Friday, March 27, 2009

Juventud Guerrera Gets Nose Broken; Incident With Konnan


The Sun from the United Kingdom has an article regrinding an incident that happened in Mexico’s AAA federation. Juventud Guerrera was left with a broken nose and severe bruising. Juventud told the Sun that after his match he returned to his locker-room only to find his bag in a different place and human faeces inside his bag.

It was only Juventud’s second match for the promotion since his return and Konnan was not happy about it. “When I first made my return everyone was cool with me backstage, but at this second show the vibe was different.” He said.

Juventud took his bag and showed the owners of AAA who were shocked. He went on to accuse Konnan of being responsible while Konnan denied it was him.

Juve said he felt someone grab him from behind, adding, “It was Jack Evans, who I felt had been stiffing me in our match earlier in the night - kicking me multiple times right in the face.”

"Konnan got out of his seat and held me down – and punches started flying," he told the Sun. “My nose has fractures, and I have lots of bruises. My eye is completely red but I still have my integrity and pride.”


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