Friday, February 20, 2009

"One Night With ODB" Rigged (?!)

Last night's edition of iMPACT! ran a promo promoting the "One Night With ODB" contest in which one lucky fan will have the opportunity to spend a night with the TNA Knockout. The promo featured submitted clips of some of the contest entries. In one of the clips, there is a guy with a huge mullet sucking down a can of beer -- this person is a plant as it is indy wrestler Cody Deaner. TNA signed Deaner to a contract last spring, but he has been sitting on the sidelines ever since. It would appear that TNA will finally introduce him through this "contest." You can see Deaner's MySpace page at You can see video of the promo that ran on last night's show at The winner will be officially announced at next month's Generation X pay-per-view. The contest doesn't feature any official rules, so TNA can get away with rigging it.

Credit: Ryan Clark @

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