Tuesday, April 28, 2009

MSW Results from 4-25 in Dover, AR

Mid-South Pro Wrestling
April 25, 2009
Dover, AR
High School Gym

1) Scott Murdoch pinned Brandon Groom after the "Doctor Bomb" (gut-wrench sit out power bomb). Murdoch was trained by "Dr. Death" Steve Williams and lives in Shreveport, LA. Groom wrestled in FCW for a while and lives in Tulsa. Good opening match. Finish saw Groom go up top, Jeff Jett ran out and distracted the referee, Matt Riviera threw Groom off the top rope, and Murdoch hitting his finish.

2) "The Psychotic One" Ellis B. Hall beat The Medic with the iron claw.

3) Matt Riviera pinned Wes Robinson after a spinebuster.

4) Mark Johnson beat "Bruiser" Rick Sweetan with Boyd Bradford. Due to pre-match stipulation, Johnson got 5-minutes with Bradford which saw Bradford hit a top rope Randy Savage elbow which Johnson no-sold. This was hilarious as after Bradford hit the elbow, he pulled the suspenders down and then turns into a gore that got a huge pop.

5) "Heartbreaker" Chas Cardington defeated "Ravishing" Rich Rude with a small package. Both are students of THE Wrestling School run by Riviera and Bill Ash. It was great considering it was their 4th match ever.

6) Mid-South Tag Team Champions Reckage & Romance (Matt Riviera & Jeff Jett) beat Max McGuirk & Brandon Groom when Riviera pinned McGuirk after R&R hit the double team flapjack on him.

7) International Champion The Atomic Dogg beat Prince Al Farat (with Thomas Trump) in a street fight. Finish saw Farat get hip tossed through a table in the corner. Highlights saw Trump being speared through a table, Dogg demolishing both with a trash can, and Farat being thrown through the entrance way. Referee Tom Simon also got decked mid-way through.

Attendance was around 200.

Reckage & Romance will be wrestling next weekend in Mississippi for Kenny Valiant against The Medic & "Heartbreaker" Chas Cardington. This group's website is www.traditionalwrestling.com.

Credit: MSWizard @ www.rasslinriotonline.com

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