Sunday, April 19, 2009

EPW Results from 4-11 in Booneville, MS

Dru Dice defeated Diabla.

Gauntlet match for the EPW Extreme Title:
Chris Styles vs. Danny Morris vs. Dustin Starr vs. JR Mauler vs. Buzz Harley:
Chris beat Danny with a super kick. next was Dustin Starr, Chris got the better of Dustin and pinned him. Next came JR Mauler - thing's heated up really fast with these two but in the long run Chris beat JR. Last was Buzz Harley - Buzz thought he was going to take Chris easily but was he wrong. This was a hard fought battle between these two but when Chris went to the top rope to come off on Buzz, Buzz some how came up to give Chris the Buzzcutter and took the extreme title. Winner: Buzz Harley.

Pain Inc. defeated Revolution. Pain Inc. cheated to win this match, using a belt on Revolution just like Izzy did the previous week.

Mason vs. Cassanova Kid: Mason and Cass went at it in real hard hitting action - this match was back and forth between these two. Mason has some kind of spell on Cassanova's mother, he just snapped his finger's and Cassanova's mother was in the ring. She low blowed Cass and Mason got the win to become the new EPW Heavyweight Champion.

Next up was the main event, Tojo Yamamoto, Jr., Bonecrusher and Cyrus vs. PHAT Foundation. Justin came to the mic complaining as usual and said there wasn't going to be a barbwire match, but Commissioner Sammy Hall walked in the front door as Justin was running his mouth. Sammy got on the mic and told Justin there would be a barbwire match and he would be in it or he would pull Justin's license and he wouldn't wrestle in the state of Mississippi again! So Justin didn't have any choice but to wrestle in this match. This was a very good and bloody match. Somehow PHAT Foundation (Justin Rhodes, Chris Fontaine, and Big Daddy Neno) got the win.

Attendence 73.

EPW will be doing a show on May 1st at Thrasher High School to benefit the Prentiss County D.A.R.E. Program. More Information soon.

(My apologies for not getting these results posted sooner.)

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