Tuesday, February 24, 2009

R&B Wrestling Results from 2-22 in Jessup, GA

R&B Wrestling results from Sunday afternoon at the Cracker Williams Rec Center are as follows: Ox Madison defeated Bigg Joe, Lamar Phillips defeated James SWAT, Donovan Sweet w/Miss Lolli defeated Ash Kristiansen by disqualification, Morgan Davis defeated Morbid Angel, Jamie Hall defeated Drew Blood w/Walker Vaughan, in a no-dq match Playboy Jason Hayes defeated Vernon J, Fuego defeated Blade Walker by countout, The Threat Club (Lance Alonte & Ash Kristiansen) defeated The Gangsta Nation (E-Dawg & Cameron LaRue), R&B Entertainment Heavyweight Championship: FEAR (c) defeated Phoenix. As a result, Phoenix lost his mask.

Credit: GeorgiaWrestlingHistory.com

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