Sunday, February 22, 2009

FTW Results from 2-21 in Sparta, TN

1.) In a Behind the Eight-Ball Battle Royal, Rocky Mac and Shane Smalls were the final two survivors, and moved on to face each other later in the Tournament.
2.) In a tournament match, Billy Merciless defeated Dexter York after a distraction from Mary Kelly.
3.) In a tournament match, Shane Smalls defeated Rocky Mac by countout when Nick White held Rocky's foot on the outside.
4.) In a tournament match, Jeremy Travis defeated "The Main Event Player" Mike Jablonski via ref stoppage after blood loss. Jablonski seemed to have the match won with a Crossface, but he passed out before Jeremy tapped, and the ref named Travis the winner.
5.) In a tournament match, Jimmy Reilly defeated Logan Shane in a technical masterpiece.
6.) In a tournament match, Ryan Jeffries pinned Patrick Colvett after catching him off the top rope with a Spear.
7.) In the third bracket final, Billy Merciless defeated Shane Smalls via the Comatose.
8.) In the second bracket final, Jeremy Travis defeated Daddy Mac (who had received a bye) by disqualification. Shane Smalls ran in to attack Jeremy when Daddy Mac seemed to have Travis beaten. The referee had no choice but to disqualify Daddy Mac.
9.) In the third bracket final, where the winner received a direct pass to the finals, Ryan Jeffries defeated Jimmy Reilly after a top rope brainbuster.
10.) Second Bracket winner Jeremy Travis defeated First Bracket winner Billy Merciless after a massive lariat to move on to the finals. After the match Shane Smalls came out and attacked Jeremy Travis, and was joined by "The Ace" Nick White. White informed the crowd that Travis' contract had run out, and now that him winning the Fusion Championship did him no good, he wanted Ryan Jeffries to be insured of winning the belt and lining his pockets. Travis is out of The White House.
11.) Lord Frost defeated Mike Promo in a Falls Count Anywhere match that had to be seen to be believed. As a result, Frost got to decide the stipulation for match three of the Russian Roulette series: LAST MAN STANDING!!!!
12.) Jeremy Travis defeated Ryan Jeffries with the Chocolate Rain to become the new Fusion Champion. Smalls and White came out after the match to once again attack Travis, but Mike Jablonski soon came out and cleared the ring. Jablonski, furious at White for not getting Travis to lay down early in the night, seemed to be ready to destroy his manager, but as Travis got up, Jablonski laid him out with the fork!!! The attack continued as all three men laid waste to the newly-crowned champion, leaving him a bloody mess. The locker room cleared on The White House, forcing them to flee to higher ground, but not before stealing the Championship belt.

With Smalls back in the fold, Jablonski seemingly having snapped, and White's lust for the Fusion Championship still unquenched, what lengths will these men go to? And what will the new Champion do to get his belt back? Be sure to check out the website later this week and keep March 14 open, when we move into our new building!!!

Credit: Nick White @ Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

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