Sunday, April 26, 2009

USWO/ATL Results from 4/25 in Nashville

75 jammed into the Stadium Inn tonight. Boogie is OUR USWO official for the evening.

Kevin James b Harold Knight
Boogie searches KJ thoroughly. HK grabs a headlock and takes KJ down to the mat. KJ works up and pulls HK's leg from under him for 1 then HK returns the favor for 2. HK kneelifts then reverse whips KJ into the corner but misses a splash. KJ puts the boots to HK and chokes him. KJ camel clutches HK in the corner facing Tony and clubs away on him. HK comes up swinging and chops hard. KJ grabs a wristlock, distracts Boogie, and mule kicks HK in the groinular region. KJ small packages HK for the pin in 8:00

Anthony Wayne b Lightning Bolt Kid
LBK gets on his knees to mock shorter AW, who reminds LBK that he's in the wrong building to get on his knees for anything! AW pounds on LBK in the corner then lariats and backdrops him out. AW rams LBK into all four corners then headbutts. AW whips LBK to the corner then charges but flips over the top turnbuckle and hits the apron before tumbling to the floor. LBK grabs a leg and works it. AW rolls to the apron and unlaces his boot. LBK comes over to kick him to the floor and AW pulls the boot off. Back in LBK grabs a single leg crab on the shoeless leg then abuses it some more before heading up top. AW rolls away from a moonsault and does a one-legged comeback, hitting a spinebuster for 2. Chris Norte wanders out to confront AW and gets punched off the apron. LBK goes to check on CN but AW grabs and neckbreakers him for the pin in 10:00

Aiden Scott b Damien Payne
DP vows revenge on AS for throwing him out of last week's "Blitzkrieg Bop Battle Royal". AS easily wins the pose-off. AS uses a pair of flying headscissors to send DP out. They throw elbows then AS pulls down the top rope and DP flies out. AS tells Boogie that DP is top-heavy. AS then reverses a wristlock and slings DP out again, almost hitting Gordon. DP storms back in and gets control, draping AS on the ropes and stomping then locking in an armbar until AS makes the ropes. DP slams then hammerlocks AS then Butterflies the arms. AS gets up but DP hits an axehandle lariat and sets up the Paynekiller. AS drops behind DP and spinkicks. AS fires up, hitting a leg lariat and going up top. DP slips out of a tornado DDT try but AS catches him and backslides him for the pin in 11:00
Gordon tells DP since he lost he must dance with OUR USWO/ATL Dance-Off Champion Peekaboo! DP dances without music at first. P immediately busts out the hand jive and swivels his hips. DP then bounces on the ropes, does a Nate Webb dance, and attempts to do a worm. DP just leaves busted and disgusted as he is no match for P!

TJ & Cody Weatherby b Chris Norte & Lightning Bolt Kid
TJ inspects Boogie. CN complains about the stuffed chicken being TJ/CW "manager". CW/CN traded hammerlocks then CW throws CN around and armbars. TJ comes in to chop LBK hard and tags out. CW then throws LBK around and lariats him out so he and CN can discuss issues. TJ backs LBK to the corner but LBK claps hands and says TJ hit him. TJ then bops LBK in the snout. CW flips LBK and splashes him for 2. LBK whips CW into a CN kick to the back and the double teaming commences. CN camel clutches CW then drapes him on the ropes. LBK leapfrogs CN and lands on CW's back. CN kicks CW in the back and stands on then LBK springboard in and drops a leg. LBK misses a bronco buster and we get TAGS! TJ fires up and CN and covers him for the pin in 13:00
Sore loser attack! Tony grabs his axe handle and clears the ring.

James "Fluffy" Duncan b LT Falk
JD out to "I'm Too Sexy"! JD dances a bit and points to Peekaboo who comes in to briefly dance, much to JD's dismay. The Cliff Notes version of LT's promo: He pulled out a picture of he and JD, and wonders what caused JD's attitude change. JD looks at the pic and rips it up. LT fires up on JD then drop toeholds him. LT leapfrogs JD and enziguris him for 2. JD gets up from an armbar and lariats LT then chucks him out. JD throws LT into a ringpost them slams his head on the apron. Back in, JD grabs an ankle and elbow drops a leg. LT kicks away but JD hits an eyepoke of doom and lariats him out. JD retrieves him and drops an elbow for 2. LT fights out of a sleeper try and dropkicks JD for 2. LT goes for a flatliner but JD slips away and clobbers him then covers him for the pin in 11:00
Gordon is speechless but contemplates a rematch.

Psycho Medic & Aiden Scott b Kevin Dunn & Bad Boy Dixon
KD/BBD are the "Tennessee Bad Boys". PM out, then steps back to fetch AS as his partner. Gordon says scheduled partner (and co-holder of the ATL Tag Team Championship with PM) Derrick Neal is out until August with a shoulder injury. Gordon says the tag belts will not be defended tonight! PM says it's time for a Bordeaux Beatdown! KD/PM lariat each other to start. AS tags in and cleans house. BBD climbs in but AS gives him a pair of neckbreakers for 2, then PM flapjacks him for 2. PM swats at KD who grabs his arm and yanks it over the ropes. PM gets stuck in the wrong corner getting armworked. False tags galore as PM gets double teamed. BBD lariats PM for 2 but then PM manages to fight him off and we get TAGS!! AS lariats BBD out but KD sneak attacks him. KD whips AS to the ropes and backdrops him but PM comes up behind KD and schoolboys him for the pin in 8:00
KD/BBD argue. KD walks off.

Credit: WWRD @ Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

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