Friday, April 24, 2009

Memphis Wrestling Results-April 18, 2009

Corey Maclin opened the program and told us what all was on tap for the show. They showed some clips from Minglewood Hall. This footage featured highlights from the first event. Corey said they will show some video of the action from this past Thursday's show, next week.

WWF Footage from Raw of 2000 when Too Cool, "Grandmasta Sexay" Brian Christopher and Scotty 2 Hotty, defeated Edge and Christian for the WWF Tag-Team Titles. Before the match, Edge and Christian said that Kid Rock's friend and rapper, Joe C., was an overrated midget rapper. So, for the benefit of those with flash photography, they had a brand new pose for five seconds only that honored overrated midget rappers, worldwide. They called this, "Kicking it, Joe C. style" and took out some bucket hats and shoes from some bags. They put the hats on and placed their knees on top of the shoes.

This was a fun match. Scotty hit The Worm. Rikishi and Joe C. made their way down to ringside. Before Christian could strike Christopher with the belt, Joe C. delivered a vicious shot to the package with a hockey stick. He shoots....He scores! Christopher pinned Christian to get the win and become the new tag champs. Following the match, Rikishi handed out the yellow shades to the Grandmasta, Scotty, and Joe C. Then, they got their boogie on. Before they started dancing, Jerry "The King" Lawler, who was announcing, said, "Well, you know he is Joe C. He's three foot nine with a ten foot... Jim Ross jumped in, warning "The King", "Hey, easy!" Lawler answered, "Well, he's three foot nine." Here's a video of this match.

Footage of Too Cool 2, Tim and Flex, in action against The Posse, Lil Chris and Simon. Dustin Starr and Tatt2 came out to help get the crowd behind The Posse. A fight ended up breaking out when Dustin stopped Tim from taking his title in the ring to use it during the match. Tim ended up taking a swing at Dustin, which started the brawl. Dustin, Tatt2, and The Posse chased off Too Cool 2.

Video of "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart at the beach in sunny Tampa, Florida. Jimmy said there is some big news, coming up, next week. He said he's going to drop the bomb. Could it be...Wrestlicious?

Opening the Vaults, featuring The Rock N Roll Express, Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson versus The Grapplers managed by "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart. The Grapplers got the win with help from a loaded boot, but Dutch Mantel and Stagger Lee came out to tell Referee Jerry Calhoun about the loaded boot. This resulted in Calhoun reversing the decision and declaring The Rock N Roll Express the winners.

Corey Maclin said hello to all the fans watching in Canada.

Classic match from the Mid-South Coliseum between Jerry "The King" Lawler and "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig for the Unified World Heavyweight Championship. Hennig threw Lawler into Referee Frank Morrell. While Morrell was down, The Vampire Warrior ran down and threw a chain to Mr. Perfect. Hennig hit Lawler with it, then, gave it back to Vampire Warrior, who left. Hennig covered Lawler for the three count. Eddie Marlin came out and ordered that they restart the match. It wasn't long after the match restarted, until Lawler catapulted Hennig into Morrell. This brought The Vampire Warrior out, again. Lawler took a swing at him, but The Vampire Warrior was able to grab him and throw the chain back to Hennig. Hennig winded up to punch Lawler, but "The King" ducked so Hennig hit The Vampire Warrior. Jerry ended up grabbing the chain and nailing Curt. When Lawler attempted the pin, The Vampire Warrior jumped in and started attacking "The King". Jeff Jarrett ran in to make the save and got rid of Mr. Perfect and The Vampire Warrior. Speaking of The Vampire Warrior, in 1998, he would go on to become Gangrel in the WWF.

Corey wrapped up the show by plugging his appearances for Africa in April, last weekend, and also talked about how you could get cash for gold at Memphis Fine Jewelers, located on Poplar Ave. Corey said he'll be looking for you to join him, next week.

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