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WrestleMania: Day 4-Monday, April 6th

For the finale, we attended RAW at the Toyota Center on Monday. While waiting in line, I spotted a familiar face. It was Downtown Bruno. Some of you may remember him as Harvey Wippleman from his time in the WWF. I started to holla at him, but I didn't want him to get swarmed by all the people because he was on a mission. I noticed he was carrying a bag that appeared to contain some food in it. Could it have been Vince's dinner?

In the dark matches, prior to RAW, Evan Bourne defeated Dolph Ziggler and Kofi Kingston defeated Shelton Benjamin.

The Colons, Primo and Carlito, had another great lumberjack match on RAW with Miz and Morrison.

Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat stole the show with another incredible performance in the 10-man tag match. He received a huge pop from the crowd, that were chanting, "You still got it!"

Everybody was caught off guard with the return of "The Animal" Batista. When his music hit, the place went crazy!

With the close of RAW, came the end of our wrestling adventure. It was now time to leave Houston, Texas, and head on back. With that being said, Houston is a great place. I really enjoyed my visit and there are lots of nice folks over there.

Let's see: Booker T's Legends Convention, 3 WrestleMania Axxess Sessions, Ring of Honor PPV, 2009 WWE Hall of Fame, The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania, and Raw the night after. It doesn't get any better than that. Wow! I still can't believe I was there!

I would like to thank all of you for coming along for the ride. I hope you enjoyed my AWESOME journey. There truly is nothing like WRESTLEMANIA!!!

D-Rock-Good Call

Special thanks to Ricky Murphy for all the great photos

Gladiators Don't Cry

Former WCW star Buff Bagwell is working on an autobiography entitled Gladiators Don't Cry.

"I've got a story that is completely off the chain. It's crazy, literally, it really is. I shot my father when I was 18 years old for beating my mom up. So, way beyond wrestling my life's been crazy. He's still alive and now we're best friends," Bagwell said. "I've led a pretty crazy life outside of wrestling, but that too. In wrestling it was just wide open."

In an interview with the Coshocton Tribune, the five-time WCW World Tag Team Champion discusses his numerous tag team partnerships, working indy shows, meeting the fans, and more.

Torrie Wilson will earn $70,000 for reality show

Torrie Wilson stands to earn $70,000 for her participation in NBC's upcoming reality television show, I'm a Celebrity...Get Me out of Here!

The winner of the show will donate $100,000 to a charity of his or her choosing. In it, a cast of nine celebrities live in jungle conditions with few comforts and have to earn human essentials. The show premieres on Monday, June 1st and will air Monday through Thursday nights for the entire month.

Source: The Sun

Former TNA Stars Son Shot Dead Last Night

We can confirm that former TNA star Elix Skippers son was shot dead last night in Columbus, Ohio.

The following is from

COLUMBUS, Ohio — A person of interest was in custody Wednesday after a fatal shooting on the city's east side.
The shooting occurred shortly before 4 p.m. at an apartment on North 17th Street, 10TV's Kevin Landers reported.

According to police, a 22-year-old man was shot after answering a knock at his door. He was transported to Grant Medical Center where he later died, police said.

The victim's name was not immediately released.

Police said that three men came to the apartment before the shooting, Landers reported.

No other information was released by police.

credit; ewrestlingnews

Absent WWE Star Set To Return

Tyson Kidd and Natalya were told to expect a third addition to their package soon, that of course being DH Smith.

Smith was drafted to the ECW brand in the Supplemental Draft two weeks ago with the idea to pair him up with the two. Although, his move to the brand squashed the possibility of the second generation wrestler joining Legacy on Raw. Randy Orton had an idea for Smith to be the Arn Anderson of the group, but plans derailed when the heated McMahon storyline came about in mid-January.

All three are quite familiar with each other as they've known each other since childhood. At the age of ten, Kidd was adopted into the Hart family after befriending Teddy Hart. He also lived with Smith for several years and has been living with Natalya for five years.

