Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Jarrett Faces Resentment Within TNA (?)

There is growing resentment of Jeff Jarrett within TNA. He has his share of defenders, particularly among those he hired or had a hand in hiring, but the locker room is frustrated with the booking. However, the bigger story is that there is a split amongst the TNA office staff. Those who came in as part of Panda Energy when Dixie Carter bought in and don't have ties to Jarrett are growing skeptical of his performance.

Dixie Carter remains loyal to Jarrett. She questions creative decisions and butts heads with him at times behind the scenes, but is quick to shoot down negative comments about Jarrett if she feels they are untrue. The feeling is that if there are any management changes made soon, the creative team would likely get a pass, and others in the chain of command would end up playing the role of sacrificial lambs.

Despite his reputation, writer Vince Russo is not the one being blamed for the poor booking by those in the company who are frustrated with it.

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