Sunday, April 26, 2009

DCW Results from 4-18 in Dyersburg, TN

Show opens with Tim Edwards out talking about how upset he was that last week he and big red wasn’t the new tag champs. He then opens an open challenge for anyone in the back. Since Big Red wasn’t there it would be a single match.

first match: Tim Edwards beat Shannon lee with the redrum.

Second match: Tatt2 and Justin the juice Smart beat Rockin Randy and Weezy in a non-title.

Bishop is out and is mad about losing the heavyweight title. He says that he will get the title back and didn’t care who he had to go through to get it.

Third match: Motley Cruz beat Gunner Thompson with a 1%er

Five Starr Show case with Dustin Starr. 5 Starr is out and informing the crowd that he is the best that DCW has to offer. He has beaten everyone that has been put in front of him, so tonight he will get a heavy weight title shot at Chris Rocker. But before the showcase is over he wants to introduce the fans to a new comer at DCW - out comes Maverick [pictured]. Dustin is talking to Maverick about finally making it to the showcase and how this should be the biggest moment in his career being in the ring with Dustin 5 Starr. Maverick doesn’t think the same way he does and interrupts Dustin. This aggravates Starr and he then informs Maverick on who he is again. At this time Tim Edwards is making his way out to the ring. He has heard everything that has been said and knows that Starr needs to focus on the heavy weight title match later so Edwards challenges Maverick to a match right then and there. Showcase ends with the most vicious slap I have ever seen in wrestling - Maverick slaps Starr in the face and ear.

Forth match: Maverick beats Tim Edwards when Edwards went for a big splash in the corner and maverick moved and caught him with a school boy.

Seth Knight is out talking about how he has worked his way back up from the bottom to becoming one of the most liked guys there. How he said he was going to run out the man [Allen Walker] who ran him out of the company and he did. So he is officially throwing his hat in the ring for the heavy weight title chase. Bishop thinks otherwise when he comes out and says that the title will be his again and the best thing for Knight to do is to stay out of the way.

fifth match: Derrick King beat Kilo after a superkick.

Main Event: DCW Title match Chris Rocker beat Dustin 5 Starr when Derrick King came in to help Starr out and superkicked Starr instead. Rocker threw DK out of the ring then pinned 5 Starr for the victory. After the match, Starr ended up piledriving DK three times. Rocker made the save with DK as a baby now.

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