Thursday, July 30, 2009

PWS Results from 7-25 in Jacksonville, NC

Premiere Wrestling Showcase results from “Consequences for All” at Hunter’s Creek Middle School in Jacksonville, NC on July 25. Patrick Wright and "Boogie Woogie Man" Rob McBride won a battle royal. Patrick Wright defeated McBride to get the last spot in the King of the Ring Tournament on Aug. 22nd. PWS Heavyweight Champion Joey Silvia defeated Aden Chambers via DQ when Marcellus King & Ric Converse interfered with Consequences Creed making the save only to turn on Silvia with a chair shot to the head. Persephone defeated Erica Rose. PWS Ultra J Champion Xrisis fought Donnie Steamboat to a no-contest. King & Converse defeated PWS Tag Team Champions Team Macktion to win the PWS Tag Team Titles. PWS Heavyweight Champion Joey Silvia defeated Consequences Creed.

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