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Florida Championship Wrestling results from 1/29 in Port Richey, FL

Taylor Rotunda & Ian Richardson defeated Trent Beretta & Chris Cage.

D.J. Gabriel w/Alicia Fox defeated Dylan Klein w/Wesley Holiday.

Ryan Braddock defeated Joe Hennig.

Alex Riley defeated Chris Logan.

Kafu & P.J. Black defeated Lupe Santiago & Yoshimatsu.

Scotty Goldman, Kizarny, Ricky Ortiz & Dakota Darsow defeated Byron Wilcott, Drew McIntyre, Lawrence Knight & Caleb O’Neal.

Sweet Papi Sanchez defeated Jon Cutler.

Rosa Mendez defeated Tiffany.

Tag Team Champions Tyler Reks & Johnny Curtis over Sheamus O’Shaunessy & Ryback via DQ.

D.H. Smith over Kawal & T.J. Wilson in a triple threat match.

GCW Results from 1-29 in Phenix City, AL

Attendance was around 135.

Frankie Valentine defeated Bobby Moore.

Scotty Beach defeated Bill the Butcher w/Princeton Gainey.

Ron Stalker w/Princeton Gainey defeated Christian Hayme.

Rob Adonis w/J. P Money defeated Murder One.

Hot Like Lava (Cru Jones & Shaun Banks w/Princeton Gainey) defeated J-Team (Kareem Abdul Jamar & Joey Lightning w/John Bogie).

(6) J-Rod over Orion Bishop via DQ due to interference by Murder One. J-Rod retains the GCW Heavyweight Title.

Trish Stratus Wants WrestleMania Match

In an interview with Slam Wrestling, Trish Stratus spoke about her one time appearance on WWE Raw from a few weeks back. Trish said that she practiced her "Matrix" move that she pulled on Santino at least 40 times to make sure she would get it right. She also said that she would be willing to pull the move out again for a match at Wrestlemania 25.

"I would definitely like the chance to finish off what I started with Beth in a one-on-one scenario," Stratus said on Slam Wrestling. "No tagging out, no Santino shenanigans, just one dominant female against the other."

Stratus said she has not been contacted by WWE for a follow up appearance at Wrestlemania, but would like the chance to appear. Another possible opponent would be Natalya Neidhart (member of the Hart family).

"Nattie I think is going to be a major player soon, given the right chance to do what she does best," Stratus said. "Everyone knows how much I respect the Hart lineage, using Bret's sharpshooter in my retirement match, wearing the pink and black boots in Toronto ... it's not a coincidence. So I would be honoured to face someone who is a part of that legacy and I have no doubt in my mind that we could blow away an audience."

To read the full article, visit Slam Wrestling.

Credit: Shawn Moniz @

TNA Offers Rod Blagojevich a Job?!

Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich offered Chairman job of TNA Wrestling's Main Event Mafia

TNA Wrestling is offering the new Chairman job to its Main Event Mafia faction - and the opportunity to openly sell chairs, steel chairs - to ousted Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich.

TNA officials confirmed today that Blagojevich, who was impeached by the Illinois House of Representatives on January 29, is being offered the "Chairman" job within its Main Event Mafia faction, an elite unit which includes U.S. Olympic Gold Medal winner Kurt Angle, former World Heavyweight Champions Kevin Nash, Booker T., and Scott Steiner, and reigning TNA Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion Sting.

Blagojevich was arrested on criminal charges on December 9, 2008, for conspiring to sell the senate seat vacated by then-President Elect Barack Obama to the highest bidder, but Angle truly believes in the U.S. justice system.

"He's innocent until proven guilty," Angle said. "As the leader of the Main Event Mafia, I am a huge fan of the Illinois style of politics. As such, Governor Blagojevich is welcome to join me and the entire Main Event Mafia at any and all TNA events in the future, and certainly is welcome to sell his seat with us should he choose not to accept our generous offer."

Blagojevich is a former amateur boxer, so Angle is convinced Blagojevich, "easily will be able to handle the transition to pro wrestling," Angle said.

The Illinois House of Representatives voted in favor of impeachment by an astounding margin of 114-1. Only 60 votes were needed to push the impeachment forward. The single dissenting vote came from Democratic State Representative Milton Patterson, who represents the Southwest side of Chicago.

Go to or for info about upcoming wrestling shows worldwide.


Brooke Hogan vs. Reid Flair?! (You Gotta Be Kidding)

You can read about the upcoming match (?) here:

ASWF Results from 1-24 in Tuckerman, AR

At the beginning of the show “Mr. Muscle” Morgan Williams came to the ring and announced that tonight would be his last night at ASWF he stated that due to his injury he would no longer be able to wrestle and would take his doctors advice to retire. He would call out Christopher Lee and state that he would be honored if Lee would fight him one last time. To which, Lee agreed.

1st Match: One Fall
Our first match of the night would be Cody Murdoch vs Dre in match of the Titans. Cody Murdoch was in control of the match for most of the match but Dre would come back later in the match and get a very close 3 count. However Cody would take advantage of Dre’s frustration and pin him for the win.

