Sunday, April 19, 2009

ASWF Results for 4-18-09

What an action packed show we had tonight! Our show started with Commissioner Ward announcing that the local cub-scouts were in attendance at tonight’s show. He would call them into the ring to present the flag for the playing of the national anthem.

1st Match: Tag Team Match
Dre Dread/Cason McClain vs. Beach Bums (Kaliki/Mark Wolfe)
This match was rematch from the anniversary show. Dre and Cason took the victory last week and the Beach Bums had their crosshairs set on Cason and Dre. The amount of strength that Dre and Cason showed in this match was incredible, you could almost call them the "Beat Down Express". Cason would go for the pin and get the three but due to Mark having his foot on the rope the referee reversed his decision making the Beach Bums the winners.

2nd Match: One Fall
Kid Krazzy vs. Christopher Lee
Kid Krazzy came to this match swinging...literally. Just as the match was starting to build up and the superstars bodies wear down, Hot Rod John Ellison would get involved and cost Christopher Lee the match. Kid Krazzy would win by DQ. However, Christopher Lee would challenge John Ellison later in the night and even state that if Ellison could beat him in under eight minutes he would get a shot at the European Championship.

3rd Match: One Fall
Justice vs. Regulator
This match would not last very long as the newest of the ASWF roster Justice went mano y mano with the former X-Division Champion. Regulator would wear down his opponent and get the pin.

4th Match: One Fall
Cody Murdoch vs. Austin Lane
Cody Murdoch would maintain a HUGE portion of the match using his weight to his every advantage. Austin would try again and again to lift the 300+ pound "Big Rig" but would not succeed. Cody would eventually land the Flatbed, his finisher, on the tired Austin Lane. To Murdoch's surprise Austin would start to regain the match and went to spear Murdoch only to receive another flatbed. Austin would pull a "rabbit out of his hat" and get a roll up pin to win.

5th Match: European Championship Shot
Christopher Lee vs. Hot Rod John Ellison
This match would literally last seven and a half minutes. The stipulation that Lee laid down was that Ellison had to beat him in less than eight minutes to get a shot at the European Title. Lee was already physically and mentally exhausted from his match at the first part of the show. He would lose to Hot Rod via pin fall.

6th Match: Tag Team Title Match
Caleb King/Johnny Hawk vs. Demon X/ Johnny Harper
After weeks of hate and discontent in-between Harper and Hawk now would be Harpers shot to beat his former partner. Caleb King would stay in for the entire match. After repeated attempts to make a tag, Caleb King would get a tag from Hawk only to be tagged right back in by his partner. Hawk would literally not break a sweat in this match. Demon X and Johnny Harper would get the win. Johnny Hawk without saying a word would leave his partner in the ring.

7th Match: Four Corners Match for the ASWF Title
X-Kaliber vs. Idol Bane vs. Cody Only vs. Tommy Wayne
Tommy Wayne put on one heck of a fight to retain his title. He would take an enormous amount of punishment throughout the match. There were times in the match where it was looking grim for the champion. However he would overcome all odds and roll X-Kaliber up and get the 1, 2, 3.

8th Match: Tag Team Match
Morgan Williams/Lil' Devil vs. Ray Ray/Kid J
This match was fun to watch from start to finish. Kid J pulled out all stops to humiliate his opponents and you could not have laughed harder. Morgan Williams and Lil' Devil began to gain control but was denied by Ray and Kid J. They would lay there two opponents in the middle of the ring and finish the match with a double frog splash and a pin. Ray and Kid J would walk away victorious.

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