Saturday, March 28, 2009

Vince McMahon Gets Into Fight With Lead SD! Writer Michael Hayes


There continues to be a bit of a beef between Vince McMahon and head SmackDown! writer Michael Hayes. The bitterness between the two continues to be a topic of conversation amongst those in the company.

Apparently, Hayes made a late suggestion to add an inter-promotional match to the 500th episode of SmackDown! last week. This, according to several sources, prompted Vince to blow up at him - explaining they have more important things coming up than the 500th SmackDown, such as WrestleMania 25.

This isn't an isolated incident between the two, as McMahon is reportedly growing frustrated with Hayes, some of his ideas, and how they've played out in recent months.

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Timothy Kendrick said...

Michael sadly was a better writer when he was on the sauce.