2nd Match: One Fall
Our second match could not even get off to a good start. Kid J and Lil’ Devil would go mano y mano. Just when the match started getting hot, Ray Ray would interrupt and start attacking Kid J. Casino would finally have enough and come to the rescue of Kid J and would challenge Lil’ Devil and Ray to a match later in the show.

3rd Match: One Fall
Hot Rod John Ellison would take on Casino Kid in a one fall match. Both veterans of the ring would pull out all stops until, Ray Ray came to the ring and attacked Hot Rod to cheat Casino out of a victory.

4th Match: Retirement Match
This would be the final match of Morgan’s career when he would face long time rival Christopher Lee. Morgan and Christopher would change the lead of the match numerous times, Lee would knee Morgan in the head and cause him to black out. Referees, Security, and the Commissioner would all go to check on the welfare of Morgan. When he was brought to his feet he surprisingly used the Muscle Cutter on Lee and gets the pin.

5th Match: Tag Team Title Match
Our tag team match tonight would be for the gold. Mexicanos would take on the newly formed tag team the Beach Bums, Silent Mark and Kaliki. Mexicanos would use a hammer to attack Mark and Kaliki and cripple the young tag team. Mexicanos would lose the match but retain their titles for the DQ.

6th Match: Tag Team Match
Ray and Lil’ Devil would take on Casino and Kid J. Ray and Lil’ Devil would use unfair tactics in this match. But to everyone’s surprise Kid J would come of the top turnbuckle with a frog splash and roll up Ray for the pin.

7th Match: #1 Contender Match for ASWF Title
This match would be interrupted before it even started. Chuck Fears would interrupt this match and state that he would be the special guest referee. Gravedigger and Tommy Wayne would fight for the #1 Contender’s spot. Gravedigger would choke slam Tommy from the top turnbuckle and go for the pin. Just as Chuck was counting to 3 he would slide a chain under Gravedigger and DQ him for using a chain. Just as Chuck was going to the locker room, Commissioner Ward would tell him that since he has been on a cheating streak he would face Tommy and Gravedigger in a Triple Threat Match for the title next week.

Cody Murdoch would return after this match to state that he had Demon X’s European Title and that the only way that he would get it back would be to face him next week. Demon X would head to the ring to try and get it back but Cody would leave to quick for Demon X.

8th Match: Tuckerman Street Fight
This match was the match of the night. After numerous tries at getting the X-Division Title Regulator would take on X-Kaliber. X-Kaliber was the one to maintain control for a good part of the match, but Regulator would do a Swanton Bomb of the top turnbuckle and get the pin.

Crowd Was 248

Credit: ASWFace @

Friday, January 30, 2009

UCW 2-7-09 in Horse Cave, KY

Ultimate Championship Wrestling returns to Horse Cave, KY at The Caverna High School on Saturday Night February 7th for "The Caverna Supershow XII" featuring Jerry "The King" Lawler. Doors open at 7 PM with bell time at 8 PM CST. Front row tickets are $15 in advance. Second row seating and general admission are $10 advance or $12 at the door. Kids ages 4 and under are admitted FREE with a PAID adult ticket. This is a fund raiser for the Caverna High School Athletic Department. For advance tickets you can check out our website for the numbers to call. Hurry because ringside seats are almost sold out!

Jerry "The King" Lawler & Justin Sane -vs- UCW Champion, "The Bonecrusher" Jeff Crowe & Billy Ray Hickerson w/ Big E

**UCW Woman's Championship**
Diane Von Hoffman -vs- April Hunter

**Wrestler -vs- Boxer Match**
The Only Way To Win Is By Tap Out or Knockout
Special Referee: Chuck Poynter w/ Mike Justice at Ringside
Jack Daniels w/ Jessica Hart -vs- "The Pride Of Hart County" Steve King w/ Doug Vines

**Special Challenge**
Big E's Mystery Opponent -vs- "Terrific" Terry England

**Mixed Tag Team Attraction**
"Prodigy" Jon Roc & Jessica Hart -vs- Crazy Skillz & Jessie Belle

Jack Dalton -vs- "The BarRoom Brawler" Doug Vines

PLUS: We will make an announcement that will prove to be the BIGGEST announcement in Kentucky wrestling in 2009!

As always card is subject to change. Don't miss out on this HUGE night of wrestling action brought to you by Ultimate Championship Wrestling. Be sure to visit our website at for more information ad news on upcoming wrestling events. 2009 is going to be the year of UCW and we want you there with us!

ASW's Winter-Wrestlefest Photos & Results

ASW always have exciting matches for their fans. Here's a few pictures from ASW's Winter-Wrestlefest in Danville,West Virginia.l Of Famer, Cowboy Bob Orton
ASW Tag Team Champions, The Cereal Killers w/Trixxx

ASW Champion Vance Desmond vs Cowboy Bob Orton

Bryan Cross vs Ricky Morton

Ricky Morton hanging with the fans from ASW.

