Sunday, May 31, 2009

"The Rock" Visits the White House

In regards to reports three weeks ago regarding Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson being invited to a private tour of the White House with his mother on Mother's Day, the invite began at the White House Correspondents Dinner the night before. A tour was arranged the next day for him along with his mother, daughter, ex-wife Dany and Dany's mother. While on the tour, a child's voice reportedly yelled, "Mommy, that was The Rock!" A few seconds later someone came up to the person who was taking them on a tour and said, "Mrs. Obama would like to meet The Rock and his family." At that point Michelle Obama, her two daughters and their pet dog then came toward them to meet.

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D1PW Results from 5-30 in Hollywood, FL

Division 1 Pro Wrestling was in Hollywood, FL on May 30th. Craig Classic defeats Maxx Stardom. Beast defeats Flex Magnum by countout to qualify for the 10 man tables match for the FOW championship that will take place in October. J-Dawg defeats Rusty Brooks & "Tiny" Jordan Raynor after Brooks turned on Raynor. CJ O'Doyle defeats Jaison Moore. The Joker defeats Barney Rumble. Fantastic Dantastic defeats Dash Maverick. In a match for the D1PW tag titles, The Loggers defeat Heartbreak Express by DQ. The Heartbreak Express retain the titles. The Sheik defeats Big Daddy Gonzo. Chris Jones defeats "Lifeguard" Wade Koverly to retain the cruiserweight championship. Francisco Ciatso defeats Falcon. Bruce Santee defeats Tommy Vandal, Lou Cypher & Johnny Vandl in a 4 way match to become the new D1PW champion. The next event will be on August 1st.

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CSW Results from 5-30 in Mossy Head, FL

Culture Shock Wrestling was in Mossy Head, FL on May 30th. "Supernerd" Lane Smart defeats Mr. Irresistable by DQ. "Scarface" Terry Ryker defeats Coach Jordane. Pure Personality defeats The Gulf Coast Regulators, The Amish Assassin & "The Human Wrecking Machine" Dunham, & The Youngbloods in a 4 way elimination tag match to become the #1 contenders for the CSW tag championships. "Mr. USA" TA Jones defeats "The Big Deal" Ryan Holland, "The Famous One" Joe Milo & "The World Wonder" Marcus Gibbs in a fatal 4 way to become the new US champion. The CSW tag title match between The Ruling Class & The Sin City Saints ended in a time limit draw. The Ruling Class retain the championships. "Mr. Syndicated Saturday Night" "BTY" Colby Godwin defeats "Sho'nuff" Bruce Marshell w/Marcus Gibbs to become the new CSW champion. The Kvlt of Omega w/"The 7th Deadly Sin" Vain "The Souless defeats Hardcore Pro Wrestling in an 8 man tag match. The next CSW Event is on June 13th in Mossy Head, FL.

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EPW Results from 5-30 in Booneville, MS

At the beginning of the show, EPW Tag Team Champions, Phat Foundation (Justin Rhodes & Chris Fontaine) were called to ringside to receive the Wrestling News "Tag Team of 2008" Award, (as voted by the fans). However, the awards were not in the box they had arrived in. The box was full of trash - the awards had apparently been stolen. Phat Foundation was angry, then out came Pain, Inc. members Brett Michaels & Izzy Rotten with the awards. They had covered PHAT Foundation with tape and written Pain, Inc. on the awards. Izzy said Pain, Inc. deserved the awards instead of PHAT Foundation. An arguement ensued, and a match was finally set up for later in the show, PHAT Foundation vs. Pain, Inc., Tag Team Titles vs. the awards.

Hakim Insane w/Max Pain defeated Buzz Harley after interference by JR Mauler.

Revolution (Cyrus & Chazz Stone) defeated New Kids (Tysin Starr & Cassanova Kid).

"Prime Time" Nick Grimes won a three-way match over Jay Webster and "Dangerous" David Cox by pinning EPW Extreme Champion Jay Webster. New Extreme Champion is Nick Grimes.

Soultaker vs. "Big Daddy" Neno ended up being thrown out by the referee.

The next match was tag team action to determine the #1 contenders for the EPW Tag Team Championship, M.I.A. (Dirty Sanchez & Geno Sydal) vs. S.T.D. (LSD & PCP). The match ended in a double pin, and the referee declared it a draw. No #1 contender was determined.

The next match was to have been Bonecrusher vs. EPW Champion Mason for the belt. Bonecrusher came to the ring first, but Mason did not come to the ring. EPW Promoter Edith Poole came out & said that Mason was not in the building, and that Mason said he was going to Dyersburg, TN, to defend the belt. Bonecrusher was angry. Edith said she had another opponent for Bonecrusher, but he was having no part of it. Bonecrusher said he was going to Dyersburg after Mason & left the arena.

