Tuesday, April 21, 2009

USWO/ATL Results from 4-18 in Nashville

43 gathered together at the Stadium Inn for a night of fun and frivolity. Mark Owen and Boogie are OUR USWO/ATL officials for the evening.

Anthony Wayne b Convict and Harold Knight in a 3-way
C ends up handcuffed to the top rope until MO finds the key and frees him. C gets double everythinged early until the other two can't decided who will cover C for the pin. AW/HK argue and C punches them both. C rakes AW's face on the ropes and kicks HK to the apron. C hits a running kneelift to send HK to the floor but AW comes up behind C, grabs his leg and gives him a spinning toehold. C submits in 5:00
Good sports AW and HK shake hands.

LT Falk & Aiden Scott b Chris Norte & Lightning Bolt Kid
AS/LBK trade wristlocks then AS throws LBK around and out. LBK huddles with CN, who tugs LBK's tights down a bit to back up allegations of tight pulling by AS. LT breaks out the armdrag assault on CN. CN gets up and drags LT by the arm to LBK, who yanks the arm over the turnbuckle. LT then grabs CN's arm and hands it to LBK, who has his back turned, for the same treatment. LT follows CN/LBK to the floor and AS dives out onto them. Back in, LT kicks CN into an AS schoolboy for 2. AS gets whipped into the ropes where LBK kicks him in the back. CN camel clutches AS, then holds him up so LBK can come off the top with a double axe handle.
as gets worked over a bit until he can leapfrog CN and get TAGS!! LT fires away, giving LBK an atomic drop. AS neckbreakers LBK and LT covers him for the pin in 10:00
It is duly noted that LT did not cut a promo!

Derrick Neal b Saint
Gordon notes that both are looking forward to next Friday with gold in mind as S goes for tag belts while DN is in 3-way for USWO Championship. Gordon hints that this will be a good scientific match. Initial exchanges end with a standoff. S takes DN down with an armbar but DN rolls forward and catches the leg into an ankle lock. S reverses that into one of his own then grabs a headlock but DN is in the ropes. S hammerlocks but DN reverse whips him to the corner and hiptosses. S frees himself from DN's armworking and hits a butterfly suplex for 2. S then grabs a full nelson and tries to throw DN, who hangs on and rolls up S for the pin in 8:00
Good sports DN and S shake hands. Tony says S/DN are two of top stars in USWO. He has mentioned to promoters in other states how they have progressed.

OUR USWO/ATL Dance-Off Champion Peekaboo has an open challenge! Three accept this (a 20 something guy, a teenage boy, and a young girl) challenge and they all go at once. The older guy does a cartwheel then the 3 get somewhat in sync. Peekaboo breaks out some pushups!! The 3 try to copy the hand jive but it's not the same effect. Peekaboo pulls it out as Gordon admits the challengers gave Peekaboo a run for his money.

Kevin Dunn & Bad Boy Dixon b Steven Green & Cody Weatherby
BBD gets thrown around a lot to start. BBD gets even by tripping up CW as he is whipped into the ropes. KD pulls CW into a single leg crab then BBD in to yank the leg around as CW gets worked over a bit. KD sets CW up top but CW pulls him into a DDT and we get TAGS!! CW/BBD spill out to fight and ref MO goes to break it up. SG peppers KD with kicks and covers KD but MO is busy. SG tries to fetch MO but KD fetches a chair and DDTs SG on it for the pin in 9:00
KD claims he and BBD (the TN Bad Boyz?) are up and coming tag champs.

TJ Weatherby b Damien Payne
TJ sets a stuffed chicken in the ring to emphasize that DP is a chicken. DP tries to give the chicken the "Mayberry Elbow" but TJ kicks it away and DP misses. TJ says DP "heard faces and sees voices". DP not keen about locking up so TJ has to fetch him. Test of strength ends with TJ popping DP into the corner and putting the boots to him. DP chops TJ and celebrates, so TJ drags DP to all four corners and chops. TJ misses a splash and DP grinds his face in the ropes then goes for a sleeper. TJ gets loose but DP puts him in a bodyscissors. TJ escapes and DP misses on a bronco buster. TJ misses on a lariat but rolls up the celebrating DP for the pin in 6:00
DP initiates a "sore loser attack" but Saint comes out to stop that and remind DP of their little soiree Friday night.

Aiden Scott won the 10-man "Blitzkrieg Bop Battle Royal"
Winner gets $1000 and a shot at any USWO or ATL title. Order of elimination: HK (about 4:00 in), Norte, Dixon, and LBK consecutively a minute later, then Wayne, Dunn, and Saint were thrown out over the next 2 minutes. Payne bulldogs LT Falk while hitting Scott with a lariat. LT DDTS DP as DP DDTs AS. Coming off the ropes, AS pulls LT/DP together and dropkicks both. DP dumps LT out at 8:00 then backdrops AS, who gets tangled in the ropes. AS grabs DP and flips him over the top rope to win at 9:00
AS chose to challenge Bryan Casey for the USWO Jr. Championship

Credit: WWRD @ Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

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