In 2007, Smith, Kidd and Natalya briefly aligned themselves and formed the Next Generation Hart Foundation in Florida Championship Wrestling. The group disbanded when Smith was called up to the main roster in October of that year.

Late last year, Smith was paired up with Kidd and Natalya once again with the idea to call them up to the main roster. In December, they looked to be on the brink of being called up to SmackDown to work a program with tag team champions Carlito and Primo, but those plans were squashed when Smith reportedly went behind Kidd's back to suggest to the creative team that they place him in Legacy. Creative apparently bought the idea as the two were unexpectedly broken up in mid-December — a week or two after they started working dark matches.

FCW officials actually turned the behind the scenes happenings into a storyline as Kidd taunted Smith for making it onto television before him even though his former tag partner went behind his back to get in WWE without him.

credit; ewrestlingnews

CM Punk Video Cameo

C.M. Punk has a cameo in a new music video for the band H20. The song is called "Nothing To Prove" and features other big names in the punk/hardcore scene. H20 is a popular "straight edge" band, which explains the connection to Punk. The music video has been posted to ( - Punk can be seen at the 0:15, 1:03, and 1:21 marks.

credit; ewrestlingnews

New info about Tojo Jr's Reality show

Tojo Jr just sent in New Information regarding his reality tv show.

Tojo Jr is making a reality tv show called -I want to be a Pro Wrestler-. Tojo Jr is going to take 10 real life nerds and have them train and compete to become a pro wrestler. The winner of the TV show will go on the road and wrestle with Tojo Jr for one year.

If you are interested in trying out for the reality show, send Tojo Jr an e-mail at

Tojo Jr will be holding an open casting call in Paducah,KY and Metropolis,IL.


TNA has launched an account on Twitter, which you can visit at There is a memo on the page saying that "The British Invasion" alliance will be making its debut on tonight's episode of iMPACT!.

credit; ewrestlingnews

Percy Pringle Talks About Playboy Buddy Rose

Sadly I must report that former Pringle Dynasty member "Playboy Buddy Rose" (real name - Paul Perschmann) was found dead by his wife on Tuesday afternoon, April 28th.

I first met and managed Buddy in the Florida Championship Wrestling territory in 1985. The photo above is myself, Buddy, and "Ravishing" Rick Rude, taken during those days.

Like myself, Buddy always battled a weight problem, and had been dealing with diabetic issues in recent years.

Buddy originally broke into the business in the old Verne Gagne AWA, having been trained by Gagne and famed shooter Billy Robinson. He went on to become a true star heel for Don Owens' Portland Wrestling. Roddy Piper credited Buddy in his 2002 autobiography for helping put him on the map in the Portland area, providing him a forum to develop his interview skills and become a true main eventer. Piper said in the book that Buddy invited him to come work the territory. Piper initially turned him down as he had been working regularly in Los Angeles, then reconsidered and took the job, setting him off to stardom.

Several wrestling internet news websites are reporting this morning that Buddy worked for the WWF at different points in his career. He was pushed as a top heel at one point in the late 1970s, including a series of matches against then-WWF champion Bob Backlund. Rose also wrestled on the first Wrestlemania event as the masked Executioner, losing to Tito Santana in the opening contest. Buddy's final run with WWF was as an undercard comedy heel who was out of shape, setting the stage for the infamous "Blowaway Diet" vignettes. During that run, he mostly worked comedic opening matches on house show, playing off his weight by doing jumping jacks and other exercises while on offense. The vignettes were so silly they ended up becoming memorable among fans.

He also held the AWA World Tag Team championships with Doug Somers in 1986, defeating Scott Hall and the late Curt Hennig. They later dropped the belts to the then-Midnight Rockers, Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty. Buddy was once married to another former Pringle Dynasty mainstay, "Maniac" Matt Borne's sister. I understand that Buddy's last match took place at the first WrestleReunion convention event in Tampa, Florida in January 2005.