Main event was PHAT Foundation (Justin Rhodes & Chris Fontaine) w/"Monkey Boy" Danny Morris vs. Pain, Inc. (Izzy Rotten & "Extreme" Brett Michaels). As set up at the beginning of the show, it was Tag Team Belts vs. 2008 Tag Team of the Year awards. The match was wild and eventually ended in a DQ. Phat Foundation retains the belts. Pain, Inc. went to the back without the awards, so Phat Foundation was called back to the ring and the awards were presented to them.

Smackdown/ECW House Show Results from 5/30 in Chattanooga, TN

WWE Smackdown/ECW House Show Results - 5/30/09
Location: Chattanooga, Tennessee

The Great Khali defeated Dolph Ziggler.

Drew McIntyre defeated Jimmy Wang Yang.

Evan Bourne defeated Tyson Kidd.

CM Punk defeated Umaga.

ECW Champion Christian & Tommy Dreamer defeated Mark Henry & Jack Swagger.

WWE Women's Champion Melina & Gail Kim defeated Natalya & Alicia Fox.

John Morrison defeated Chris Jericho.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Edge defeated Jeff Hardy.

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USWO/ATL Results from 5/30 in Nashville

70 attended
Kevin Dunn b Bad Boy Dixon
Harold Knight b Lightning Bolt Kid
Aiden Scott vs Jason Xavier was a no contest due to James Duncan lumbering in and attacking both men
Damien Payne b Anthony Wayne
Dustin Green b Convict
Tony Falk & TJ Weatherby b James Duncan & Bad Boy Dixon and LT Falk & Cody Weatherby and Damien Payne & Chris Norte in a 4-way match when Tony pinned Duncan

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DCW Results from 5/30 in Dyersburg, TN

1st match: Suicide vs Tim Edwards vs Norman Raid... Suicide won
2nd match: Big Red vs Gunner Thompson... Big Red won
3rd match: the FOP Sarge O’Reilly and Mickey Ray lost to Fire and Flame
4th match: XOW DJ Stunner and Syn vs Gaylon Ray and Shannon lee double dq
5th Tiger Face vs Motley Cruz and Mad Money Mike Motley won
6th match Chris Rocker won over Brandon Barbwire...

XOW opened the show and brought in Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock and Hollywood told the fans he had a bigger surprise - the music hit and Fire and Flame hit the ring. They told the fans that they where the Memphis TV stars lmao. Good show from start to finish

120 in the crowd

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UCW News

UCW Wrestling is gearing up for one of it's hottest weekends ever. Our first stop is Friday night June 5th at The Factory in Cave City, KY. Doors open at 7 PM with an 8 PM bell time. Admission is $10. Then the next night UCW invades Monticello, KY at The National Guard Armory for a big night of wrestling action. Doors open at 7 PM EST with an 8 PM EST bell time. Admission is $8 at the door.

UCW Wrestling presents "Redemption: Night 1"
Friday Night June 5th
Cave City, KY at The Factory
Doors Open @ 7 PM/ Bell Time @ 8 PM
Admission is $10

UCW Ultimate Championship
"Prodigy" Jon Rock (Champion) -vs- "Simply Marvelous" Mitch Ryder (Challenger)

Match #1 of Loser Leaves Town Series
Jack Daniels w/ Miss Jessica Hart -vs- "The Bar Room Brawler" Doug Vines

Ladies Grudge Tag Match
Miss Jessica Hart & Mystery Partner -vs- Sin-D & Miss Jessie Belle

"The Bonecrusher" Jeff Crowe -vs- "The High Flying Sensation" Justin Sane

"The Driller" Eddie Browning -vs- JD Thunder

Aaron Genesis -vs- "The Elite" Randall Shane

The New Age Assassin -vs- Val Joiner

** Card Is Subject To Change**

UCW Wrestling presents "Redemption: Night 2"
Saturday Night June 6th
Monticello, KY at The National Guard Armory
Doors Open @ 7 PM/Bell Time @ 8 PM EST
Admission is $8

Lumberjack Strap Match
"The Driller" Eddie Browning -vs- "The High Flying Sensation" Justin Sane

Match #2 of Loser Leaves Town Series
Jack Daniels w/ Miss Jessica Hart -vs- "The Bar Room Brawler" Doug Vines

UCW Tag Team Titles
Jon Rock & Jeff Crowe (Challengers) -vs- JD Thunder & Randall Shane (Champions)

Battle Royal -Winner Receives a Future UCW Title Shot and $500.

Plus, Val Joiner will be in singles action!

**Card Is Subject To Change**

XOW Couple Getting Married

The Wrestling News Center staff would like to say Congratulations to Lil Bit and Jason The Brain on getting married this Tuesday.

