Saturday, February 21, 2009

JR Speaks on Verne Gagne and Working With Jerry Lawler

Jim Ross has blogged once again over at Below are some highlights:

-JR on the recent Verne Gagne incident: "It is sad to hear of the recent tragedy that apparently WWE HOF'er Verne Gagne was involved that resulted in a fellow patient in the center where Verne was living died. Both men suffered dementia and it is likely Gagne has nor will he ever have any memory of this alleged matter. I had heard from others recently that Verne was in really bad shape and that he did not remember many of those close to him including family. This is a sad story especially when those of us that knew Verne over the years and knew what a vibrant and amazing athlete he was as a two sport star at the University of Minnesota and as the long time kingpin of the AWA."

-JR on his work with Jerry Lawler: "I read an interesting interview this week with the King in the UK Sun. I am happy that Jerry is enjoying working with Michael Cole and I consider both men as great friends. I did not know that I was that hard on the King as neither of us had been in a TV production meeting in years but I will admit that I liked to get together in the afternoon and review the show we were about to broadcast. I always said publicly that Jerry was more talented that I and that while I liked to prep he liked to ad lib. I too love surprises on a show and the less I know of the proceeding the better but I do feel it is incumbent upon me to know background info, etc. That's just my style, for better or for worse."

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Timothy Kendrick said...

Nobody can ever take away what Verne Gagne brought to this industry. It is History. I choose to remember that. I hope no one judges me on some of my mistakes and will remember me for being a Soldier and Author.