Ricky Morton at the Fountain Place Cinema in Logan the night before the show, he did an autograph signing for us that night.

Here's the results from Winter-Wrestlefest.

What a great show it was! All matches were very solid and no one missed a beat. I really liked the building and the fans were awesome.Here is a quick rundown,1) Sara Lyn defeated Steffi2) Death From Above (Viper & Flash)w/Half Nelson defeated Murder City Devils by DQ3) Chris Escobar defeated Damien Wayne4) Omega Aaron Draven defeated Chance Prophet5) Rock N Roll Ricky Morton defeated Bryan Cross w/Cole Cash6) The Cereal Killers (Juggulator & Mad Man Pondo) w/Trixxx defeated The Day Brothers to retain the ASW Tag Titles7) Vance Desmond defeated WWE Hall Of Famer Cowboy Bob Orton to retain the ASW Championship titleThe next show will be ASWs 3 Year Anniversary Show on Saturday April 4th. The Larry Joe Harless Center in Gilbert, Wv will be the place and ASW always packs em in when we go to Gilbert and this show will be no exception. Blair Law Offices in Logan will be sponsoring the Anniversary show and the awesome talent lineup will be announced later this week! Keep watching!!!Thanks to Ken Cantrell of course for the great photographs!Ricky Morton at the Fountain Place Cinema in Logan the night before the show, he did an autograph signing for us that night.
Photos Credit By Ken Cantrell

Memphis Wrestling Results-January 24, 2009

Corey Maclin and Jerry "The King" Lawler are back together, this week. Jerry announced that Sid Vicious will be his opponent on February 28th in West Memphis, Arkansas. Jerry mentioned that Sid is making an outlandish guarantee for their match. Also, coming up, there will be a special telephone interview with someone that was associated with The Moondogs and has a special announcement.

They plugged the upcoming show on February 28th in West Memphis, Arkansas, at the Holiday Inn Convention Complex, located directly across Southland Greyhound Park. Jerry added how the complex is a big, nice convention center that seats about a thousand people and that's how many people they are going to try to jam pack in there. King Cobra, "Grandmasta Sexay" Brian Christopher, "Dangerous" Doug Gilbert and "The New Nature Boy" Kevin White are all scheduled to be on the big card in West Memphis on February 28th.

Jerry said a few words about Kevin White. Jerry recalled while he was growing up, watching Memphis Wrestling, that he was a big fan of Jackie Fargo and The Blue Infernos. He said Kevin White was obviously a huge fan of "Nature Boy" Ric Flair and now he even calls himself "The New Nature Boy". Corey asked whether Garry White and Su Yung would be joining Kevin in West Memphis. Jerry answered, by saying, "Well, I know Su Yung is going to be there because she is going to be wrestling. We've got a Diva Match. Oh, yes!" Hallelujah!

Studio Wrestling Footage featuring The Gladiator and Kevin White, along with Garry White and Su Yung in action against Tatt2 and Chris Lexx. Reggie B. Fine joined Corey to call the action, which was hilarious! Reggie stated that he "Beat the brakes off" Tatt2 and elaborated on how Tatt2 was trained under Bruce Lee. Reggie explained, "Now, what happened, see Bruce Lee was working on the first floor and Tatt2 was working on the second floor. See he trained under Bruce Lee. That's what I'm trying to say." Kevin White scored the pinfall after connecting with a neat variation of the Olympic Slam on Chris Lexx.

King Cobra joined Corey and Jerry in the studio. They talked about the special appearance that was going on later that day at Cobra's Mo Money Taxes, located on 7721 Hacks Cross Rd at Goodman Rd. in Olive Branch. King Cobra talked about
stepping back into the ring at the upcoming show in West Memphis. Jerry bragged on Cobra for saving his money and starting his own business. We are going to find out who Cobra's opponent will be, next week. They plugged the Mo Money Taxes appearance, again. Corey was all about the free food that they were going to have.

Lawler went on to say how King Cobra was always one of his favorites and, again, mentioned the big show in West Memphis. Jerry said that he hopes that if that show goes well that they would love to make this, at least, a monthly event and maybe even weekly. This brought about a discussion from Jerry and Corey about when there was wrestling every Monday night at the Mid-South Coliseum. Jerry said he got an offer, recently, to buy the Coliseum for one dollar, but it costs sixty-three thousand dollars a month just to keep the lights and everything running in there and that's when it's not even open.

