Tuesday, February 24, 2009

NBW Results from 2-21 in Newbern, TN

New Blood Wrestling
Entertainment Center
Newbern, Tennessee
February 21, 2009

At the beginning of the show, NBW owner Jeff McDonald called out the tag team champs of “Biscuits & Gravy”, Jon Roberts & Gaylon Ray. Jeff told John that he knew that Gaylon had moved away and that he was letting Jon know that he could pick any partner of his choosing to defend the tag titles. Enter XOW. Sarge O’Reilly makes a challenge to Biscuit to put up the tag titles in a singles match tonight against Lil' Tim. They agree on the match, and then exit the ring.

Phoenix X won a Gauntlet match to become the #1 contender for the High Risk title last eliminating Norrin Radd. Also in the contest were Tommy Redneck, The Kid, Chad Hart and Akoni.

NBW Tag-Team Championship
Champion Jon "Biscuit" Roberts defeated Lil' Tim Alfonzo w/ Lil' Bit after a "Rude Awakening".
After the match, Tim sneak attacked Jon from behind and then blasted him with one of the tag belts. Tommy Redneck made the save and it looks like Jon has chosen Redneck to become him new partner.

"Triple 5 Challenge"
Tank came out and got the mic wanting to know if the fan was there again this week. He was and Tank immediately began taunting him to get in the ring for their "match". Owner Jeff McDonald came out of his office and had a piece of paper in his hand and asked the fan if he was sure he knew what he was doing. The fan signed the waiver and stepped in the ring. Tank was ordered not to touch him until the bell had rang. As soon as the bell rang, the fan known as Ricky, charged at Tank and tried to deliver what I guess would be a clothesline, but bounced off the big man and fell back, and that was all she wrote. Tank destroyed him in about 2 minutes with chops and hard splashes in the corner before nailing a full rotating black-hole slam. Jeff McDonald, who had stayed at ringside told Tank that was it, he proved his point and had won the match and to leave the guy alone. Tank exited the ring but on his way back to the locker room found a chair sticking out from under the ring. Tank grabbed it and made his way back in the ring. Everyone was begging Tank not to hit this guy who was barely able to get up on his hands and knees, but Tank swung the chair and blasted Ricky in the back. Tank then put down the chair and was about to deliver a "Detonator" to him, but Jeff told Tank that if he did not take his hands off of him right now, he would be fired. Tank threw the fan to the ground and left the ringside area, as security and Jeff helped Ricky back to the NBW offices.

Weezy aka Lil' Sarge w/ Lil' Bit defeated "Enforcer" Mark Justice after outside interference. Sarge came out while Mark was attempting a "Hard Justice" and distracted the referee. Weezy delivered a chain shot to Mark and when he turned around, Lil' Bit nailed him with a Code Breaker.

NBW High Risk Championship
Champion Brandon Barbwire defeated "Upset Kid" Jeremy Moore again this week by countout. After the match was over, Moore attacked Barbwire and delivered 2 RKO's and then challenged Barbwire next week to an "Anything Goes, No Countout, Falls Count Anywhere in the building match" and said that he would take back what was rightfully his.

Attendance was about 45 - 50

Credit: NBWnewsguy @ www.rasslinriotonline.com

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