I last heard from Buddy shortly after my wife Dianna passed away. I always enjoyed his friendship, and especially his many stories from his years in our industry. I pray that my friend will rest in peace in the arms of our Saving Lord.

Credit Percy Pringle @

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Memphis Wrestling Results-April 25, 2009

Corey Maclin welcomed everyone to the show and said that coming up on the program there would be some highlights from the latest Minglewood Hall event, an Opening the Vaults classic match featuring "The Dream Machine", and the special announcement from "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart.

Minglewood Hall footage with Su Yung in action against Veronica Fairchild. Fairchild was taking it to Su Yung, until Su decided to distract Referee Jerry Calhoun in the corner. While the referee had his back turned, this sparked "The New Nature Boy" Kevin White to jump in and suplex Fairchild from behind. This led to the easy victory for Su Yung. Following the match, Su Yung and Kevin White continued their relentless attack on Fairchild as White held Fairchild while Yung chopped, kicked, punched, and choked her. Jerry "The King" Lawler and Queen Renee ran down to save the day. It wasn't long until the one-on-one matchup between Renee and Su Yung got underway. Queen Renee picked up the win after "The King" tripped up Su Yung as she was running the ropes.

Video of "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart in sunny Tampa, Florida. Hart said, "Corey Maclin, I know your secret." Jimmy told everyone to call somebody because there's a major announcement, coming up, later in the show. He can't wait, Baby! Hahaha!

Minglewood Hall footage, featuring "Outlaw" Don Bass, managed by "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock taking on "Superstar" Bill Dundee in a true clash of the legends. Bass got the upper hand early on as "Hollywood" fired up the crowd, by saying things such as, "Don Bass is a true legend in this business and you see what he's doing to this stupid midget!" "You know what? I don't wanna hear no, "Go, Bill, go!" I'll come out there and slap everyone of you people! I'm serious!", and "Hey! You shut your mouth, you old hag!"

Throughout the match, Don took it to Bill with his trusty chain. I tell ya, that Don Bass is a magician when it comes to that chain. "Hollywood" also made his presence known at ringside as he kept Referee Calhoun in line, choked Dundee, and also nailed "The Superstar" with his briefcase. Bill ended up grabbing the chain out of Don's hand and hitting Don with it. Dundee pinned Bass and got the three count, but the match was quickly restarted because Bass had his foot on the rope. As soon as it restarted, "Hollywood" grabbed Dundee and was holding him while Bass got the briefcase. Donnie would follow with a swing and a miss as Dundee moved, but he blasted "Hollywood" with the briefcase. It made a loud thump. Ouch! This gave Dundee the perfect opportunity to roll up Don and get the three count.

XOW promoter, Billy Russ, was spotted at ringside taking some great pictures for the Wrestling News Center. Those are some of the ones posted above.

More action from Minglewood Hall with King Cobra in action against Derrick King. Derrick was hilarious and entertaining, as always. At one point, while Derrick and Cobra were having a test of strength, as soon as they locked hands, Derrick started screaming. That was some funny stuff, right there. Another funny moment came when Derrick went off on the referee after a two count, by yelling, "Dadgummit, Calhoun! Count to three!" King Cobra won with a roll up, much to the dismay of Derrick.

Video of "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart announcing that Corey Maclin is running for County Clerk.

Following the video, Corey confirmed that he is indeed making a bid for Shelby County Clerk in 2010. Corey said he has heard that it's been all over the wrestling websites, as of late. He said that The Wrestling Insider and The Fight Network have contacted him and he will be doing live interviews on those, but he won't do anything or go any further until he tells the great Memphis Wrestling fans what he's doing. He guarantees that he will do that very soon and would appreciate your support. Corey said, "I want you to know because I've had a lot of people say, Man, what about wrestling? Corey, if you are going to get involved and run, what is going to happen when you win Shelby County Clerk? Well, we are still going to have wrestling, every Saturday morning because if it wasn't for you fans, there wouldn't be a Corey Maclin. There wouldn't be a Memphis Wrestling and I really appreciate that. I thank you, so many years, down through the years, for all your support. So, I tell ya, we won't forget the one that dance with us and all you fans dance with me for so many years. We are going to make sure that wrestling stays on the air or may be able to do even bigger and better things. I look forward to it."

