Sunday, February 22, 2009

ASWF Feb 21 Results

Just like every Saturday night, Rickey Rowland would bring out our nations flag for the playing of our national anthem. After which, T-Bone Terrence Ward would make his way to the ring with a special guest announcer for the evening, ASWF Hall-of-Famer Luscious Leonard.

Our show began with Commissioner Ward calling Tommy Wayne to the ring. Tommy made his way to the ring and stated that he had unfinished business with Chuck Fears and the Heavyweight Title. Just as Tommy was about to leave the 2008 Wrestler of the Year, Mr. Muscle Morgan Williams, stopped him and challenged him to a match later on tonight.

1st Match: Last Shot at the European Championship

Demon X would have one last shot to win the title back from Cody Murdoch, who just last week won the title in a steel cage match. Murdoch and Demon X would both exchange control of the match. However in the end Murdoch would use the Flatbed on Demon X and get the victory.

2nd Match: Tag Team Match

The veteran tag team Danger Zone, Hot Rod John Ellison and David Cox, would take on The Beach Bums, Kaliki and Mark Wolfe. Danger Zone was on the ball in this match and up to their usual routine of dirty tactics. But to Danger Zone’s surprise The Beach Bums would walk away victorious. After the match was said and done, Danger Zone would receive a little bit of help from Mexicanos. However, that was short lived when Team Entertainments, Casino and Tim Hanson would come to The Beach Bums aid.

Commissioner Ward would make his way to the ring to call out the new X-Division Champion, Ray Ray. Ray would take over the interview and challenge Regulator and Kid Krazzy to a triple threat match later on in the show.

3rd Match: Tag Team Match

Christopher Lee and Dre would go head to head with Johnny Hawk and Johnny Harper, Mexicanos. Mexicanos, like Danger Zone, was up to their usual dirty game. During the bout of the match, Mexicanos would use a blackjack to gain the upper hand and take home the match.

4th Match: One Fall

Morgan Williams would finally get what he wished for in a match against Mr. Playboy Tommy Wayne. Mr. Muscle’s “Little Butterfly” Athena Eclipse would be at ringside and we all know that is NEVER a good thing. Tommy would eventually have enough of Athena getting involved in the match and would go to hit her but was blocked when Morgan Williams went to save her. Tommy Wayne would get even and punch Athena off of the ring but would fall victim to the Muscle Cutter giving Morgan Williams the win.

5th Match: Tag Team Title Match

ASWF newcomer Vinny Romano would team up with X-Kaliber and face Team Entertainment for the titles. This would be an easy match for Casino and Tim Hanson due to there size advantage. Team Entertainment stayed in control for most of the match. But during the end X-Kaliber left abruptly leaving Vinny Romano to defend himself, which would as you guessed it, give Team Entertainment the win.

6th Match: Non-Title Match

The Heavyweight Champion Chuck Fears would take on The One Cody Only in a non-title match. This was something that Cody Only had been waiting for, not just because he wanted the title, but because he was tired of Chuck Fears not being a true champion. This match was a match of endurance. But we would soon find out who was the fit competitor when Cody Only would land his signature move, the LTO. Cody would roll up Chuck for a pin and get the win.

7th Match: X-Division Title Match

Ray vs Kid Krazzy vs Regulator, let me tell you there is not enough words to describe this match. Before the referee could ring the bell, the music of X-Kaliber would begin to play. It was finally clear as to why X-Kaliber left the tag team match. He wanted a shot at his former title. All eyes were on the returning Kid Krazzy who was also the #1 contender. The match went from the ring to outside of the security railing. Weapons would finally get involved in this match, but Owner David Walls would state that if anymore weapons were used it would result in their disqualification. Through it all Ray would barely walk away victorious

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