Tuesday, April 28, 2009

TIWF Results from 4-25 in Trenton, TN

Above photo: BT sitting on his award... I just couldn't resist publishing this....

----I will admit that I am not always so nice when it comes to TIWF. I really enjoy making fun of some of their generic names and wondering if their crowd count is real or not. But, as I said when I last visited them, they do one thing real good in Trenton – they get their wrestlers over. The crowd is rowdy and they seem to go home having enjoyed themselves.

----Drew McGrudger was nice enough to introduce me to the crowd. Then he informed me he wanted me to stay in the ring as he introduced the next act. “Missouri Bad Boy” Mark Southern and Cash McCoy came out to talk about them winning awards including Southern giving Cash a plaque from him winning the TIWF Manager of the Year award. Southern then said he had an award to give to me. They brought out this cardboard box. They proceed to open it to give me a toilet [yes a real bathroom toilet] because they did not win Tag Team of the Year. Southern then took a copy of Yearbook 2008 and threw it in the toilet saying my site was crap and my book was crap and it belonged in the toilet. I told Drew after this, that even though I was from Missouri, those guys make it hard to admit it.

----Hardknocks Hooligan with Destiny beat Knockout Kid. Nothing special about the match, but nothing completely wrong. Destiny did a good job at ringside. Knockout Kid has lost tons of weight and actually looks like Jimmy Valiant. Finish had Hooligan use a chain with the ref’s back turned for the win.

---- Chico Mendoza beat PK Ripper with a “Burro Bomb” [sitdown powerbomb]. Huge pop for Chico . He did “Three Amigos” in the shine. Good solid psychology with PK getting heat. Chico made a few comebacks with PK cutting him off. PK, even though he is a heel, got a pop for a few flying moves. Chico hit his finisher out of nowhere for the pin and a pop.

----Mark Southern with Cash McCoy beat Sgt BT Payne. Payne is green as grass. He did some moves really smooth, but was just trying to do stuff too fast and such. Nice flying closeline and legdrop in his shine. Southern gave him a couple of hope spots. Southern with big boot and then big boot followed by a DDT. Good punches from Southern. Finish was messed up a bit and Southern just took over with an under hook DDT for the pin and win.

----“New Breed of Perfection” [Wildside/Waycool] beat Johnny Superstar/Overkill. This was a squash. Superstar/Overkill got very little at the front and then NBOP took completely over. They did more double team moves here than I have seen any team do in this area. Double elbow smash, double dropkick and others. Wildside hit a sweet tornado DDT. NBOP were working their asses off. Good fun stuff. Heat on Superstar with hot tag to Overkill – but he was cut right off and NBOP ended up pinning Overkill after a “high/low” double team move.

----Angle with Ravishing Randy bringing out NBOP, Devon Day and PK Ripper. He then called out Destiny. Destiny came out and Randy proposed to her. They are supposed to have the “wedding” on May 9th. This was funny and the fans got into it.

----Devon Day beat Kilo in the best bout of the night. This was just a solid bout with two of the best workers in this area. Probably also two of the most underrated. Day has not been seen by enough people!! Kilo did a great interview to set up the match. Day starts heat after Kilo misses a top rope move and Day hits a big time closeline. Kilo got a quick hope spot, but Day then cut him off with a powerslam. Day missed a pretty frog splash, and then Kilo hit a much prettier [could that be the name of the move?? LOL] frog splash. Kilo ready for the pin, but Destiny on ring apron. Kilo went for her and ended up with Day hitting him with a Liger bomb for the win.

----Chris Lexxus by DQ over Frankie Tucker with Destiny. Not much to this bout. Lexxus got a huge pop and is over. He has a great body and good look, but is green as lettuce. Tucker took it slow and methodical – Tucker style. Tucker would give him spots here and there, but Lexxus just needs lots of work. Lexxus reversed a suplex and started his comeback. He grabbed Destiny and was going to hit her, when PK Ripper jumped him for the DQ.

----113 in the crowd

Credit: Brian Tramel @ www.rasslinriotonline.com

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