Longtime Moondogs manager, Richard Lee, joined Corey and Jerry, by telephone, to correct Corey on some of his statements he made on last week's Tribute to Moondog Cujo. There, indeed, is another Moondog. Richard confirmed this, by stating, "I've got Moondog Spike still running around. He gets out and chases a frisbee, every now and then. I've got him in training, trying to keep him in shape." Richard also gave a quick recap on the history of The Moondogs, "When I first got acquainted with The Moondogs, Rex was with Spot and then, when Rex left, we brought in Spike. Spot and Spike went all over the world for several years. When Spot got hurt in Memphis is when we brought Cujo in with us and we were champions for several years. I think it was one of the greatest tag-teams that was going around, other than Lawler and Jeff and we fought them every night for a year. We had some great matches, back then. I remember when Pro Wrestling Illustrated voted it as the number one feud in the country for that year. I talked to Cujo, about a week or ten days ago, and he was just really looking forward to his life. He was engaged and he was definitely in love. I've never heard him talk that way about anybody, even himself. He, finally, found a woman that loved him and he was just so happy. Me and Cujo and Spike were getting ready to go do some reunion shows. We were going to do one down in Mississippi and do a couple up in Indiana and then Spike called me, last night, and said that somebody called him and said that Junior had passed. I said, Oh, surely not! So, I called Corey and asked Corey and, you know, he kinda broke the news to me. It just pretty much devastated me at that time and I've been thinking about it all day long. You just never know what life is going to throw your way." Jerry brought up how he used to say that The Moondogs would hit you with everything, but the kitchen sink and then, one week, you guys brought a kitchen sink. Richard added, "I also remember that the worse thing I ever got hit with was a little bitty ironing board that we brought to the ring. Jackie Fargo was the special referee, that night, and I had a big grocery cart full of all kinds of stuff we were going to hit you guys with. Jackie hit me and took my grocery cart away and next thing I know I lit up like a Christmas tree and turned around and you were standing there with that ironing board and I said I need to get out of here, Buddy. Yeah, we had some great matches and, you know, between the three of them, Spot, Cujo, and Spike, I think there was no combination that we couldn't put together that wasn't just a devastating tag-team." Jerry asked Richard if he could entice Spike out of his doghouse to make an appearance at the show in West Memphis on February 28th. Richard said he would get some dog treats and see what he could do.

Classic Footage of The Moondogs, Spot and Cujo with Richard Lee in action against Dan Shannon and Chris Frazier. The Moondogs were the USWA tag champs at this time. Poor Shannon and Frazier didn't stand a chance. Dave Brown announced, prior to the match, that Eddie Marlin and the USWA had made a special stipulation that stated if The Moondogs hit somebody with a chair, they are not going to be on television anymore.......Seconds later, Moondog Spot leveled Shannon with a chair. So much for that. As Dave was walking away from Richard Lee to ring the bell, Richard raised up the chair to strike Dave, but Corey Maclin made the save, grabbing the chair, which led to a tug-of-war between Maclin and Lee. Moondog Spot, eventually, put an end to that by attacking Corey. Then, Richard went after Corey until Jeff Jarrett and Billy Joe Travis ran out to help. The Moondogs ended up busting Travis open and double teaming Jarrett for awhile. Billy Joe Travis returned from the back with a guitar, but was stopped, immediately. Jarrett would later hit Moondog Spot with the guitar and send Richard Lee storming to the back without his pants.

Corey and Jerry discussed the two concession stand brawls that happened in Tupelo, Mississippi and Kennett, Missouri. Jerry said they got in a lot of trouble with the promoters, building owners, and the people that ran the concession stands. Jerry added, "I'll never forget down in Tupelo, Mississippi, Herman Shepville used to run the concession stands and he was just livid, afterwards, just about his Snickers candybars and jars of mustard."

Studio Wrestling Footage featuring Derrick King and Johnny Dotson. Derrick King and Johnny Dotson with Rashard Devon walked out for an interview with Corey Maclin. Reggie B. Fine insisted that Corey let him conduct the interview. Corey, reluctantly, agreed and Reggie interviewed Derrick King, Johnny Dotson, and Rasheed Muhammad. That's right! Reggie referred to Rashard Devon as Rasheed Muhammad. Derrick King and Johnny Dotson squared off against Charlie Laird and Crime. Reggie said Crime was wrestling in his pajamas and that it was a crime to be wearing an outfit like that. Reggie suggested that Crime save up some more cans so he could buy another wrestling outfit, because that ain't gonna get it. Fun match with Derrick and Johnny misconnecting on a few double team maneuvers, hitting each other. Derrick got the win, when Johnny catapulted Crime into a Derrick King superkick. After the match, King and Dotson whipped Crime with some belts. Charlie Laird, Tatt2, and Chris Lexx ran in to save Crime, but ended up receiving the same treatment as Crime, when Rashard busted Laird in the back of the head with his briefcase. Too Cool 2, finally, ran in to save the guys from the beat down.

Jerry Lawler touched on his rocky history with Sid Vicious and their bad blood for one another that even goes back to the softball field. Jerry said, "Sid is a huge softball player and our teams had some games, in which, I thought they were going to boil down to a wrestling match, there on the softball diamond." Jerry added, "Everytime we have got within arms reach of each other, something bad has happened."

They take a look at a recent battle between Jerry "The King" Lawler and Sid Vicious that took place for Northeast Wrestling. This video was shown last year. This was a very good match with a hot crowd. Sid defeated "The King" after hitting him with a foreign object.

