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Memphis Wrestling Results-January 24, 2009

Corey Maclin and Jerry "The King" Lawler are back together, this week. Jerry announced that Sid Vicious will be his opponent on February 28th in West Memphis, Arkansas. Jerry mentioned that Sid is making an outlandish guarantee for their match. Also, coming up, there will be a special telephone interview with someone that was associated with The Moondogs and has a special announcement.

They plugged the upcoming show on February 28th in West Memphis, Arkansas, at the Holiday Inn Convention Complex, located directly across Southland Greyhound Park. Jerry added how the complex is a big, nice convention center that seats about a thousand people and that's how many people they are going to try to jam pack in there. King Cobra, "Grandmasta Sexay" Brian Christopher, "Dangerous" Doug Gilbert and "The New Nature Boy" Kevin White are all scheduled to be on the big card in West Memphis on February 28th.

Jerry said a few words about Kevin White. Jerry recalled while he was growing up, watching Memphis Wrestling, that he was a big fan of Jackie Fargo and The Blue Infernos. He said Kevin White was obviously a huge fan of "Nature Boy" Ric Flair and now he even calls himself "The New Nature Boy". Corey asked whether Garry White and Su Yung would be joining Kevin in West Memphis. Jerry answered, by saying, "Well, I know Su Yung is going to be there because she is going to be wrestling. We've got a Diva Match. Oh, yes!" Hallelujah!

Studio Wrestling Footage featuring The Gladiator and Kevin White, along with Garry White and Su Yung in action against Tatt2 and Chris Lexx. Reggie B. Fine joined Corey to call the action, which was hilarious! Reggie stated that he "Beat the brakes off" Tatt2 and elaborated on how Tatt2 was trained under Bruce Lee. Reggie explained, "Now, what happened, see Bruce Lee was working on the first floor and Tatt2 was working on the second floor. See he trained under Bruce Lee. That's what I'm trying to say." Kevin White scored the pinfall after connecting with a neat variation of the Olympic Slam on Chris Lexx.

King Cobra joined Corey and Jerry in the studio. They talked about the special appearance that was going on later that day at Cobra's Mo Money Taxes, located on 7721 Hacks Cross Rd at Goodman Rd. in Olive Branch. King Cobra talked about
stepping back into the ring at the upcoming show in West Memphis. Jerry bragged on Cobra for saving his money and starting his own business. We are going to find out who Cobra's opponent will be, next week. They plugged the Mo Money Taxes appearance, again. Corey was all about the free food that they were going to have.

Lawler went on to say how King Cobra was always one of his favorites and, again, mentioned the big show in West Memphis. Jerry said that he hopes that if that show goes well that they would love to make this, at least, a monthly event and maybe even weekly. This brought about a discussion from Jerry and Corey about when there was wrestling every Monday night at the Mid-South Coliseum. Jerry said he got an offer, recently, to buy the Coliseum for one dollar, but it costs sixty-three thousand dollars a month just to keep the lights and everything running in there and that's when it's not even open.

Longtime Moondogs manager, Richard Lee, joined Corey and Jerry, by telephone, to correct Corey on some of his statements he made on last week's Tribute to Moondog Cujo. There, indeed, is another Moondog. Richard confirmed this, by stating, "I've got Moondog Spike still running around. He gets out and chases a frisbee, every now and then. I've got him in training, trying to keep him in shape." Richard also gave a quick recap on the history of The Moondogs, "When I first got acquainted with The Moondogs, Rex was with Spot and then, when Rex left, we brought in Spike. Spot and Spike went all over the world for several years. When Spot got hurt in Memphis is when we brought Cujo in with us and we were champions for several years. I think it was one of the greatest tag-teams that was going around, other than Lawler and Jeff and we fought them every night for a year. We had some great matches, back then. I remember when Pro Wrestling Illustrated voted it as the number one feud in the country for that year. I talked to Cujo, about a week or ten days ago, and he was just really looking forward to his life. He was engaged and he was definitely in love. I've never heard him talk that way about anybody, even himself. He, finally, found a woman that loved him and he was just so happy. Me and Cujo and Spike were getting ready to go do some reunion shows. We were going to do one down in Mississippi and do a couple up in Indiana and then Spike called me, last night, and said that somebody called him and said that Junior had passed. I said, Oh, surely not! So, I called Corey and asked Corey and, you know, he kinda broke the news to me. It just pretty much devastated me at that time and I've been thinking about it all day long. You just never know what life is going to throw your way." Jerry brought up how he used to say that The Moondogs would hit you with everything, but the kitchen sink and then, one week, you guys brought a kitchen sink. Richard added, "I also remember that the worse thing I ever got hit with was a little bitty ironing board that we brought to the ring. Jackie Fargo was the special referee, that night, and I had a big grocery cart full of all kinds of stuff we were going to hit you guys with. Jackie hit me and took my grocery cart away and next thing I know I lit up like a Christmas tree and turned around and you were standing there with that ironing board and I said I need to get out of here, Buddy. Yeah, we had some great matches and, you know, between the three of them, Spot, Cujo, and Spike, I think there was no combination that we couldn't put together that wasn't just a devastating tag-team." Jerry asked Richard if he could entice Spike out of his doghouse to make an appearance at the show in West Memphis on February 28th. Richard said he would get some dog treats and see what he could do.

