Sunday, May 31, 2009

DCW Results from 5/30 in Dyersburg, TN

1st match: Suicide vs Tim Edwards vs Norman Raid... Suicide won
2nd match: Big Red vs Gunner Thompson... Big Red won
3rd match: the FOP Sarge O’Reilly and Mickey Ray lost to Fire and Flame
4th match: XOW DJ Stunner and Syn vs Gaylon Ray and Shannon lee double dq
5th Tiger Face vs Motley Cruz and Mad Money Mike Motley won
6th match Chris Rocker won over Brandon Barbwire...

XOW opened the show and brought in Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock and Hollywood told the fans he had a bigger surprise - the music hit and Fire and Flame hit the ring. They told the fans that they where the Memphis TV stars lmao. Good show from start to finish

120 in the crowd

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