After the footage, Jerry Lawler, again, confirmed that Sid Vicious will be his opponent in West Memphis, Arkansas, on February 28th. Jerry heard that Sid has made some sort of outrageous claim that we will hear about, next week. Also, next week, they will have more information about the show coming up on February 28th.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dr. Phil Astin Pleads Guilty

The following was issued by the Associated Press:

Doctor to late wrestler pleads guilty in drug case

NEWNAN, Ga. (AP) — The personal doctor to a professional wrestler who killed himself, his wife and their 7-year-old son in 2007 pleaded guilty Thursday to illegally distributing prescription drugs to patients, one of whom died.

Dr. Phil Astin, 54, pleaded guilty to a 175-count federal indictment charging him with illegally distributing prescription drugs and conspiring to distribute prescription drugs.

Astin also admitted that prescriptions he issued resulted in the overdose death of a female patient in 2007, though attorneys did not specifically name any patient or link the physician to World Wrestling Entertainment's Chris Benoit.

More than 50 of the counts carry a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison and a $1 million fine. The others carry a lesser sentence of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine, said Patrick Crosby, spokesman for U.S. Attorney David Nahmias.

Astin did not comment Thursday after the hearing. His sentencing is scheduled for May 12.

In June, Astin pleaded not guilty to the charges. Thursday's change was part of a 12-page plea bargain negotiated by defense attorney Natasha Perdew Silas, who acknowledged her own investigation's findings in the case matched those of federal prosecutors.

She told U.S. District Court Judge Jack T. Camp that Astin wasn't guilty of prescribing medicine in exchange for personal gain, but rather was a "country doctor" who treated many patients suffering from chronic pain.

"In chronic pain cases, Dr. Astin, more often than not, would simply accede to the patient's request that they needed strong or stronger medicine to handle their pain," Silas said in a written statement. "As the years went by, Dr. Astin became more and more willing to bend the rules."

The indictment against Astin involves hundreds of prescriptions written for 19 patients between May 2002 and July 2007.

A federal investigation found Astin wrote prescriptions without conducting physical exams and sometimes gave patients as many as four simultaneous prescriptions for "cocktails" of drugs like Percocet, Oxycontin, Vicodin and Adderall.

Investigators cited one case in which an unidentified female patient began receiving a combination of drugs that included Xanax from Astin in 2002. She died in June 2007, the same month authorities discovered the bodies of Benoit, his wife and son in their suburban Atlanta home.

Benoit strangled his wife and son, then hanged himself in their home in June 2007. A medical examiner couldn't say whether the steroids Astin prescribed for Benoit played a role in the deaths.

Silas would not confirm that Astin played any role in Benoit killing his family and then himself.

In court Thursday, Astin told the judge he suffered from depression and anxiety since his arrest in 2007. Silas described a man who inherited many patients from his father's medical practice after the elder Astin committed suicide in 2005 as a result of depression over his own chronic pain.

In a written statement, Silas described Astin as "sorry for the cases in which he did not provide appropriate care," but added they were a fraction of his overall practice.

"A larger portion of Dr. Astin's patients were treated commendably," she said.

NWA-Mountain State 2/7/09 in Hinton, WV

TV Taping
Sat. Feb. 7th
Summers Co. Memorial Building
Hinton, WV
Belltime: 7:30 pm est.


NWA-MSW heavyweight champion
Jason "The Gift" Kincaid
Former WCW star Stro "The Maestro of Wrestling"
NWA-MSW TV champion
T.R. Superstar
NWA-MSW Tag Team champions
The Bunkhouse Boys
Billy Lit
Diablo Jr.
Dwayne Tenney
The Prowlers
Col. Spude Wade
Ricky Shane
and more

Credit: Stro @

Chikara News

CHIKARA: Necro Butcher leads the "Death Match Kings" to King of Trios 2009!

Thanks in part to his role in the award-winning film The Wrestler, the man known the world over as Necro Butcher is enjoying a spotlight unlike any he has known in the span of his hard-hitting, death-defying career. While he hasn't seen the inside of a CHIKARA ring in some time, he's poised to make his return at our massive King of Trios 2009 in March, and he's rounded up some of the most dangerous men in our sport to fill out his team!
A trio known as The Death Match Kings are coming to make an impression on CHIKARA fans - and unfortunately, their tournament opponents - when the collected power of Necro Butcher, Toby "Mr. Insanity" Klein and Brain Damage hit South Philly on Friday, March 27th!

As of today, these 6 teams are confirmed for the tournament:
The Death Match Kings: Necro Butcher & Toby Klein & Brain Damage
The Future is Now: Equinox & Lince Dorado & Helios
The Masters of a Thousand Holds: Mike Quackenbush & Jorge Rivera & Johnny Saint
Incoherence: Hallowicked & Frightmare & Delirious
Team PWG: El Generico & the Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson)
The Osirian Portal: Amasis & Escorpion Egipcio & Ophidian

...and two more teams will roll out next week!

