Wednesday, February 25, 2009

EWE Results from 2-21 in Ripley, TN

About 120 came out for this weeks edition of Elite Wrestling Entertainment.

Jon Michael comes out and makes his way around the ring, and requests to be the guest announcer for tonight’s event. Michael suffered an injury to his back last week and is unable to compete this week.

Greg King Jr. and Cody Melton defeated The Badd Boys by pin fall.

Commissioner Baker makes his way to the ring, saying that last weeks Valentines Vengeance broke the attendance record for the building. "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony's music hits, and out comes Greg with K.C. Gold close behind. Golden Boy says it's time for a "good ole' fashioned Golden Circle" with Commissioner Baker as his guest, and K.C as his co-host. K.C takes the mic and says that a few weeks ago, Commissioner Baker banned him from the EWE. He then says that he has a contractual obligation to protect his interest, and that's Golden Boy, and if Baker tries to ban him from somewhere again, he'll bring down legal action. Baker says is that's the case, then that’s fine, but lets K.C Gold is on a very short leash at EWE. Golden Boy then says he wants to get down to real business, as the fans chant "I Quit" in reference to his "I Quit" match last week, where he lost the EWE Heavyweight Championship to Stan Lee. He says after he got all the thumbtacks out of his back, and his headache went away, he felt better when he thought of his rematch clause. Commissioner Baker then reminds Greg about the stipulation where if Stan Lee lost his match at Valentines Vengeance, he isn't entitled to a rematch. He said that he failed to mention that the same rule applied to Golden Boy as well, which makes him unable to challenge for a rematch. Golden Boy tells Baker that it would be in his best interest to grant him his rematch. He says that if he doesn't get his rematch, he'd be sorry, the fans would be sorry, and the whole company would be sorry. Greg and K.C exit the arena, followed by Commissioner Baker.

Christian Jacobs defeated Kid Nichols by pin fall.

J.R. Manson defeated Michael Gilbert by quick pin fall.

Idol Bane defeated Ike Tucker by pin fall. The antics and name-calling of Ike Tucker didn't distract Bane enough to distract him from the task at hand. Before Bane could get out of the ring, Cody Melton comes to the ring and says that he has a match with Bane next week, but his blood is boiling and wants to go now, so he races in the ring and the match starts. In short order, Cody Melton pins Idol Bane for the win.

Scott Adams defeated Tommy Jones by pin fall. The match lasted only about a minute and was completely in Adams' favor. After the match, Adams looks at Jon Michael and says he wants a match tonight. Jon is willing to go for it, but Christian Jacobs and Chris O'Neal come out and hold him back.

Eric Wayne won the chance to battle for the title tonight, and this match is next. In the longest bout of the night, Stan Lee came out the victor and is still EWE Heavyweight Champion. After the match, K.C. Gold rushes to the ring, only to run away when he tries to run, but Golden Boy was right behind him waiting to attack. Golden Boy gets Stan in the ring and hits him in the head with his belt. While Stan is stunned, Golden Boy grabs a pair of scissors and starts to cut away at Stan Lee's hair. He only stops as Jon Michael comes back out from the locker room and Golden Boy and K.C. Gold run back up the ramp. Jon Michael tends to Stan Lees head injury and has help by Christian Jacobs and Chris O'Neal to get back to the locker room.

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