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XOW Results from Independence, MS-February 21, 2009-New Tag Champs Crowned in Epic TLC Match

XOW Wrestling returned to Independence, last night, with a great night of action to a packed house at the fire department. "The Mayor" Oscar Barlow and Al Hall called the action.

Opening Match: The Wrecking Crew, Dwayne Red and "The Sure Thing" Colton Anderson defeated Jay Webster and Zander Gray. Referee was Chris P. Fries. Good, long opener that got the fans involved. The finish came when Red held Webster up in a sidewalk slam and Anderson jumped off the second rope, planting him with a leg drop.

Al Hall picked on a little boy in the crowd that was wearing a wife beater.

"Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock and "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs came out wearing gas masks, complaining about how bad the place stunk. The funny thing was watching Jimmy try to get in the ring with the tank on. They said that Tony Dabbs was suppose to wrestle Danny B. in a number one contender's match, but Danny no showed. "Hollywood" and Dabbs demanded that Tony Watts come out and make things right by raising Tony Dabbs hand in victory, since Danny was nowhere in sight. When Watts refused, Dabbs and "Hollywood" attacked Watts. Danny B. Good ran in to make the save and chased Jimmy and Tony with a hammer. Danny B. cut a promo. Jimmy and Tony came back out. "Hollywood" called Danny a woman beater. The match is made for later in the night. It will be a number one contender's match with the winner getting the next shot at the XOW Heavyweight title. Danny will have a fireman in his corner to keep an eye on "Hollywood". Before Danny walked to the back, he reminded Al Hall of their past history they've had in different promotions.

2nd Match: Triple Threat Action, featuring Mason vs Chop Top The Clown vs Suicide, with his manager, Jason "The Brain". Referee was Uncle Felton. Interesting combination, here. You had the powerhouse Mason, the crazy clown Chop(The Insane Clown Posse meets Wraith. Love the green goatee.) and the speedy high-flyer Suicide. There was some neat moves during this one, which included: a triple headlock, a triple sleeper which led to a triple jaw breaker. I thought that was cool. Suicide took a nasty spill over the top-rope, during this one. Mason ended up picking up the win after leveling Suicide with the sky high.

Al Hall said it was great to see me back in men's clothing. Al's got jokes. I also noticed that Al had a Sonic cup that he was sipping on the whole night. Now, either he purchased a delicious cherry limeade that lasted the entire show or he snuck in a little Jack or Absolute and kept refilling his cup.

Tony Watts called out the XOW Tag-Team Champions, Syn and DJ Stunner, who made their way to the ring, along with Jason "The Brain" to an unpleasant greeting by the Independence faithful.

"The Sons of the South", Chris Styles and Josh Matthews, came out to confront and challenge the champs. Styles, immediately, referred to the three as, "Three little punk faggots!" "The Sons of the South" got to pick the special stipulation for their tag team title match, later in the show. Styles and Matthews made it a TLC, Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match. They also added Tony Watts to the mix to keep an eye on "The Brain".

Dixie made his way to the ring, led by "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock. Dixie called the fans a bunch of "Redneck inbreds". "Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore made his way to the ring, setting up the....

3rd Match: Dixie, with "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock defeated "Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore. Referee was Chris P. Fries. At the beginning of the match, Kilgore got his big snake out of his lunchbox. Dixie and Jimmy quickly retreated. Kilgore had some fun with Referee Chris P. Jimmy threatened to start on one side of the building and slap everyone in the entire place if they didn't get quiet. When I first seen the poster for the show, I seen the name Dixie and I was like, "Oh, snap! Hott Divas action!" Boy, was I wrong. I thought Dixie looked a lot like Kenny Valiant and Mike Knox. Nothing like Su Yung. During the match, Kilgore chased "Hollywood" a few laps around the ring. At this time, Al Hall noted what kind of phenomenal shape Jimmy is in, with excellent conditioning and mentioned Jimmy's six-pack abs. Kilgore was bringing the heat, laying some vicious chops on the big man. Jimmy pushed Kilgore off the top-rope, where he choked himself on the rope on his way down. Dixie took advantage of the opportunity and pinned the fallen star, picking up the win. Afterwards, Kilgore chased Jimmy and Dixie out of the ringside area with his snake.

During intermission, Al Hall said he received a call from the University of Memphis about a lady in the crowd that was dancing. Al said that she set off the richter scale. Al went on to say that Independence was the first basketball team he's ever seen that plays in their overalls and that the cheerleading squad brings along a bale of hay with them.

4th Match: #1 Contender's Match-"The Hotstepper" Danny B. Good with a local fireman watching his back defeated "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs, with "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock in his corner. Referee was Uncle Felton. Before the match, Jimmy let everyone know that he was twenty-eight years old and Tony was just nineteen. Great match between two of the best in the area. Jimmy made his presence known, throughout the contest, as he hit Danny with a pot and his briefcase. In the end, it was Danny becoming the number one contender, defeating Tony with a sunset flip rollup when Tony attempted an Alabama slam.

Following the match, Danny had a message for the kids. He said that he won without cheating and that they didn't need to cheat to be the best in school, sports, and life. Danny gave props to both Tony and Jimmy. He tried to persuade Dabbs that "Hollywood" was no good for him and he could not be trusted. Danny mentioned how Tony hadn't received his money yet from Jimmy for the show. Jimmy took out some cash and said that he would pay him once they got to the back. The three were near the curtain when out of nowhere, Al Hall hit Danny in the back of the head with the ringbell. This sparked an all out assault on "The Hotstepper". Dabbs hit Danny with the hammer. Al Hall grabbed the mic and told Danny that they did go way back, but he has never liked him and never will. The beatdown continued until Triple H burst on the scene.......Oh, sorry about that. I mean, until Tony Watts made the save, swinging a sledgehammer. This chased off "Hollywood", Dabbs, and Hall. Watts announced that at the next show there at the fire department in Independence on Saturday, April 4th, Danny B. Good would challenge the XOW Champion, Sarge O'Reilly.

Main Event: XOW Tag-Team Championship-TLC Match-
XOW Tag-Team Champions Syn and DJ Stunner, with Jason "The Brain" battled "The Sons of the South", Chris Styles and Josh Matthews, with Tony Watts in their corner, in an instant classic. Referee was Chris P. Fries. These two teams beat the hell out of each other. At the beginning, "The Brain" was taken out. Suicide ran out to lend a hand to his buddies, Syn and DJ Stunner, but was stopped quickly. This match saw a little bit of everything. From FU's through tables and chairs to moonsaults from ladders, this was a bloody war. Really hard to put into words. At the end, it was Chris connecting with the Canadian Destroyer and Josh hitting the cradle shock on Syn and Stunner to get the win and become the NEW XOW Tag-Team Champions! Wow! Those four guys really put their bodies on the line and gave it everything they had. I'm glad I got the opportunity to catch this one, live and in person. It was AWESOME! Be on the look out for videos of this one.

At the end of the night, Oscar announced a couple upcoming shows. XOW will be returning to the Independence Fire Department on Saturday, April 4th. There will also be a free show in Crenshaw, Mississippi, at noon on May 2nd that will feature "Grandmasta Sexay" Brian Christopher, Brickhouse Brown, and many more.

Good Calls to everyone involved in the show last night in Independence. Excellent job.

Be on the lookout for pictures and video from this one.

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