Monday, July 27, 2009

Report from the TNA LIVE! Event in Southaven, Mississippi-July 25, 2009

As soon as the doors opened, there was a special meet and greet with Kip James, Taylor Wilde, and Beer Money beside the merchandise table, which was headed by B.G. James, who was trying to sell the hell outta those new AWESOME KONG t-shirts.

Once we got to our seats, it wasn't long before the show began. Some guy came out to the ring to get things underway. He said no video cameras were allowed and if you were caught filming you would be fed to Shark Boy. Then, he introduced Jeremy Borash as "The King of Twitter". J.B. got the crowd pumped by telling everybody that, throughout the night, the loudest fans would be picked out of the crowd and get to go backstage. Borash also informed us that there would be a HUGE surprise, coming up, following the main event of the evening. He promised that we don't wanna miss this. After that, we got started with the opening match of the night.

Opening Match-Sheik Abdul Bashir vs TNA X-Division Champion, Homicide-Homicide would get the win after delivering the 187 (Diamond Cutter) to Bashir.

2nd Match-Taylor Wilde vs AWESOME KONG-KONG wins with the Implant Buster. Kong was impressive and looked very agile in there with the much smaller and faster Knockout, Taylor Wilde.

3rd Match-Kip James vs "The War Machine" Rhino-We were sitting right behind Jeremy Borash and overheard Kip telling J.B., during Rhino's entrance, "My pop was way bigger than his." Kip did get the bigger pop, but once the match started, it seemed like the crowd was split. One outspoken fan told Rhino he sucked. Rhino grabbed the mic and said, "If you think I suck, then, why don't you get in the ring and do something about it!" Kip dipped out of the ring. He walked down the entranceway and talked strategy with his former tag team partner, B.G. James. Once back in the ring, it wasn't long before Rhino ran toward Kip to hit him with the GORE, but Kip jumped out of the ring, quickly, as he yelled, "Oh s@#%!" Kip wanted a timeout. As he was asking for a timeout, Rhino snuck up from behind and attacked. Kip would take back over and call for the Fame–Ass–er, but when he ran off the ropes Rhino caught him with the GORE! GORE! GORE! Rhino picked up the win. Great finish. Following the match, a discombobulated Kip James asked J.B., "Did y'all let a truck in here? Jesus Christ!" Very entertaining match.

Referee Earl Hebner was introduced. He got a good pop.

4th Match-British Invasion (Brutus Magnus & Doug Williams) vs Beer Money Inc. ("The Tennessee Cowboy" James Storm & Robert Roode) in #1 contenders match-Following their entrance, Brutus Magnus said, "In an attempt to bring class and culture to this town, please stand while we sing our National Anthem." The British Invasion proceeded to sing "God Save the Queen" until Beer Money's music hit. James Storm told the Brits that they don't drink tea. Storm and Roode led the Beer Money chant, with one side chanting, "Beer!" and the other chanting, "Money!" Robert Roode, stopped this, suddenly, and told everyone that there are three things that Beer Money loves: Beer, Money, and BIG OLE BOOBIES! So, they restarted the chant, adding BIG OLE BOOBIES to the end. The chant continued throughout the match. That was a hoot! Doug Williams got caught up in the Tree of woe, with Beer Money sending Brutus into him. Then, Storm and Roode each grabbed one of Brutus's legs and pulled them forward into Doug's head. Ouch! Doug fell on top of Brutus. James Storm grabbed the mic and said they were gay. Beer Money got the win after connecting with their DWI – Drinking While Investing finisher, which is a powerbomb/neckbreaker combination. Hands down, the best match of the night.

During intermission, Jeremy Borash gave the fans another opportunity to win backstage passes. This time the fans had to text "Backstage" to the special number that was given.

5th Match-"Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner vs "The Monster" Abyss-Scott Steiner called everyone "Redneck trailer park trash" and stated that Southaven sucked. Steiner added that the Main Event Mafia are used to wrestling in places like Madison Square Garden. Abyss walked out, wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt with a cut up shirt underneath. The referee calling the match looked like a smaller version of new ECW Superstar, Sheamus. Steiner attacked Abyss with a chair, during the match, but it would not be enough as Abyss would get the win with the Black Hole Slam. Following the match, Steiner was raising hell. B.G. James, who was acting road agent for the night, gave Steiner until the count of ten to leave. Steiner left, but on his way out spat water on one of the fans. He had all sorts of heat.

Main Event-"The Samoan Submission Machine" Samoa Joe vs "SuperMex" Hernandez, with new ring attire. It looks like they are trying to break up LAX-Before the match, Samoa Joe informed everyone that following his match, he was going to step over the rail and slap everyone in the mouth, individually. During the early moments, Hernandez sent Joe flying with a pounce. Joe would attempt a suplex, but it was reversed by Hernandez, who actually held Joe in the air for a second with a vertical suplex. Joe would catch Hernandez in the corner with a one-armed side slam. Fellow Mafia member, Scott Steiner ran down to ringside, but got knocked off the apron by Hernandez. Hernandez hit a big splash off the top-rope to get the win. After the bell, Steiner and Joe attacked Hernandez, but "SuperMex" would fight back, landing a double flying clothesline on the two and sending them packing.

Jeremy Borash said it was time to introduce the BIG SURPRISE. J.B. said he was from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and won an Olympic gold medal in 1996. Borash introduced the current TNA World Heavyweight Champion and "The Godfather of The Main Event Mafia" Kurt Angle. Angle came out slapping hands with the fans and even tossed out a Main Event Mafia shirt into the crowd. Kurt was wearing his new shirt that has a rose on it. Angle informed everyone that he suffered an injury, last week, and apologized for not being able to compete on the show. Kurt made the trip to Southaven to personally thank all the fans from the bottom of his heart for spending their hard earned money and supporting TNA because without the fans it wouldn't be possible. Crowd chanted, "Thank you, Kurt!" Before Kurt could leave, J.B. asked if he would hang around because the TNA Aftershow Autograph Party was about to begin. Kurt stayed in the ring and took pictures with everyone for twenty bucks while Abyss, Rhino, Kip James, B.G. James, Beer Money, LAX, Taylor Wilde, Earl Hebner, and Jeremy Borash walked around the ring, signing autographs and taking pictures with the fans. TNA's fan interaction is always a Good Call!

Notes: Small crowd, but a very loud group of fans. You would have thought the place was sold out at certain moments during the show because of all the noise they were making. Half of the DCC was blocked off. Jeremy Borash was constantly on the computer, tweeting away. Oh yeah, his wallpaper on his phone had the Tweet & Tweak Connection picture of him and Mick Foley.

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