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ICW 4-18-09 Henry TN

ICW 4-18-09 Henry TN
Announcers for the night Jimmy V and Moondog Rex
The show started off with a 10 bell salute for Jennifer Justice's mother-in-law who passed away earlier in the week. After the 10 bell, Brimstone tells Jennifer that him and Commissioner Neal had made a few phone calls and they had a surprise later on for her. They also went on o tell the fans that tonight Every title will be on the line, The Hardcore Champion Knockout Kidd would be defending his belt against the belt of Heavyweight Champion Ty Blade in a Hardcore Rules Match. Buckwild & Hostile would defend their titles in a match, at which time Brimstone asked Commissioner Neal if for one night the TN Wrecken Krew could reunite to make the match a triple threat tag title match. And that Jennifer would also be defending her title in a match later on tonight.

Opening match seen Exodus defeating Lil Tim Alfonzo. This match was the ICW debut of Lil Tim who gave away a big size difference but showed he could cut Exodus down to size. But after Exodus was able to catch Lil Tim's baseball slide to the outside, Exodus swung Lil Tim into the corner post busting him open. At which put Exodus back in control and leading the the 1.2.3....

2nd Match Slingshot with Hellfire defeated Kafabion Gimmicko. This match came about at the last show when The Young 1's cornered Commissioner Neal Dream in the ring and the Commissioner announced he had a new personal body guard and Gimmicko came out to ring side, as him and Neal left the ring Slingshot attacked Gimmicko from behind. For those who were not there Gimmicko was not the personal security, Mr. Morgan was. This was a good match that went back an forth with lots of interfernce from hellfire on the outside. Gimmicko was able to finally get his hands on Hellfire driving him head first into the ring. In the end it was Slingshot with his feet on the ropes giving him the pin over Gimmicko.

3rd match Frank the Tank defeated (sorry I did not catch this guys name) This was a good match that had power and speed, Frank dished out of a lot of power on the ICW new comer, but even with the size difference the smaller guy never backed down from Frank. But in the end it was Frank our powering the guy and getting the 1.2.3...

4th match Tag Title Triple Threat.
TN Wrecken Krew defeated Buckwild Bill and The Kidd (subbing for Hostile) (champions) and the team of The Sexy Beast Griz and Jonathan Storm. This tag match saw it all, from double teaming, forking, bleeding, to the crowning of new champions. Buckwild was able go over half the ring with a splash but unable to get the pin, The Kidd got his second lesson, that you have to become one with your tag partner, Storm got a up close and personal introduction with the fork, Grizz showed off his self proclaimed “sexy beast” of a body to the crowd, and Brimstone and Horse walked away with the tag titles after Brimstone was able to DDT the Griz and get the win.

5th match Womens Title Triple Threat match
Brianna Starr defeated Jennifer Justice (champion) and Mystic to become the new ICW Womens Champion. As stated earlier in the night they had a surprise from Jennifer's past for her tonight, which was for one night the return of Brianna Starr. Brianna has not been in the ring in almost 2 years and Mystic was making her in ring return after several years of being inactive. Brianna has history with both women from the past, she was actually each of theirs first matches but it would be the first time Jennifer and Mystic ever meet in the ring. All three women went back and forth between each other and each showed the other nothing but respect, but there was a title on the line. In the end while Mystic was down Jennifer tagged Brianna who in return grabbed her for a sidewalk slam, rolled her out and then hit the Starr Dust on Mystic to become the ICW Womens Champion. At which point half (the good half) of the ICW locker room came out and entered the ring. They presented Brianna with the titles and announced the title would be retired in her honor. Brianna then thanked the wrestlers, the two women she just wrestled and the fans but announced from this point on she was not a wrestler, saying it was an honor to be ICW champion but the belt could not be retired because ICW has some great women to keep the title going. At which point Jennifer Justice said its tradition when a wrestler retires to cut their boot laces which is what everyone of them did.

6th match Chic Canyon with hellfire defeated Erik Ego. Fast pace does not even start to describe this match. This feud started last month when in a tag match Chic knocked Buckwild out with Brassknucks and then tried getting Ego to do the same, in which Ego did except he knocked Chic out. This match started off fast and it did not slow down. Both men went back and forth giving each other a battle to the end, when once again Chic showed he has to have help to win by bringing the brassknucks out again leading to the 1.2.3... This feud is far from over and actually thats a good thing because these two in the ring against each other is something to see.

7th match Heavyweight vs Hardcore Title winner takes all.
Heavyweight Champion Ty Blade defeated Hardcore Champion Knockout Kidd in a hardcore rules match that did not fail to live up being HARDCORE. These twos use signs, nightsticks, cameras, keyboard, they beat each other outside the building, the bathroom toilet was even brought into this match when Knockout gave Ty a swirly by flushing his head in the toilet. Knockout did try paying Ty for the match by taking a $1 bill and thumbtacking it to his forehead. Ty was able to come back. He set up two chairs and placed a stop sign on the seats and poured thumbtacks all on the sign, and he started up the ropes holding on to Knockout , it was Knockout getting the upper hand by pulling Ty off the top rope right in the the thumbtacks. Just when is looked like knockout was fixing to finish Ty off, Ty was able to work his way off Knockouts shoulders and rolling knockout up for the the 1.2.3.. out of no where winning the match along with becoming Heavyweight and Hardcore Champion. But then Ty made the mistake and started running his mouth like he is known to do, at which point Brimstone stepped out from the locker room threw Ty into the ring Knockout grabbed him hit his finisher and got the 1.2.3.... which under the 24 hour hardcore rules won the Hardcore Title back, making Ty Blade the shortest run of being Hardcore Champion.

Thank you to ll the great fans who showed up we look forward to seeing everyone on May 23rd, 2009 right back at the Henry Civic Center. Check out the ICW website at there will be videos added this weekend from the show.

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