Sunday, April 26, 2009

USWO Results from 4/24 in Nashville

43 chose the Stadium Inn for their entertainment needs tonight. Psycho Medic fills in as OUR USWO official for the evening.

Shawn Hoodrich b Dyron Flynn
SH still has an issue with PM, whom Gordon announced was reinstated as a referee. DF has his little friend Dan McGuiness on his shoulder. DF ducks a SH right and pops him then takes him down to the mat. DF hiptosses and covers for 2 but SH rolls out. Leapfrogging ends with SH spearing DF then beating and choking him. PM rebukes SH for breaking the rules and SH gets angry about it. SH kneelifts DF in the corner then tenpunches. SH goes for another round of this but DF throws him down. DF crossbodies for 2 then waistlocks but SH drags him around. SH grabs PM by the shirt while mule kicking DF in the groinular region. SH then picks up DF and gives him the scalpel (PM's finisher) for the pin in 7:00
SH shoves PM and gets a fine from Commissioner Gordon.

Josh Hendrix b Kevin Dunn
KD not happy with his perceived level of competition, then refers to himself as "the sexiest man in sports entertainment". A flurry of JH dropkicks sends KD to the floor. JH doesn't quite connect on a senton and KD clubs him on the floor before throwing him back in. JH tries a flying ass but KD hangs on and slams him face first. KD armbars and uses the ropes for leverage then chops away. KD slings JH into the corner but misses a splash and JH bulldogs him then legsweeps for 2. KD picks JH up and slides him into a Gory bomb position but just slams him (which KD calls the "Kevin Dunn"?) for 2 but pulls him up before 3. Slugfest, then JH grabs a leg and pulls KD into a small package for the pin in 7:00

Tony says Chrisjen Hayme will be here next Friday.

White Tiger b James "Fluffy" Duncan by DQ
JD brings out a video camera which he sets up in front of me. JD unnecessarily pulls his straps down. Chicken Hat calls JD "Chicken Fat" . JD armdrags WT but call time to tend to "sore" arm. WT armdrags JD out. JD swings at WT and misses, falling down. WT chops and boots him in the head for 2 and he rolls out again. WT tries to pull JD back in but gets snapped on the top rope. JD splashes and pounds away on WT in the corner for a while then hits a "pretty" lariat followed by a rear chinlock. WT gets free and hits an enziguri. JD pulls some knux and pops WT with them for the DQ in 9:00
JD drops the knux on WT and leaves.

Bryan Casey b Chris Cane
BC is OUR USWO Jr. Champion and this is a title match. BC keeps the belt in his corner for security purposes. CC reverses a wristlock then grabs a leg and rolls up BC for 2. CC off the ropes with a flurry of rights causes BC to bail out. CC charges into the corner but BC grabs and rams him face first into the mat. BC hits a gutwrench suplex for 2 then picks up CC into a torture rack but CC grabs an arm and drops BC into a crossface. BC scoots to the ropes to break the hold then chinbreakers CC for 2 and argues about the count. BC sets CC up top but CC fights him off and tornado DDTs him. CC spinkicks and tries a stunner but BC faceplants him. BC wanders to the corner and pulls a chain from under the belt. PM sees this and takes it away, pitching it to security. Meanwhile, BC grabs the belt and pops CC with it for the pin in 10:00
Chicken Hat goes after BC!

Michael Jablonski (w/Nick White) b Shane Eden and Derrick Neal in a 3-way elimination match to win the USWO Championship
NW dressed like Paul Heyman tonight. DN has his shoulder taped. Uncle Fork is spotted! MJ chats with the mullet ladies, so DN attacks him. DN monkeyflips MJ and works him over until MJ connects on an eyepoke of doom. MJ suplexes DN for 2 then grabs a headlock on the mat. MJ breaks the hold and wanders over towards SE, who gives him an eyepoke of doom! SE in to spin kick and lariat MJ for 2 but MJ leg lariats then applies a standing armbar. SE armdrags out and DN comes back in. MJ knocks SE off the apron and headbutts DN in the groinular region. MJ targets the taped shoulder and punishes it for a few minutes. MJ wraps DN's arm around the ropes then NW comes over to kick the shoulder. DN finally escapes and tags SE. SE dropkicks and bulldogs MJ, covering him. NW has ref PM distracted. SE goes to fetch PM but MJ grabs him and hits a quick rollup to eliminate him at 9:00
DN goes after MJ, and then they have a chopfest! DN hits the fisherman's neckbreaker for 2 but NW is there to distract PM again. PM tries to eject NW, who heads toward the exit but stops to throw powder in DN's face! MJ grabs DN and hooks him in a dragon sleeper. DN taps out in 12:00
Now 4-time USWO Champion MJ keeps the hold on until Gordon threatens to strip him of the title. Chicken Hat melts down and goes after MJ!

Josh Crowe & Damien Payne NC Tim Renesto & Saint
DP/JC are OUR USWO Tag Team Champions and this is a title match where chairs are legal after ten minutes. TR/S take turns on JC to start, then DP suffers the same fate. DP reverses an armbar and drags S to the wrong corner. JC does a standing armbar with S's bandaged arm then DP tags in to kick it. DP holds S and JC dropkicks to the shoulder as the arm/shoulder working continues. The 10:00 mark is announced and each team grabs a chair, S escapes the armworking and big boots DP then rolls over for TAGS!! TR comes in as S whacks JC with a chair then does the same to DP. DP crawls over and lowblows S then he and JC grab the chairs. Each hits an opponent with the chairs then JC turns around and levels ref PM with a chair shot! Tony grabs the kendo stick and cleans house, calling for the bell in 12:00
Tony compliments PM on stepping up to ref tonight, and then lets TR choose the rematch stips. TR polls the fans and decides on a lumberjack match. Tony says he'll let TR pick a few wrestlers and he will draw a few fans to do this.

Credit: WWRD @ Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

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