Saturday, April 18, 2009

Results From Memphis Classic Wrestling @ Minglewood Hall

1. Matt Boyce Vs. Teddy Tenderheart - Winner Matt Boyce with flying body press

2. King Cobra Vs. Derrick King - Winner King Cobra by roll up

3. Superstar Bill Dundee Vs. Don Bass with Hollywood Jimmy - Winner Bill Dundee

4. Su Young with her mail order husband Kevin White Vs.Veronica Fairchild - Winner Veronica by DQ
after the match Kevin White and Su Young started beating down Fairchild and Queen Renee and
Jerry "The King" Lawler made a save with Queen Renee pinning Su Young by 3 count

5. Kevin White with Su Young Vs. Koko - Winner Koko by 3 count

6. Wildfire Tommy Rich and Doug Gilbert Vs. Brian Christopher and Jerry "The King Lawler - Winner Brian Christopher and Jerry "The King Lawler

Credit Billy Russ

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