Sunday, July 26, 2009

WrestlingNewsCenter across the Globe!

You know over the last few months I recently added an add on to The Tbone Factor. Every hit that my blog got was because of WrestlingNewsCenter. Well let me just get to the point. Just click on the story headline to access the map of hits. This site has gotten hits from the following places:

United States (US)
Australia (AU)
Canada (CA)
Singapore (SG)
Switzerland (CH)
France (FR)
Sweden (SE)
United Kingdom (GB)
Turkey (TR)
Sri Lanka (LK)
Philippines (PH)
Guatemala (GT)
Taiwan (TW)
Iran, Islamic Republic of (IR)

Is that not cool or what! We are recieving hits from countries all over the world. People from these countries are coming to us to get the latest in wrestling news. Now all we need is D-Rock to give this a Good Call or Bad Call!

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