This week, we confirmed the 2nd annual Fan Conclave, to take place on Saturday afternoon, March 28th, as part of King of Trios 2009 weekend! Read up on it here:

Advance tickets for our February events are on sale right now! Tickets for King of Trios 2009 can be purchased here: , but be advised that front row seating has already SOLD OUT!

"If the Airplane is Snowed in, Put your Bloody Skis on and Get Going!"
2.20.2009 - Friday Evening
Live @ The Riverside Beneficial Assoc.!
1742 Pear St.
in Reading, PA!
The action begins at 7:30 pm!

"Motive, Means, Opportunity"
2.21.2009 - Saturday Evening
Live @ The Palmer Community Center!
4100 Green Pond Rd.
in Easton, PA!
The action begins at 7:00 pm!

King of Trios 2009
3.27.2009 - 3.29.2009 - Friday Evening through Sunday Afternoon
Live @ The New Alhambra!
7 W. Ritner St.
in scenic South Philly, PA!

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SWA 1-31-09 in Lafayette, TN

Bobby Eaton Hospitalized

Bobby Eaton has been hospitalized in Kingsport,TN
with heart problems again.
Get to feeling better Bobby Eaton!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Linda McMahon Caught in a "Discrepancy"

The Greenwich Times has an article up, where they point out that Linda McMahon claimed her major in college to be education, when it was actually French. In a letter to Governor. M. Jodi Rell, McMahon stated that, "This discrepancy was brought to my attention today by a reporter from the Stamford Advocate." McMahon claims it to be a simple mistake, and while education wasn't her major, McMahon was certified to teach in North Carolina. Some feel that this could be an issue as she is trying to get onto the School Board, and WWE has made an effort to clean up their image further. An example of that would be the change of the One Night Stand PPV name to Extreme Rules. You can read the full article at


Latest Hall of Fame Inductee

It has been confirmed that Ricky Steamboat will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year. It is rumored that he will be inducted by Ric Flair.


Mickey Rourke Off Wrestlemania Card

The Associated Press issued the following press release this evening saying Mickey Rourke won't be appearing at WrestleMania after all:
Mickey Rourke won't rumble with WWE superstar

HOUSTON (AP) — A spokeswoman for actor Mickey Rourke says he won't be taking his role as a professional wrestler into a real-life ring after all.

Paula Woods told The Associated Press on Wednesday night that Rourke will not wrestle WWE superstar Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania 25 in April at Houston's Reliant Stadium.

Woods wrote in an e-mail that the Oscar-nominated actor "will not be participating in Wrestlemania. He is focusing entirely on his acting career."

Rourke portrays professional wrestler Randy the Ram in the acclaimed movie "The Wrestler." He made a surprise announcement about the wrestling event Sunday night on the red carpet before the Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles.

Rourke had said he was going to toss Jericho "around the ring like tossed salad."


New TNA Knockout

Shannon Spruill (the fake Gov. Palin/former WCW star Daffney) is now a member of the TNA roster reports PWInsider. She appeared at the Impact tapings this week with her own entrance theme and video.


Ring of Honor News

ROH will be at the Michigan State Fairgrounds & Expo Center in Detroit, MI, on January 30. Advertised: Kevin Steen & El Generico defend the ROH World Tag Team Title against the American Wolves (Eddie Edwards & Davey Richards), with Larry Sweeney; Nigel McGuinness versus Jay Briscoe; Jerry Lynn versus Tyler Black; Brent Albright versus Claudio Castagnoli; Erick Stevens & Roderick Strong versus Jimmy Jacobs & Delirious; Bryan Danielson versus Rhett Titus; Brodie Lee versus Necro Butcher; and Austin Aries versus Silas Young. Bell time is 8:00 PM.

ROH will then be at the Frontier Fieldhouse in Chicago Ridge, IL, on January 31. Advertised: Brent Albright, Erick Stevens, Roderick Strong, Jay Briscoe & another partner to be announced versus Sweet N Sour, Inc., in a caged grudge match; Nigel McGuinness defends the ROH World Heavyweight Title against El Generico; Bryan Danielson & Tyler Black versus Jimmy Jacobs & Austin Aries in a grudge match; Kevin Steen versus Claudio Castagnoli; Jerry Lynn & Necro Butcher versus Brodie Lee & Delirious; Alex Payne versus Silas Young; Rhett Titus versus Grizzly Redwood; and Deryck St. Holmes versus Egotistico Fantastico. Bell time is 7:30 PM. This will be a taping for the Caged Collision PPV.

Credit: Southeastern Wrestling News

ROH also will be at the Coral Springs Gymnasium in Coral Springs, FL, on February 6. Advertised: Tyler Black versus Davey Richards; Austin Aries versus Necro Butcher in a grudge match; Kevin Steen & El Generico versus the Dark City Fight Club; and Sean Osbourne versus Brad Attitude. Also on the bill: Nigel McGuinness, Bryan Danielson, Jerry Lynn, Roderick Strong, Brent Albright, Erick Stevens, Jimmy Jacobs, Delirious, Kenny King, Chasyn Rance, Davey Richards, and Larry Sweeney. Bell time is 8:00 PM.

