed up in the dressing room the following Saturday after he had sent that text telling me he had quit, and I looked at him funny and told him I wasn’t looking for him to be here since he told me he had quit. He told me he had talked to Kross and everything was fine. So I knew by that that he had not told Kross what he had told me. But Kross already knew it because he is my booker, and I’m not going to keep secrets from him, so he already knew what Izzy had told me, but that was not the issue. The issue was that the guys are going to have to abide by the rules my booker has given them. One of those rules is that if a wrestler has any problem with anything that goes on in the dressing room or in the ring, they should go to Kross instead of coming to me. Izzy did not do that.

Kross told me before he agreed to be my booker that he runs things differently than a lot of bookers I have worked with before. I told him I understood that and that I would agree to stand behind him, and that is exactly what I am going to do.

What does the future hold for EPW?

Bigger and better things, I hope. We sure are going to give it a shot.

So you and EPW are not going anywhere.

I’m not going anywhere. They can throw whatever they want to at us, but we will survive. One way or the other we will survive.

Any thoughts of future TV, or are you done with TV?

We have had another offer. We have not really sat down and discussed anything. But maybe later on we may be doing TV again.

OK, is there anything else you would like to say to your fans or those who will read this interview?

Only that it doesn’t matter what takes place in the dressing room, whatever takes place in the dressing room is between the booker, the promoter, and whoever is involved, and everyone else who is not involved and does not know what they are talking about and are just hearing rumors, don’t believe everything you hear. I have heard stuff about LSD, like he almost died, his neck was broken, and stuff like that. There is, of course, no truth to that. It’s just totally amazing to me that promoters cannot run shows without all the trouble and crap that comes with it. That’s all I’ve got to say.

Alright, Edith, thank you for your time.

You’re welcome, and I appreciate you giving me this time to tell my side of the story, and hopefully, once and for all, get everything cleared up.

End of interview.

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