Monday, July 27, 2009

PWA Results from 7-23 in Wynne, AR

The first match was a 8 man over the top Battle Royal for the PWA Southern Ultimate Championship! The first two to start things off were Tommy Wayne & Dylan Crest. 30 seconds later was Scott Fury. Then ended up with Cali, Ray Ray, Regulator, Maxx Corbin, & Bishop. One of these guys entered the ring every 30 seconds. It came down to 4 guys in the ring. Tommy Wayne, Ray Ray, Maxx Corbin, & Bishop! Maxx Corbin & Bishop were feuding on the ropes, trying to get one of the other over! Tommy Wayne & Ray Ray took advantage of the situation and hit the 2 big guys with a double dropkick sending both over to the floor! As soon as TW & RR made their way back up, TW threw RR over the top to become first ever PWA Southern Ultimate Champion! BTW, spot of the match, Bishop eliminated Dylan Crest with a Fall away slam over the top rope!

2nd match! PWA TagTeam Champions Memphis Mafia VS. Tatt2 & Johnny Dotson
T@2 & JD started off strong, it was mainly a back & forth battle! Johnny Morton & John Cage came out with the win, but soon as they walked out Johnny Dotson was mad at Tatt2 for losing the match, & JD jumped him! Do we see a Johnny Dotson & Tatt2 feud coming?

3rd match! PWA Heavyweight Champion Matt Riviera VS Mike "Action" Jackson
MJ started off hot! This guy is 60 years old & moves better in the ring than some of the 30 year olds! He hit Matt with a suicide dive to the outside, then walked the ropes on TWO sides of the ring! lol! This guy is awesome! Matt Riviera gets the pin & remains PWA Champion!

During Intermission Team Hollister went out to recognize one of the towns community leaders & they were giving away some free shirts & stuff when Midnight Gold jumped them from behind. They threw Jamie Jay into the ring post (Twice)! While he was down they took Jamie Lee & I don’t know what the move was called that they hit JL's arm with, but it was vicious! MG left TH lying!

4th match! Dustin 5 Starr VS. Austin Lane
The one everybody wanted to see! I believe it lived up to its hype! Back & forth battle between these two! Austin Lane picked up the win, but Dustin Starr wasn’t having that & jumps him & leaves him laying! There is more to come out of these two!

5th match! Derrick King VS. Brandon Baxter
All I can say is Wild! They were all over the place! Brandon Baxter pulls out the win!

6th match! Midnight Gold VS. Team Hollister
Midnight Gold made their entrance laughing & joking about what they did earlier in the night to Jamie Lee! Then Team Hollisters music hits, Jamie Jay hits the ring running, lays into Bobby Eaton, & Golden Boy! JJ was on fire steadily fighting back! Finally MG gets the upper hand! They lay it into Jamie Jay! Great battle between JJ & GB! JJ started making a comeback & GB reversed it into a sleeper hold! As the ref was raising JJ arm to see if he was out Jamie Lee ran & jumped up on the ring apron, looking for the tag! JJ started firing up out of the sleeper, couple of elbows to the stomach & JJ hit the ropes, then JJ & GB hit each other with a double clothes line! JJ makes his way up & JL was wanted the tag, but JJ was shaking his head telling him NO! That he didn’t want him to hurt his arm anymore, about that time GB gave JJ a forearm to the back, slamming him into JL & him getting a hottag! JL came in punching away! Bobby bumped to the outside & JL went to pick up GB & GB grabbed that hurt arm & gave him a stunner to the arm! lol! He then locked on a armbar & was trying to pull it completely out! Jamie Jay had enough & charged into the ring only to have the ref jump in front of him & Jamie Jay slammed him to the canvas & dived after GB while he was jumping out of the ring! Midnight Gold pulls of the victory, but this is going to be a tag team feud for the year! Jamie Jay wanted to kill Brian Thompson!

150 in the building

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