Minglewood Hall footage with "The New Nature Boy" Kevin White with Su Yung in action against the newest inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame, "The Birdman" Koko B. Ware. At the beginning of the match, Kevin was running from Koko, so Koko got on the mic and asked Kevin, "Did you come here to wrestle? Or did you come here to act like a prissy sissy?" Of course, this led to a loud sissy chant aimed towards White. During the match, Su Yung would choke Koko. In the end, "The Birdman" got the win after connecting with a DDT on White.

Opening the Vaults from USWA with Jerry "The King" Lawler battling one of his biggest nemesis, "The Dream Machine" Troy Graham at the Mid-South Coliseum. This was a Coward's Way Out match with no referee. The match continues until one man leaves the arena and goes back to the dressing room. This was a wild and bloody brawl for the Unified World Heavyweight title. These two gave each other all they could handle, but, finally, it was "The Dream Machine" that was sent running to the back after Lawler threw a fireball in his face. Here's a video I found of this match, courtesy of

Corey ended the show by announcing that next week they are going to bring us the footage from the big main event from Minglewood Hall, featuring "Dangerous" Doug Gilbert and "Wildfire" Tommy Rich against "Grandmasta Sexay" Brian Christopher and Jerry "The King" Lawler.

Photo Credit John Herrada

Fight For D.A.R.E. Thrasher This Friday

Free Show This Saturday In Crenshaw

Playboy Buddy Rose Found Dead

Paul Perschmann, aka Playboy Buddy Rose, was found dead today by his wife at his home in Portland, OR. No cause of death is known at this time, though he told people that he had been having blood sugar issues with his diabetes of late. Buddy worked for both WWF and AWA and was one of the great stars of Don Owen's Portland Wrestling. He helped groom a lot of wrestlers both in the ring (including Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty in an early tag feud with partner Doug Somers) and later at his wrestling school, which he operated until recently with "Colonel DeBeers" Ed Wiskoski. Both Buddy and Ed were honored by the Cauliflower Alley Club in 2004. He holds the honor of being in the first-ever WrestleMania match on March 31st, 1985, as the masked Executioner.

Pictures & results from the April 25th Southern Wrestling Alliance (SWA-FL) wrestling spectacular in Crestview,FL

Due to unforseen & unexplainable circumstances,
former WCW superstar

was NOT at the huge,extravagant Southern Wrestling Alliance show that took place at the National Guard Armory in Crestview,FL.

However,former AWA/WWE/WCW superstar & 1/2 of "The (Midnight) Rockers"
without question certainly made up for Buff Bagwell's absence.

Also not to mention,the exhilarating,incredibly outstanding wrestling action that took place throughout the entire evening.....

as the 325 plus enthralled wrestling fans-
from information that I ascertained directly from the promoter himself from the accumulated ticket receipts that were all accounted for & that were tabulated after the show-
whom that were in attendance will attest to!!!

With that being said,onto the results.....


In an absolutely wild,crazy,highly competitive Fatal 5 Way opening encounter,
"The Definition Of Technician"

emerged victorious as he defeated

"The Famous One"

"The Master Of Devastation"


Tighe came off of the top rope & caught an unsuspected Terry Ryker by surprise with a top rope flying crossbody press to attain the 1-2-3 victory.

In a very good,back & forth,catch-as-catch can,one-on-one donnybrook,
"The Shooter"


by pinfall as Jacobs pinned Pitt with a rolling reverse.

"Pretty Boy"

"Hot Body"

by pinfall with a Mahistral cradle.



with his extremely beautiful manager and the love of his life
"The 7th Deadly Sin"
VAIN "The Soulless" at ringside

by pinfall as Gibson;unbeknowst to the referee's view,used Vain's staff to hit Omega in his breadbasket thus which that blow KOd Omega in the process.

