Monday, April 20, 2009

Brian Tramel's Report Of NBW Spring Break

The movie script has been written many times about the underdog. The guy that prevails after all says he cannot. In most circles of life, people get behind the underdog and want him to win. When it comes to Jeremy Moore, the people surrounding him and the people watching his every move [you know guys like me] have been waiting for him to fall flat on his face. The family feud had Moore and his father moving out of the DCW building and going to Newbern where everyone said they would fail. Moore probably would be the first one to tell you he has had some help with guys like Sarge O’Reilly [in the role of the veteran guy who never made it big], Jason Reed [almost there but never made it] and his dad [who might be the biggest underdog of them all in this biz] to help write the script of NBW’s success. It might say Newbern, TN – NBW and it might say Dyersburg, TN – DCW on the marquees, but in reality these two buildings are 5 miles apart. Although the show wasn’t great from top to bottom, it proved that their drawing power with one legend, Bill Dundee [playing the part of the legend that never got his due respect], and good storylines helped them overcome their obstacles to present their Spring Breakout 2009. It outdrew their nemesis and overall was a better show.

----The show started out with XOW’s Jason the Brain and Lil Bit in the ring. “Hollywood” Jimmy was introduced. Jimmy did well on the mic. Then out came “Bill Dundee” [Bill Russ] in a wheelchair asleep. This was real funny. A big pop when the real Bill Dundee and Jeremy Moore came out to run them out of the ring. Dundee got a good swing at Russ. Dundee did a mic spill and the crowd loved it.

----Maverick won a battle royal featuring all the undercard guys. I am not a fan of battle royals and this one was no better or worse than any of the other ones. Maverick got on the mic and said he was gunning after the champion after the bout. [DUD]

----Christian Jacobs beat Suicide with Lil Bit. This was the best basic wrestling bout up to the main event. Suicide has only been working for about a year, but he did a good job following the basics. Lil Bit distracted CJ for Suicide to start the heat. CJ took his beating and was making this comeback when Lil Bit distracted him again and Suicide held him as Bit threw baby powder. CJ moved and Suicide took the powder. CJ backed away and then hit Suicide with a big spear. [**1/2]

----DJ Stunner/Syn beat Jon Biscuit/Tommy Redneck to become the Unified [XOW/NBW] Tag Team Champions in a Ladder Match. I usually crap all over these matches, but for what it was – garbage wrestling – you can’t get any better. It featured flaming ladders, blood – all four bladed, really stiff chair shots [ask Biscuit] and crazy bumps. The crowd seemed to stay with it all the time. Psychology was thrown out the window, which was my one major criticism of the match. Why do workers forget psychology in gimmick matches?? Finish was creative as Redneck was headed up the ladder to grab the belts and win, when Jason the Brain poured alcohol on his boot and lit it. Redneck bumped and the heels won the belts. One star for blood [Biscuit bled buckets], one star for the creative finish & the fire and one star for them just being idiots..LOL [***]

----Ricky Andrews beat Tank in a Dog Collar Match. Andrews is really green and needs some work. He is over like crazy though. Crowd loves this kid. Tank took some early bumps to a much smaller Andrews that he shouldn’t have. It seem like they were given limited time. [good thing and bad thing at the same time] Both guys juiced. Andrews took a good beating and Tank did good upsetting the fans. Andrews got a comeback and Tank bled well. Tank took back over and went to win the bout and they did the same ol’babyface chain match finish. Tank goes to three corners with Andrews behind him hitting them. Andrews slipped thru his legs pulling the chain between Tank’s legs and falling into the corner for the win. [**1/2]