Classic Footage of The Moondogs, Spot and Cujo with Richard Lee in action against Dan Shannon and Chris Frazier. The Moondogs were the USWA tag champs at this time. Poor Shannon and Frazier didn't stand a chance. Dave Brown announced, prior to the match, that Eddie Marlin and the USWA had made a special stipulation that stated if The Moondogs hit somebody with a chair, they are not going to be on television anymore.......Seconds later, Moondog Spot leveled Shannon with a chair. So much for that. As Dave was walking away from Richard Lee to ring the bell, Richard raised up the chair to strike Dave, but Corey Maclin made the save, grabbing the chair, which led to a tug-of-war between Maclin and Lee. Moondog Spot, eventually, put an end to that by attacking Corey. Then, Richard went after Corey until Jeff Jarrett and Billy Joe Travis ran out to help. The Moondogs ended up busting Travis open and double teaming Jarrett for awhile. Billy Joe Travis returned from the back with a guitar, but was stopped, immediately. Jarrett would later hit Moondog Spot with the guitar and send Richard Lee storming to the back without his pants.

Corey and Jerry discussed the two concession stand brawls that happened in Tupelo, Mississippi and Kennett, Missouri. Jerry said they got in a lot of trouble with the promoters, building owners, and the people that ran the concession stands. Jerry added, "I'll never forget down in Tupelo, Mississippi, Herman Shepville used to run the concession stands and he was just livid, afterwards, just about his Snickers candybars and jars of mustard."

Studio Wrestling Footage featuring Derrick King and Johnny Dotson. Derrick King and Johnny Dotson with Rashard Devon walked out for an interview with Corey Maclin. Reggie B. Fine insisted that Corey let him conduct the interview. Corey, reluctantly, agreed and Reggie interviewed Derrick King, Johnny Dotson, and Rasheed Muhammad. That's right! Reggie referred to Rashard Devon as Rasheed Muhammad. Derrick King and Johnny Dotson squared off against Charlie Laird and Crime. Reggie said Crime was wrestling in his pajamas and that it was a crime to be wearing an outfit like that. Reggie suggested that Crime save up some more cans so he could buy another wrestling outfit, because that ain't gonna get it. Fun match with Derrick and Johnny misconnecting on a few double team maneuvers, hitting each other. Derrick got the win, when Johnny catapulted Crime into a Derrick King superkick. After the match, King and Dotson whipped Crime with some belts. Charlie Laird, Tatt2, and Chris Lexx ran in to save Crime, but ended up receiving the same treatment as Crime, when Rashard busted Laird in the back of the head with his briefcase. Too Cool 2, finally, ran in to save the guys from the beat down.

Jerry Lawler touched on his rocky history with Sid Vicious and their bad blood for one another that even goes back to the softball field. Jerry said, "Sid is a huge softball player and our teams had some games, in which, I thought they were going to boil down to a wrestling match, there on the softball diamond." Jerry added, "Everytime we have got within arms reach of each other, something bad has happened."

They take a look at a recent battle between Jerry "The King" Lawler and Sid Vicious that took place for Northeast Wrestling. This video was shown last year. This was a very good match with a hot crowd. Sid defeated "The King" after hitting him with a foreign object.

After the footage, Jerry Lawler, again, confirmed that Sid Vicious will be his opponent in West Memphis, Arkansas, on February 28th. Jerry heard that Sid has made some sort of outrageous claim that we will hear about, next week. Also, next week, they will have more information about the show coming up on February 28th.

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