Gibson covered Omega by hooking his leg & by grabbing a handful of tights to gain the tawdry 1-2-3 victory.

However,it was both Omega & Vain who had the last laugh following the match.
Vain;whom was grabbed very violently by her hair

and whom was also verbally abused following the match by a very volatile Joe Gibson,

slapped Gibson hard across his face.

Then Omega blinded a disoritented Gibson by spraying mysterious,debilitating red mist into his eyes & Omega lit up Gibson by taking him down hard onto the canvas with his spinning reverse DDT called "The Switch";

much to the absolute satisfaction and extreme happiness by Vain!

In the "Hair vs. Dress" match,


by pinfall with a little assist by Mr. Fantasy

outside of the ring as he dropped Dan Delicious throat first down across the top ring rope

& Leroy finished off Delicious with a crucifix powerbomb

pinning him for the 1-2-3.

As a result of losing the match,Dan Delicious had his long locks of hair cut by Curtis Leroy's personal barber

& then by Mr. Fantasy,whom was pretty much adding the proverbial "salt to an an already gaping wound" to Dan Delicious.

After when Mr. Fantasy taunted and gloated at Dan Delicious for losing his hair,

a highly angered and frustrated Dan Delicious tried to punch the living daylights out of Mr. Fantasy,

but he got taken down by Mr. Fantasy with a belly-to-back piledriver

and even more taunting by the highly boisterous and cantankerous Mr. Fantasy soon followed.

In the semi main event tag team match,
the father/son combination of
"The Bullet" BOB ARMSTRONG (left)& fromer WWE/WCW superstar STEVE ARMSTRONG (right) with DANDY JACK at ringside (middle)

defeated the team of
"The Dog Pound" that consisted of
"The Magnificent" PEDRO (left)& "Dirty" LARRY BROCK with their manager "Krippler" KEN CURTIS at ringside (middle)

by pinfall as "The Bullet" jawjacked & KOd "The Magnificent" Pedro with an illegal object in his right hand that Pedro was about to use originally on "The Bullet".

"The Bullet" Bob Armstrong sneakily slipped the illegal object in question back into his left sock,covered & hooked the leg of "The Magnificent" Pedro to get the 1-2-3 victory for his team.

As a result of winning the match due to a special stipulation that was made prior to the match,both the Armstrongs & Dandy Jack got to have "Krippler" Ken Curtis alone in the ring for 5 minutes.

Suffice to say,it was the most agonizing & humiliating 5 longest minutes in the life of "Krippler" Ken Curtis & his team of "The Dog Pound" much to the sheer,absolute delight of the hundreds of the Southern Wrestling Alliance wrestling fans that witnessed it.

In the main event,the boisterous,irascible & cantankerous
with his manager and his own personal ring announcer
"Big Dog" RYAN MILLS at ringside

defeated former AWA/WWE/WCW superstar

by pinfall.

Near the end of the match,"Big Dog" Ryan Mills got on the ring apron to distract Marty Jannetty.

Mr. Fantasy grabbed Jannetty from behind & he pushed him forward into the direct path of Ryan Mills as both Mills & Jannetty collided with each other knocking Mills off of the ring apron & down hard onto the concrete floor.
Mr. Fantasy caught Jannetty in a rolling reverse grabbing a handful of tights in the process

to attain the tawdry 1-2-3 victory.

Following the match,both Marty Jannetty & Dan Delicious each extracted a little measure of revenge for themselves as Jannetty dropped Mr. Fantasy like a bad habit to the mat with his infamous standing wrist lock legdrop bulldog called "The Rocker Dropper".

Dan Delicious followed suit as he threw Ryan Mills into the ring & delivered a "Rocker Dropper" of his own to Mills

as the April 25th Southern Wrestling Alliance show from the National Guard Armory in Crestview,FL drew to a close.