----Mark Justice retained the NBW Title beating Crazy Train, Jason Reed and Jon Michael in a 4-Way match. Good talent, but too much going on to have a great match, but good stuff. Story was Michael/Reed teaming to try to win the belt. Train is a baby here, but he was almost not even part of the storyline. Jon Michael was the star of the match. He did a moonsault from the top turnbuckle to the floor!!! Elbow smash from top rope also. Finish had Jon Michael ready to do another elbow to pin Justice when Reed turned heel superkicking him. Michael bumped from ring apron flat of his back to the concrete with a big thud. Justice ended up pinning Train for the win. Reed joined with Justice/Mad Money Mike and Auburn Thunder. They were beating on Michael, when policeman Steve Everett [Jon Michael’s dad] entered the ring. Everett threw a clothesline. Everett arrested Justice along with another policeman getting Reed and they headed out the door in a good angle. Mad Money Mike had a wad of money and promised to get them out. [***]

----Jeremy Moore/”Superstar” Bill Dundee beat Brandon Barbwire/Sarge O’Reilly with Jason the Brain, Lil Bit, Hollywood Jimmy and Billy Russ. Just a basic psychology bout with the “less is more” philosophy. Lots of shine. Dundee was working his ass off doing stuff during the whole match. Heat on Moore. Barbwire and Moore work good together. Fans were into the match. Moore has improved a lot since I seen him last time. Finished ended up with Moore pinning Barbwire with a roll up. XOW jumped in after the match and then Sarge turned baby clearing the ring. Crowd popped big. Sarge apologized to all the fans and said when he was done there would be no XOW. Hollywood Jimmy promised to bring someone to take care of him. [***]


----215+ in the building is what I guess for attendance. I heard a 264 figure, but I don’t think there was that many people in the building…Jason the Brian is good on the mic…Maverick has a really good look, but is green as grass…Jimmy Tidewell was in the crowd…Coco Anderson, who just started with DCW a few weeks back has taken a position here helping “Big Dave” Sims with ring announcing…Sims was good putting over the fire when Redneck was lighting the ladder – “You can’t do that Tommy.”…Tank/Andrews probably needed more time to build a finish with some fake finishes with the chain. Tank pulling Andrews around by his feet with the chain made no sense, since the chain was so long. Come on guys!! Someone book a different finish for a chain match!! These two guys also had the privilege of following a gimmick match with a gimmick match…Auburn Thunder [Kilo’s wife] is working here as Mark Justice’s manager…Crazy Train has to be given credit for doing his gimmick from the time he comes out of the dressing room until he goes back. He is constantly in character…Speaking of being in character, please someone tell [and I think Redneck finally did] Christian Morrikami The Cat [ask TigerCat..LOL] he does not have to wear the mask backstage during the whole show!!!...NBW awarded Bill Dundee an award to be the first member of the NBW Hall of Fame…Allen Walker was backstage and apparently is working here now…Some of the crew was upset because the heels were signing autographs in the corridor…Sarge is going to be a big time babyface here. He also has been a good babyface in Dyersburg…Mad Money Mike along with Reed/Justice came to ring after the main event going thru the crowd as most of the crowd was leaving. Sarge/Moore bumped them. Apparently this wasn’t supposed to happen. I have even heard that Sarge/Money got into an argument and Money was looking for work at DCW…Not much into the actual rival XOW promotion angle, but they are over as heels. Too many people come out for each match though…Barbwire has always been a guy that I thought would make a good worker. I always thought he would be a good babyface, but he plays the heel role with the shaved head and crazy gear. He comes off as an evil heel. He was put in the main event and did a good job. His role will increase to the top guy of XOW. It will be interesting how he handles it…This show started with a concert by Ransom for Many and my daughter Karly said they did a good job…Wrestling News’s Tia Blaylock was ringside shooting photos. I was introduced at the start of the show and I made sure to put Tia over for all the photos in the book…I had a good conversation with Hollywood Jimmy – Gene would have had a good time listening to our “love fest”. LOL…The wrestling started at 7:30 PM with everyone having times given to all the matches and it mapped out to end at 10:30 PM. It ended at 10:29!!!

----Could this be the show that puts NBW over the hump and they start drawing better than DCW?? Or was it just a fluke?? Sarge as a baby is probably going to get over well. If they do something where Hollywood Jimmy brings in a new person every week to go against Sarge [ala Jimmy Hart vs Jerry Lawler], it will get Sarge over more. It will be interesting how they book Barbwire, Moore, Michael and Justice out of this.

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