Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Results from the March 28th Culture Shock Wrestling (CSW) "MARCH MADNESS" show in Mossy Head,FL

Before I get started with the results from the March 28th CSW "March Madness" show;a.k.a. "The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgi....er excuse me,"Mossy Head",
I must give huge,tremendous props to the "Hardcore Hellions";meaning the loyal,diehard,dedicated,energetic and boisterously enthusiastic CSW fans who came to the show.

Despite the fact that power was cut off for an intermittent period of time shortly after intermission,those who were able to stick around amidst the turmoil & darkness,CSW sincerely thank you all for coming!!!

Now onto the results.....

In a Tag Tam Turmoil match for the CSW Tag Team Championship,the CSW Tag Team Champions "The Ruling Class"
(Mike Metal & Victor Cru)
retained their tag team gold by turning back the challenges of
"The Sin City Saints"
(Billy & Scotty Rayz),

"The Initial Shock"
(J.T. Angel & Xtreme G)-w/their manager
"Miss B.K." "Busty"
Becki Kennedy
"Pure" Doug Pitt & Mr. Personality
as "The Ruling Class" finished off "Pure" Doug Pitt with a Mafia kick by Metal & a "D.W.I." Cobra Clutch/Russian leg sweep combo by Cru to get the 1-2-3 win.

In a #1 Contender's Match for the CSW United States Championship,
Mr. Irresistible defeated "Mr. U.S.A." T.A. Jones by disqualification due to Jones being caught by the referee with a steel chair in his hands as Mr. I was "playing possum" being down on the canvas pretending to be unconsciously KOd by a steel chair shot.

A 2 Out Of 3 Falls Match between "The Famous One" Joe Milo vs. "Scarface" Terry Ryker

The 1st fall was won by Milo with a flip piledriver from the middle turnbuckle onto Terry Ryker.
The 2nd fall was won by Terry Ryker with an inverted backbreaker into a double knee facebreaker onto Milo.
The 3rd fall was won by Terry Ryker as he finished off Milo by pinfall with a "Black Hole Slam".

"Mr. Syndicated Saturday Night" "B.T.Y." Colby Godwin won a title shot for the CSW Heavyweight Championship by defeating David Prime by pinfall with an inside cradle.

In an impromptu No Disqualification,Falls Count Anywhere Match,
"The Definition Of Techinician" Chris Tighe made his return to CSW by defeating Scotty Rayz via 1-2-3 pinfall outside the ring on the arena floor of the Community Center.

The CSW United States Champion "The Chocolate Boy Wonder" Marcus Gibbs retained his title by defeating the challenger "The Big Deal" Ryan Holland via 1-2-3 pinfall.

In the 1st Double Main Event match,the CSW Heavyweight Champion "The Shogun Of CSW" "Sho'Nuf" Bruce Marshel defeated the challenger & former CSW Champion "Supernerd" Lane Smart by pinfall with a face first reverse piledriver.

In the 2nd Double Main Event match,OMEGA (with his manager "The 7th Deadly Sin" Vain "The Soulless" at ringside) defeated "Mr. Violence" Jon Ryker in a No Disqualification match with a steel chair shot to the back of Ryker & by his finishing spinning reverse DDT manuever called "The Switch" to attain the 1-2-3 victory.

Following the match,Jon Ryker was brutally and heinously attacked by Omega,Vain as well as J.T. Angel,Xtreme G and "Busty" Becki Kennedy as "The Kult Of Omega" formed and has vowed to destroy Jon Ryker once and for all and they aslo vowed to put him out of CSW and out of preofessional wrestling for good.

"Spring Beatdown"
Saturday night,April 18th
at The Community Center on
Highway 90 East in Mossy Head,FL.

Doors will be opening at 7 PM.
Belltime is at 8 PM.


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