Monday, April 13, 2009

Motley Cruz Talking About The Locker Room Fight

This was on the Message Board, so I posted the whole post from Motley Cruz where you can read it. Here is the post from Motley.

BT put a bullshit version of the Brian Christopher/Bishop fight on the Rasslin Riot, but if anyone wants to read the real story go over to the kayfabe board and read my post.

Hey all this is Motley, not Tasha posting, for some reason, I am not being allowed to post under my login, so T was nice enough to let me use hers. I am posting to set the record straight regarding the fight between Bishop and Brian Christopher, since the information on Rasslin Riot is the bubblegum , I am afraid to say something bad about Brian Christopher version.

The issue started after the match between Brian and Seth Knight, which was, by the way, a good match. Brian had issues with the ref TJ, who happens to be related to Bishop, and stiffed the kid in the ring. I give TJ credit because he was man enough to come to the locker room and confront Brian, punching him in the mouth for stiffing him, at which point Brian jumped on TJ, and Bishop stepped in and pulled Brian off and had TJ leave the locker room till everything calmed down, at that point everyone thought the problem was over.

Nothing else happened until Bishop returned to the locker room after a 20 minute match with Rocker, blowed up, and Brian Christopher sucker punched him in the mouth with a pair of handcuffs as he was walking thru the curtain. At that point Bishop speared Brian thru a thick wooden rail and Brian attempted to grab him in a front face lock and laid on top of him knowing that Bishop was blown up from the match, Bishop got out from underneath him and pinned him against the wall by the throat, and gave him a few choice words. Bishop was talked in to letting him go, and as Bishop was walking off, it occured to him that he had been sucker punch in the mouth with a pair of handcuffs and he got pissed off all over again, he then told Brian "your daddy isn't here to save you" and hit Brian in the face with a barbwired baseball bat (smaller than mine) and proceeded to beat his ass with his fist, until Brian was able to get on top and lay on Bishop again, bleeding like crazy from his face. They were again broke up, Bishop was still mad about being sucker punched in the mouth with a pair of handcuffs and went to his bag to get something to hit Brian. The two squared off again, Brian hit Bishop square in the face and did not budge Bishop, and Bishop was back on Brian beating the hell out of him again. Brian was again able to work his way on top and lay on Bishop, Dustin Starr walked over wiped the blood off Brian's face and pleaded for them to stop fighting, they finally seperated and that was the end of the fight.

Fights have been happening in locker rooms for longer than I have been in the business, this one was no different than any other, I have seen a lot worse. Brian was wrong for sucker punching someone, and Bishop put him in his place, and let him know he was the wrong mother f***er to sucker punch.

If anyone has a problem with me telling the whole story, I don't give a damn, be man enough to say it my face.

Motley Cruz

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