Tuesday, February 24, 2009

SEW Results from 2-22 in Memphis

Here are the results from the SEW free show at Southbrook Mall in Memphis this past Saturday:

Chris Styles def. Josh Matthews

Carnage Antwone (w/Malik the Great and Reno Diamond) def. Capleville Maniac to retain the SEW Championship

Malik The Great won a U.S. Championship battle royal which included Chris Styles, Reno Diamond, Carnage Antwone, Iron Jake Johnson, Simba, Antoin Smooth, Josh Matthews, Capleville Maniac, Samoan Rajah, and Akeem Hudson. At one point a huge 2x4 was brought in the ring. Smooth spent most of the match hiding under the ring before getting caught. Bodies were flying everywhere, even a security got knocked out!

After the match, Malik celebrated with the Dynasty of Greatness and attacked Jake Johnson. Chris Styles ran in with a chair appearing to make the save but instead hit Jake and told Malik he wanted a title shot. An argument broke out with Reno Diamond calling Styles a redneck and Styles making racial comments before chasing them to the back with a chair.

A decent size crowd, about 70-80 people which is the most activity the Southbrook Mall has seen in years. A lot of people really bought into the racial angle because Chris is doing the Southern rebel gimmick and he was yelling in anger while chasing them with the chair. The announcers made sure to promote their public access show so hopefully this angle between Malik The Great and Chris Styles could attract some viewers.

Credit: James Dickson @ www.rasslinriotonline.com

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