Thursday, February 26, 2009

More on GCW Situation Involving Tag Team Champions "Southside Trash"

The following was posted on this site yesterday:

Drew Golden and Randy Harris, known in wrestling circles as "The Southside Trash," have informed the management of Great Championship Wrestling that they are quitting the company effective immediately.

Apparently, Golden & Harris disagreed with GCW management on how the team was being used, and decided leaving was the best option for all parties.

UPDATE Thursday, 2-26-09:

Here is the official statement from the management of GCW regarding the situation:

"Neither Diane Hewes or Quentin Michaels, nor any other member of GCW management, have been contacted by Drew Golden, Randy Harris, or any other representative of the Southside Trash. It is hopeful that the Southside Trash, personal issues or not, would not back out on its fanbase for an advertised match, as well as disrespect Orion Bishop, Murder One, Cru Jones, and Shaun Banks, all whom are also advertised in the match put in jeopardy by this unprofessional and yet to be confirmed situation. Suitable substitutions will be made in the event the Trash decide to no show, however as of now, they are still advertised and booked for Thursdays event, as the last words spoken directly to us by Mr. Golden at 10pm Tuesday night were "I'll see you Thursday." In light of that, GCW will take Golden and Harris at face value for their agreed appearance, and let their actions, or lack of, speak louder then words this Thursday Night in Phenix City."

Credit: Southeastern Wrestling News

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