Sunday, February 22, 2009

Eric Bischoff Comments on Verne Gagne Story

"Above all that Verne has accomplished as an athlete, father, and a businessman, the Verne Gagne that I know was one of the most generous and caring people I have ever met. He gave tirelessly to the community and was passionate about supporting the community where he lived. Verne Gagne deserves better. I promised myself that I would refrain from my usual rant when it comes to the media, but as the days go by I am getting more and more angry. Perhaps if the State of Minnesota and Hennepin County where Verne built the home he invested his life work in and wanted to retire, hadn't forced him to give up his property for a fraction of its market value by invoking an act of socialism known as "eminent domain" (for those who don't know Verne had a spectacular home on a large acreage that the State/County wanted as a park on Lake Minnetonka just west of Minneapolis), Verne and his family would gave been better able to provide for Verne's care without having to live in an assisted living facility. Perhaps that's the story the media should focus on: that despite the hard work, contribution, and self made success of an individual like Verne Gagne, the State of Minnesota and Hennepin County can force a then 62 year old man to take pennies on the dollar for his life's work, and end up in an assisted living facility in such a tragic situation. Perhaps that would help shed some real light on the real story that has made victims of the Guttman and Gagne family."

--Eric Bischoff, from his blog.

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