In addition, ROH will be at the Coral Springs Gymnasium in Coral Springs, FL, on February 6. Advertised: Tyler Black versus Davey Richards; Austin Aries versus Necro Butcher in a grudge match; Kevin Steen & El Generico versus the Dark City Fight Club; and Sean Osbourne versus Brad Attitude. Also on the bill: Nigel McGuinness, Bryan Danielson, Jerry Lynn, Roderick Strong, Brent Albright, Erick Stevens, Jimmy Jacobs, Delirious, Kenny King, Chasyn Rance, Davey Richards, and Larry Sweeney. Bell time is 8:00 PM.

WCEW 1-31 in Wadesboro, NC

World Class Extreme Wrestling is proud to announce that on January 31st, at the Harvest Ministries Outreach Center in Wadesboro North Carolina, a contestant on the fourth cycle of the hit reality TV show "America's Next Top Model", "TOP MODEL" Michelle will make her in ring WCEW Debut. What does this do to the ThunderGirls Title Tournament? What Kind of impact will this Reality Star turned pro wrestler make? Find out January 31st!

World Class Extreme Wrestling
"Battle Bowl" ~ Featuring The Lethal Lottery!
Saturday January 31st, 2009
Harvest Ministries Outreach Center
1134 East Caswell Street
Wadesboro North Carolina
****Special Bell time 7:15pm - Doors Open @ 6:30pm
All Tickets $7

28 Wrestler's Names go into The Lethal Lottery
Fans get to reach in and draw names, For Tag Teams...
14 Teams, 7 Tag Team Matches - 14 Winners...
The 12 Winners then go to The Main Event, "BATTLE BOWL" with the winner becoming the NEW WCEW Heavyweight Champion!
The Lethal Lottery Entrants:
WCEW New Class Champion "The Michigan Assassin" Bobby Wohlfert
"The Master of Malice" Styxx
J Prep Esquire
WCEW Newcomer Adam (Had to cancel due to "Injury")
1/2 WCEW Tag Champions Shaq Knox
1/2 WCEW Tag Champions Cory Duncum
Jon Malus
"The Cowboy" Cletus Bass
Cade Sydal
"The One and Only" Tracy Gilbert_
Chuck King
Johnny Atlas
Kid Evil w/StarLight
RPW-Pa. Star Hayne
WCEW Newcomer Joey Silvia
The Zebro Kid
Johnny Blaze
Big Daddy Edwards_
Matt Houston
Paco Loco
The Altered Angel
Plus more....

Also,a New WCEW ThunderGirls Champion will be determined in a 4 Girl Tournament. Semi Final Matches are:
Fantasia VS Persephone
Naudia VS Kristin Flake

For more information contact or

Plus all the fun & surprises you've come to expect from WCEW!

Credit: Aaron Patton @

UPWA 1-31 in Wilmington, NC

The fastest growing wrestling promotion in the southeast invades the National Guard Armory in Wilmington, NC on Saturday Night, January 31st when the UPWA presents New Year's Massacre 2009.

In the first show of the new year, UPWA has an action packed show planned.

After months of verbal and near physical confrontation, the match is finally here as Tito Rains will meet L.A. Tank in a No-Holds Barred match.

In other action ATL will face Pete Nixon in a No. 1 contenders match for the Carolinas Championship.

The returning co-star of the major motion picture "The Wrestler" the Re-Enforcer Andrew Anderson will face of with Mike Devine.

The non-stop action is headlined by a Double Main Event, Christopher Shane will face Ace of Punk for the UPWA Cruiserweight Championship in the first ever ladder match in UPWA history. In the other Main Event, Playboy Marcus Shields will defend the UPWA Heavyweight Championship against The Destroyer.

Also appearing: Goliath, Beast, Mikal Mosley and the other stars of the UPWA! Tickets for this event are available at or at the door. Do not miss this exciting night of professional wrestling action.


DCW Results from 1-24 in Dyersburg, TN

First Match
Chris Williams beat Shannon Lee after Shannon hit a German suplex at the last second Williams got a shoulder off the mat for the win. Out came Flash Flanagan from the back. When he got in the ring and then called out Su Yung. He asked her what the hell has she been doing. Flash told the crowd that he owned Sue’s contract and she had to do what she was told.

Second Match
Tim Edwards beat “the Future” Dell Tucker with a “Redrum” out of nowhere. This was another match in the DCW Title tourney.

Third Match
Tatt2 beat Rockin Randy

Forth Match
Bishop beat Justin “The Juice” Smart

5th Match
Chris Rocker beat Flash Flanagan after distraction from Su Yung.
Derrick King and Kilo are out talking about last week’s 6 man tag and how Motley was trying to end not just his career, but his life by putting a plastic bag over his head. “Pain and Justice” [Mark Justice/Motley Cruz] came out to inform them they had a tag team main event for tonight.

