Tuesday, March 24, 2009

TNA's Jenna Morasco Fires Back At Critical Fans

Jenna Morasco, formerly of Survivor and now working with TNA Wrestling, posted the following blog on her MySpace as a response to those critical of her getting into wrestling:

B**** why are you wrestling?!!!

That's what many over excited wrestling fans are asking. How and why did I decide to get into this business. So let me answer that question here once and for all.

I have always been a girl who loves adventure and a challenge, um hello Survivor! I got presented with an opportunity in mid December to visit the set of TNA in Orlando and see all the people involved. I hit it off with (most) everyone right away. I thought the work environment was great, the enthusiasm was great, and the people were very cool. I was offered the job so why should I turn it down because I feared what some haters would think!!! Would you turn down a job you wanted because you were afraid some people might not like your decision- hell no! I took on this job because I respect the sport, which it is, and was excited for a new challenge. Like I said a million times already I am not here to make a mockery of the sport.

I know some people say "mockery" are you talking about wrestling!? Yes I know sometime the storylines in wrestling get little cheesy but that does not take away the sheer athleticism of the people involved. So finally once and for all I took the job because I enjoy wrestling, have major respect for everyone involved, was excited to try something new, and can't WAIT to get in the ring! So all the haters- suck on that...

Oh another thing! I was NOT brought in to replace the very talented Gail Kim. Gail was gone before I got there so I am not privy to all the details of her departure. But, I do know she is an extremely talented athlete. And for people who are saying that I took Gail's money- Suckers you have NO idea how much I am getting paid, and you never will so lets just stop with your speculating.

Well that's all for me venting today. You have any questions feel free to ask them below. Be cordial and respectful or I will body slam you!

Credit: WrestlingInc.com

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