Chris Frazier Walks Out Of Match

Several workers are reporting at the XOW show in Independence, The Hawaiian Kid better known as Chris Frazier walked out of the match with Psycho and Pappy. The Hawaiian Kid was teamed up with Jay Webster and from the reports is The Hawaiian Kid stiff Psycho several times and Psycho kicked him in his face and he left the ring and didn't finish the match.

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Pictures & results from the spectacular May 29th Gulf Coast/Southeastern/Continental Championship Wrestling Reunion show in Dothan,AL



For those of you who were unable to attend the fascinating,incredible & spectacular Gulf Coast/Southeastern/Continental Championship Wrestling Reunion show that took place at the Dothan Civic Center in Dothan,AL on
Friday night,May the 29th,

then all of you wrestling fans along the Gulf Coast missed one of the most heartfelt,emotional,memorable,exciting and unforgettable wrestling experiences of a lifetime
as hundreds upon hundreds of wrestling fans from miles around came to see in action several notable and countless wrestling legends from back in the good ol' days of Gulf Coast/Southeastern/Continental Championship Wrestling as well as a couple of the wrestling superstars of today from both the local as well as national levels of the independent & major professional wrestling circuit.

One of the very special guests that evening;
longtime host & wrestling commentator of Southeastern/Continental Championship Wrestling,
the one & only

was there as he along with the hundreds of wrestling fans in attendance paid homage & tribute to some of the wrestling stalwarts of yesteryear which included the likes of:

-"Rotten" RON STARR-


1/2 of "The Original Midnight Express"-

-"Cowboy" BOB KELLY-

The special guest referee for all of the matches that took place during the evening was both a former wrestler & referee for Southeastern/Conitnental Championship Wrestling,

During the show,there were a couple of beautiful,wonderful wrestling video tribute vignettes to

"The Bullet"

In each of the respective video tributes,
they showed still shots as well as in-ring action highlights of both wrestlers throughout their long,illustrious wrestling careers.

Also,several local Gulf Coast indy wrestling superstars as well as those who were a part of this extravagant show all gathered around ringside as they did a well deserved,heartwarming,ovational final in-ring farewell tribute to wrestling legends "The Bullet" Bob Armstrong and Jerry Stubbs.

Among those who gave their final salutational tributaries to both Jerry Stubbs & "The Bullet" were

as well as 8 time former NWA World Heavyweight Champion & WWE Hall Of Famer,
the one & only

All in all from start to finish and from bell to bell for many a wrestling fan both young and old,
this reunion show truly epitomized & defined the distinct,pure essence as to what PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING
is really all about & not to mention,the reunion show overall was a moment preserved in the utmost dignified,respectable prosperity for the hundreds of proud,dedicated & diehard wrestling fans whom were in the audience at the Civic Center
on Friday night,May the 29th in Dothan,AL will be remembering for many,many years to come!

With that being said,onto the results of the matches:


along with his longtime manager/valet,
the very lovely
at ringside,

defeated "Marvelous"
whom was seconded at ringside
"The Rocket"

by pinfall with a leaping Swan Dive splash.

In a Triple Threat Women's encounter,
TNA superstar & former ECW/WCW superstar
"The Original Scream Queen"

emerged victorious over
"Team Blondage 2.0"

as Daffney finished off O' Neal with a swinging cradle suplex to secure the 1-2-3 victory.

In a tag team match,
the team of

cousins to former NWA World Heavyweight Champion & former Continental Championship Wrestling legend

defeated the team of the

and former NWA/AWA/WWE superstar

by pinfall as Davey Rich finished off The Original Nightmare with a top rope flying crossbody press

to secure the 1-2-3 win for his team.

In the main event coup de gras,
the father/son combination of
and former WWE/WCW superstar

defeated the team of
former WCW superstar

and former AWA World Heavyweight Champion,
former WWE/NWA/AWA/WCW/TNA superstar
"The (self proclaimed) Living Legend"

at ringside;

dressed all in his 'Colonel Robert Parker' gimmick attire from his days during his stint in WCW back in the 1990s,

via disqualification
due to outside interference by Robert Fuller as he attacked "The Bullet" Bob Armstrong from behind.

Following the match,a 3-on-2 attack ensued until a piece of familiar music was playing and eminating through the public address system of the Dothan Civic Center which signified the apparent,oncoming arrival of TNA superstar & former WWE superstar
"The Road Dogg"

"The Road Dogg" ran into the ring to aid both his father & his brother
and "The D-O-double G"
cleaned house,cleared the ring
and restored order

as the amazingly,highly energetic & invigorating May 29th,2009 Gulf Coast/Southeastern/Continental Championship Wrestling Reuuion show from the Dothan Civic Center in Dothan,AL drew to a close.