Sunday, April 26, 2009

RWA Results from 4-18 in Jonesboro, AR

Black Sheep VS J.D. Kerry Winner Black Sheep
Reno Diamond VS Soul Train Jones Winner Reno Diamond
Tejano Kid with Dominique VS Cujo. Winner Cujo
Lucky VS Mike Anthony Winner Lucky
Kevin Douglas VS Pokerface [pictured] Winner Poker
Bull the Manamial VS Flash Flanagan Winner Flash
CCR VS Irish Dragons VS The Asylum match was thrown out.
Mike Austin VS Gary Diamond. Winner Mike Austin

The show was for TV this week and all the matches were very good matches. Black Sheep came out and low and behold it was Precious. Black Sheep did a mic spill explaining what happened to him and why he has changed. Basically the chair shot he got from Ron Rage 2 weeks ago changed his life. Boy that is an understatement, Black Sheep is vicious and the total opposite of Precious. J.D. Kerry gave Black Sheep all he had but in the end Black Sheep got the win.

Tejano Kid and Cujo collided and it was a physical match both displayed great skills and about 8 minutes into the match Cujo hit a big drop kick. Tejano kept his Valet Dominuqie in the refs face and giving Cujo cheap shots. Tejano went to use his chain and Cujo ducked the punch and hit a big move that this reporter had not seen nor do I know what he calls it. It was an f5 with a RkO or Diamond Cutter if you will anyway you call it Cujo got the 3 count.

Lucky came out and told the fans that his sister in law had a stroke and the RWA was taking up a collection for her medical bills. Blalok and Mike Anthony came out and made fun of her and the two, Anthony and Lucky started fighting. Blalok did his best to double team Lucky, in the end Lucky took advantage of a mistake Anthony and Blalok made and got the 3 count.

Kevin Douglas from Texas came in and challenged anyone the RWA had. It did not take long before the challenge was accepted. Poker face came out and these to put on a wrestling clinic in the ring. These two guys can go and they can also fight. Pokerface got the win.

Flash Flanagan was introduced to the fans after the second match and Bull came out and interrupted the interview. Flash did not like it and Bull challenged him and Flash accepted and then knocked Bull out of the ring with a big right hand. When the two met latter in the evening Flash showed the fans in the King Sportatorium that he is a great wrestler. Flash looked great and Bull gave him a great match. The fans enjoyed every minute of the match. Flash got the victory.

CCR and The Irish Dragons and the Asylum had a triple threat match there was a lot of experience in the ring and they did it all they wrestled and then they fought. Then the Natural Born Playa'z hit the ring with a chair and wet floor sign and the match broke down and the ref threw the match out. This match got violent very quick as the Playa'z beat down almost everyone in the ring. Frank Martin came out and told them to stop and he had to threaten to take the Playa'z belts away from them. Of course the Asylum was not going to stop and The Loose Cannon had lost his mind and Martin and Security had to restrain Cannon. He went back to the dressing room and came back out to try and attack the Playa'z. The Playa'z are making a statement that they will do anything they have to. The Playa'z are making an example out of anyone who gets in the ring with them.

The main event saw two friends a trainer and a student come to blows after all the years of being friends and partners. Mike Austin and Gary Diamond had a great match but it was the end that had the fans hot and going crazy. Austin trapped Diamonds arms between the first and second ropes. At this point Austin got a chair and busted Diamond open. Austin used the chair on Diamond several times. Martin was in the back with the group that had just caused the trouble in the ring. However Martin seen what was going on in the ring on the monitor in the back and came out to put a stop to it. Martin told Gary if he wants a no DQ match with Austin next week he would get it. Diamond wanted it and thanked Austin for waking up the desire in him. Diamond thanked Austin for stoking the fire of violence in him and that Austin would get the full effect of it next week.

200+ in the building. Good crowd with several new faces. The Royal Wrestling Alliance is now on facebook.

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