Monday, April 20, 2009


Official results from the Lockdown Pay-Per-View:

- On the Lockdown preshow, Eric Young defeated Danny Bonaduce. After the bout, Bonaduce attacked Young, but "The War Machine" Rhino came to his aid and hit the GORE on Bonaduce!

- Suicide retained the X Division Championship in the Xscape Match by beating Consequences Creed, Black Machismo, Sheik Abdul Bashir and Kiyoshi

- ODB won the Queen Of The Cage Match, beating Madison Rayne, Sojo Bolt and Daffney

- The Motor City Machinguns successfully defended the New Japan Jr. Tag Team Championship against the Latin American Xchange and No Limit

- "The Blueprint" Matt Morgan defeated Abyss in the Doomsday Chamber Of Blood match, which also saw the TNA debut of "Dr. Stevie" Stevie Richards! Richards refused to let Abyss use weapons during the bout, leading to Morgan getting the win!

- Angelina Love became the new Knockout Women's Champion by beating Awesome Kong and Taylor Wilde when she pinned Wilde following a big boot from Kong, who was trapped in the corner after the Beautiful People tied her braids to the cage.

- Team 3D (in their big return to Philly!) defeated Beer Money, Inc in the Philly Street Fight to become the new TNA World Tag Team Champions, their 22nd Title Reign! Check out Team 3D's new limited commemorative shirt at celebrating the win!

- Team Jarrett defeated Team Angle in the Lethal Lockdown Match, which at one point saw AJ Styles jump down through the roof of the cage in a daredevil dive onto the other participants below! Samoa Joe also questioned Jeff Jarrett's allegiance during the bout. However, Jarrett answered when he had both Styles and Booker T lined up for a guitar shot - and he smashed Booker, allowing AJ to get the pin and the win for his team.

- After the match, the lights in the arena went out and a video played introducing Bobby Lashley to TNA! Lashley came out and Kurt Angle was shown laughing in the ring! Is there some kind of connection between Lashley and Angle?

- Mick Foley became the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion by defeating "The Icon" Sting in the bloody and chaotic main event. Foley tried to use his barbed-wire bat at one point, but Sting avoided it. In the end, both Foley and Sting raced to climb over the top of the cage to escape, with Foley hitting the canvas first to win the championship!


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