Sunday, April 26, 2009

CWF "Ground-Zero" Results from 4/25 in Benton,TN

At the opening of the event, "The Mirror Image" music plays as General Manager Jay West, CWF Champion Casey Kage, Brian Rivers, and Keith Hart all come to the ring. West says that Chip Hazard has asked to leave the "Mirror Image" and persue other interest and that tonight a new member would be introduced. As West turns to the curtain to introduce this new member, Keith & KT, the Hamill Brothers come to the ring.

Jay West asks the brothers what they are doing, KT replies, I am here to introduce the new member of the "Mirror Image" as he nails his brother and all members of the "Mirror Image" begin to beatdown Keith Hamill.

New Member of the "Mirror Image": Kenneth T. Hamill, formerly KT Hamill

Johnny Rokk, Paul Dryver, and Matt Jordan come to the rescue. Jordan says that he wants a CWF Championship match because he can't stand seeing the CWF have a champion with no honor, talking to Casey Kage. Jay West declines his request and tells him that he would be in the tag team title tournament.

The Lethal Lottery tag team championship tournament was exactly what everyone knew it was going to be, CHAOS!

1st round-
Matt Jordan & Jasper Nyte defeated Johnny Rokk & Kenneth T. Hamill

Keith Hart & Robbie Lee Jordan defeated Brandon Daniels & Matt Fortune

Brian Rivers & Tyler Sutton defeated Chris Cane & Keith Hamill

Paul Dryver & Casey Kage defeated Ben Thrasher & Jason Hampton

2nd round-
Keith Hart & Robbie Lee Jordan defeated Matt Jordan & Jasper Nyte

Brian Rivers & Tyler Sutton defeated Casey Kage & Paul Dryver

Nova wins the CWF No Limits Championship #1 contender Battle Royal

Brian Rivers & Tyler Sutton defeated Keith Hart & Robbie Lee Jordan to become the NEW CWF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!

After the match, Rivers told Sutton that he was not a part of the "Mirror Image". Sutton replies with "Can I be", he is told to prove himself. He hands his title to Keith Hart and Hart & Rivers are proclaimed the New Tag Team Champions.

CWF Live returns to Benton,TN at the Polk County Showbarn on Saturday May 16th!


Credit: Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

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