Sunday, April 26, 2009

WWE Backlash Results: 3 New Champs!

Randy Orton & The Legacy def. Triple H, Batista & Shane McMahon (Randy Orton new WWE Champion)

Before the match could even begin, Triple H chased Randy Orton from ringside, rendering the contest a 3-on-2 match-up, with The Game, Batista & Shane McMahon taking on Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase. However, even in The Legend Killer’s absence, he still had a chance to walk away with championship gold on account of the match’s unique stipulations. If any member of Orton’s Legacy were to pin any member of Triple H’s team, it would result in “The Viper” becoming the new WWE Champion. As Rhodes & DiBiase struggled to hold their own against their opponents, Orton rushed back to the ring, ready to compete.

With such heated, personal rivalries in play, it should come as no surprise that the match dissolved into chaos, with fights spilling out of the ring. As Batista prepared to clobber DiBiase with a steel chair, Triple H intervened, taking the chair from his opponent. As decreed by Raw’s General Manager Vickie Guerrero, if The Game’s team were to become disqualified, it would result in Orton leaving Backlash as the new WWE Champion. This brief distraction was all The Legend Killer needed to strike, leveling his nemesis with a RKO. To the amazement of Orton and the WWE Universe alike, Triple H managed to kick out of the subsequent pin. Refusing to accept defeat, “The Viper” lashed out once again, striking The Game in the temple with a sadistic punt.

As The Legacy made their way up the ramp, with Orton clutching the WWE Title, the fans in attendance kept their eyes glued on the ring, where Triple H lay motionless after “The Viper’s” attack. Suffering from the same maneuver that has put so many Superstars out of commission – some permanently – The Game was loaded onto a stretcher, quickly removed from the ring and taken from the Dunkin Donuts Center in an ambulance as his partners and the WWE Universe looked on in grave concern.

Edge def. John Cena in Last Man Standing Match (New World Heavyweight Champion)

With help from Big Show, Edge defeated John Cena in a Last Man Standing Match in front of thousands of members of the WWE Universe to get what he came for – championship gold.

The last-chance win makes Edge a nine-time world champion.

During the brutal battle for gold, Cena brought a section of the steel ring steps into the ring. It was Edge who first used them to assault Cena. But Cena retaliated, tossing the steps over the top ropes right onto the head of The Rated-R Superstar, knocking him to the arena floor.

From there on out, the battle got even uglier with both Superstars dishing out hellacious and vicious attacks on one another. Each time, they both somehow summoned from deep within to avoid the match-ending 10-count.

At one point, Cena tossed Edge out into the WWE Universe, where the battle raged on throughout the arena. Just when it looked like The Ultimate Opportunist was down for the count, he rose again to deliver a vicious Con-Chair-To.

Ultimately, it was a stunning appearance from Big Show that helped finish off Cena. The World's Largest Athlete viciously chokeslamed The Champ into an arena spotlight. The attack was so brutal that after the 10-count, Cena – amidst shards of broken glass – had to be removed from the arena on a stretcher by medical personnel.

At the start of the night, Edge’s former tag team partner, Christian, called him a bitter, raving lunatic and recalled how Edge used to be a lot of fun. The Ultimate Opportunist didn’t refute Christian’s assessment of his personality and blamed it all on one man – John Cena.

Christian def. Jack Swagger (New ECW Champion)

Jeff Hardy def. Matt Hardy ("I Quit" Match)

With every member of the WWE Universe on the edge of their seats at Backlash, Jeff Hardy emerged victorious from the smoke of unspeakable sibling rivalry, making his rage-filled brother, Matt, say the shocking words “I quit.”

The explosive match proved to be an absolutely epic battle from start to finish, fueled by a deeply personal animosity that could only be found inside the extreme dysfunction of blood brothers gone awry. After both Superstars attempted everything they could to make the other utter the dreaded words, Jeff pulled out the heavy artillery, securing Matt to a table before threatening to descend upon him from the top of the ladder. After pleading in fear, Matt finally had no choice but to say “I quit” for all of the capacity crowd to hear. Despite his brother’s surrender, Jeff chose to plunge down upon him anyway, finally earning his retribution.

Kane def. CM Punk

To his credit, CM Punk came to Providence with a strategy. The Straightedge Superstar targeted his opponent’s right arm, throwing dangerous kicks at Kane in an attempt to take away the 7-footer’s most effective move — the chokeslam. Yet, Punk used his educated feet one too many times. After suffering through a barrage of kicks, The Big Red Monster finally grabbed Mr. Money in the Bank with both hands and chokeslammed him to the canvas on his way to victory.

Chris Jericho def. WWE Hall of Famer Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat

After locking the WWE Legend in the Walls of Jericho, Chris Jericho defeated Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat by making him submit.

Santina on Khali Kiss Cam

Santino’s “twin sister” socked The Glamazon with a shot of humiliation in front of a capacity crowd in the Dunkin’ Donuts Center. To her credit, the fairer Marella had actually shown up to explain to an enamored Great Khali why she couldn’t kiss him: She wasn’t who she claimed to be, in fact, she was in love with another man, announcer Jim Ross. Before she could prove her love for Ross with a kiss, however, Beth barged in.

Beth, who had earlier informed her boyfriend Santino that as long as he continued to pretend to be Santina she would not kiss him, proclaimed that the charade had gone too far and demanded a rematch with Santina for the “Miss WrestleMania” title.

Prior to the start of the match, Beth questioned Khali’s intelligence over his feelings for Santina. As one might imagine, The Punjabi Giant didn’t take kindly to the criticism and knocked out The Glamazon. With Beth momentarily out of commission, Santina called for the starting bell and quickly secured the pin. Her time in the ring, however, was not without incident. An enamored Khali, perhaps turned on by Santina's victory, attempted to restrain her, but her top broke in a wardrobe malfunction and sent the Italian scurrying up the entrance ramp topless.


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