Friday, March 27, 2009

TNA Knockout Injures Breast Implant

Infrequently seen TNA Knockout Traci Brooks suffered an injury to one of her breast implants this past week while visiting troops in the Middle East alongside fellow Knockout SoCal Val. Brooks was firing a machine gun and the shell kicked back, fell down into her shirt and burned the implant pretty bad. In a blog on the official TNA website, Brooks wrote: "Well i had a bit of a boo boo and got injured... i was of course doing something i shouldn't have been doing and burnt the right side of my chest pretty bad... i was firing a 240 off of an M rap and the shell kicked back and fell down my shirt and burnt me pretty bad... I'm a little sore but the medics here were fantastic and got me all wrapped up and back on the road... ya, only me that would happen to...dont worry TNA fans my chest will be as good as new when i get back home."



Charlotte Plastic Surgery said...

Crazy story.

Anonymous said...

Can all types of plastic surgery be affected like that? I think that some women look much better with them, not so sure about fighters now.

John Dudley said...

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