Saturday, January 31, 2009

ASWF Results from 1-24 in Tuckerman, AR

At the beginning of the show “Mr. Muscle” Morgan Williams came to the ring and announced that tonight would be his last night at ASWF he stated that due to his injury he would no longer be able to wrestle and would take his doctors advice to retire. He would call out Christopher Lee and state that he would be honored if Lee would fight him one last time. To which, Lee agreed.

1st Match: One Fall
Our first match of the night would be Cody Murdoch vs Dre in match of the Titans. Cody Murdoch was in control of the match for most of the match but Dre would come back later in the match and get a very close 3 count. However Cody would take advantage of Dre’s frustration and pin him for the win.

2nd Match: One Fall
Our second match could not even get off to a good start. Kid J and Lil’ Devil would go mano y mano. Just when the match started getting hot, Ray Ray would interrupt and start attacking Kid J. Casino would finally have enough and come to the rescue of Kid J and would challenge Lil’ Devil and Ray to a match later in the show.

3rd Match: One Fall
Hot Rod John Ellison would take on Casino Kid in a one fall match. Both veterans of the ring would pull out all stops until, Ray Ray came to the ring and attacked Hot Rod to cheat Casino out of a victory.

4th Match: Retirement Match
This would be the final match of Morgan’s career when he would face long time rival Christopher Lee. Morgan and Christopher would change the lead of the match numerous times, Lee would knee Morgan in the head and cause him to black out. Referees, Security, and the Commissioner would all go to check on the welfare of Morgan. When he was brought to his feet he surprisingly used the Muscle Cutter on Lee and gets the pin.

5th Match: Tag Team Title Match
Our tag team match tonight would be for the gold. Mexicanos would take on the newly formed tag team the Beach Bums, Silent Mark and Kaliki. Mexicanos would use a hammer to attack Mark and Kaliki and cripple the young tag team. Mexicanos would lose the match but retain their titles for the DQ.

6th Match: Tag Team Match
Ray and Lil’ Devil would take on Casino and Kid J. Ray and Lil’ Devil would use unfair tactics in this match. But to everyone’s surprise Kid J would come of the top turnbuckle with a frog splash and roll up Ray for the pin.

7th Match: #1 Contender Match for ASWF Title
This match would be interrupted before it even started. Chuck Fears would interrupt this match and state that he would be the special guest referee. Gravedigger and Tommy Wayne would fight for the #1 Contender’s spot. Gravedigger would choke slam Tommy from the top turnbuckle and go for the pin. Just as Chuck was counting to 3 he would slide a chain under Gravedigger and DQ him for using a chain. Just as Chuck was going to the locker room, Commissioner Ward would tell him that since he has been on a cheating streak he would face Tommy and Gravedigger in a Triple Threat Match for the title next week.

Cody Murdoch would return after this match to state that he had Demon X’s European Title and that the only way that he would get it back would be to face him next week. Demon X would head to the ring to try and get it back but Cody would leave to quick for Demon X.

8th Match: Tuckerman Street Fight
This match was the match of the night. After numerous tries at getting the X-Division Title Regulator would take on X-Kaliber. X-Kaliber was the one to maintain control for a good part of the match, but Regulator would do a Swanton Bomb of the top turnbuckle and get the pin.

Crowd Was 248

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