Tuesday, March 24, 2009

EWE Results for 3\22\09‏

Commissioner Dustin Baker, Chris O'Neal, Stan Lee and Christian Jacobs come out to address the crowd of about 125. Commissioner Baker said that he asked Christian Jacobs, Chris O'Neal, Stan Lee and Jon Michael to film some footage for some upcoming EWE events. He points to the screen and says that this is what happened. Audio starts to play, but due to technical difficulties, the video didn't show. Commissioner Baker then says that he will explain what happened. He says that during the shoot, there was a vicious attack on Jon Michael by Scott Adams. The condition of Jon Michael isn't known at this time, but Baker says that he will keep everyone up to date on his condition as soon as it becomes available. Chris O'Neal grabs the mic and says Scott Adams will pay, and if Jon Michael doesn't get ahold of him, he will. Christian Jacobs grabs the mic and says that the act Scott Adams did was a cowardly act. He says that if Jon doesn't take him out, that C.J will bring him down. Everyone exits the arena as the show begins.

Michael Gilbert def. Kid Nikels via pinfall. K.C. Gold joined Mark Tipton at ringside before the match, and goes to the ring to give Gilbert a business card, but Michael tears it up and throws it back at Gold.

The video of the attack on Jon Michael plays on the big screen Go to www.elitewrestlingentertainment.com to view the attack footage.

A group of 4 people enter the ring. It us unknown where they are from, but they look like a group of bikers. As Mark Tipton begins to interview one of them, the lights go out and a video plays on the screen introducing Genocide as they make their way to the ring. They say it's unfortunate that they have to interrupt their party, but Genocide holds a little weight around the EWE, so if they have something to say, they say it. They say they lost sight on something last time they were there, but this time it's going to be different, and they're going to be the ones holding the tag team titles. The Albino Rhino says that if anyone doesn't know by know, they are Genocide, then says that the group of bikers look like some rough and tough guys, then Maxx and Rhino start attacking the bikers. After they beat everyone out of the ring, they exit the arena as the bikers are assisted out.

"The Southern Sensation" Cody Melton def. J.R. Manson via pinfall.

Sean Reed def. Tommy Jones via pinfall. As a sign of mutual respect between the wrestlers, Sean helped Tommy up after the match and raised his hand before leaving the arena.

Eric Wayne def. Greg King Jr. via pinfall.

Chris O'Neal def. Chad Badd via pinfall.

In the main event, Stan Lee def. Kevin White via DQ. Kevin began to choke Stan with a rope, then after the bell, Cody Melton came to the aid of Stan. Kevin yells at Cody for a minute, then Cody goes to help Stan. Cody takes a few shots at Kevin and his father as Stan regains his composure, then Stan and Cody double dropkick Kevin to put him on the mat as Stan retains his EWE heavyweight title.

Full videos of each match, as well as the Jon Michael attack video, are all available at www.elitewrestlingentertainment.com.

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