Jimmy Tidwell and Angelina came out to talk to tell everyone that Dustin Starr could not be there this week, but that they had not forgot that “the Baron” Malkavain had stuck his nose in their business last week. The lights went out and Malkavain tried to get them. Tidwell pulled out a garlic necklace and a wooden cross to weaken The Baron. Su Yung chased Angelina out of the ring.

Main Event
Derrick King/Kilo beat “Pain & Justice” by DQ when Tim Edwards hit the ring. Edwards got rid of DK and the three continue to beat up on Kilo. Motley put the plastic bag on Kilo’s head again until he passed out. Show ended with Kilo trying to speak, but barely being able to talk. He was helped to the back.


192 in attendance…Crowd really concerned with Kilo’s health…Flash owns Su Yung and she is not too happy about it…Crowd really wants to see Baron vs Starr…Edwards, Rocker, Bishop and Randy all in the next branch of DCW Title Tournament.

Credit: DCWspiritof1990 @


First off ICW would like to thank all the great fans that came out to the show. Every month the crowd gets bigger and louder. This time there were even more fans having to stand due to the size of the crowd.
The show opened up with the Young 1's coming out for a mic spill.

The Kid comes gets on the mic and calls out ICW’s Heavyweight Champion Weasel who does not take long to leave the Kid in the ring

1st match Eric Ego defeated Chic Canyon after hitting the Ego Trip

The Kid comes out and hits one of the security guys with a chair, then Brimstone makes the Kid take on Jennifer Justice. Justice wins the match

2nd match White Lighting & Bad Boy Phillips defeated Brain Michaels & Kafabian Gimmikko by pinned Michaels

3rd match Ladies Title on a Pole
Jennifer Justice defeated Mistress of Madness by claiming the pole to become the ICW Women’s Champion

The Kid calls out The Young 1's. the Young 1’s beat the Kid

4th match Heavyweight Title
Frank Da Tank defeated Weasel by DQ (title does not change hands) when Ray Leigh runs in on the match

5th match Brimstone & Xtreme Neal Dream defeated The Young 1's by DQ when Slingshot threw Neal Dream threw a big Screen TV. (Side note we still have not got word on how bad Neal Dream is hurt or how long he might be out of action if he is able to return at all)

6th match Hardcore Title Elimination match
Exodus VS Bull VS Iron Horse VS Rod Dent VS Knockout Kidd Winner and New ICW Hardcore Champion Knockout Kidd

Make sure to check out the Next ICW Show on February 28th, 2009 in Henry TN and official website at http://icwshow. info

XOW Returns to Independence, MS. Feb. 21, 2009

We will also be announcing more show dates within the next 2 weeks.

A WWE Legend will be at the February 7th ICWF's "Cyber Sanctioned" show in Largo,FL!

I have some BREAKING NEWS regarding the upcoming Independent Circuit Wrestling Federation (ICWF) "Cyber Sanctioned" show that will be taking place at Gasoline Alley in Largo,FL on Saturday,February 7th:

This information was officially announced by the Independent Circuit Wrestling Federation as of late Monday evening,January 26th.
A WWE Legend will be at the upcoming ICWF "Cyber Sanctioned" show and that WWE Legend is none other than the innovator and the master of the DDT..........
JAKE "The Snake" ROBERTS!!!

Jake "The Snake" Roberts
WILL NOT be wrestling at the ICWF "Cyber Sanctioned" show!!!

However,he will be there to sign autographs as well as selling & signing 8x10 pictures of himself and selling/promoting two of his BRAND NEW shoot interview DVDs called
"Snake Tales" and "Jake Bytes Back"!
So by all means,please be sure to get your tickets now as you do not want
to miss this event!!!

You can also check out Jake's BRAND NEW website which is:

BTW,this is a reminder to all of you out there that this coming Saturday night,January 31st is your last day to cast your vote for the type of matches,match stipulations and who do you want to see wrestle who at the February 7th ICWF "Cyber Sanctioned" show!

'Cyber Sanctioned' Commercial:

,the wrestling fan can be the matchmaker by determining through your votes the type of matches and match stipulations that will be taking place at the ICWF show as well as who will be wrestling who!

ICWF Top Rope Television "Cyber Sanctioned Edition":

ICWF Top Rope Television "Cyber Sanctioned Edition"







or perhaps maybe another Female independent Mystery Wrestler????


That decision is totally up to you and the majority of your votes will determine just as to which one of those ladies that were mentioned above are going to be!

You can cast your vote for any one of them as well as all of the would-be matches,match stipulations and opponents that will be taking place at the February 7th ICWF "Cyber Sanctioned" show between now until the end of this coming Saturday night,Janaury 31st.
You can vote once per day and every day until the January 31st deadline.
Cast your vote by going on this link below:

Also at the ICWF show,there will be a live concert performance by R & B/hip-hop artist Sam Soul whom will be performing his hit song "Fight Night";which by the way is the official theme song of ICWF's "Cyber Sanctioned"!

Please be sure to cast your votes for the ICWF's "Cyber Sanctioned" show on the ICWF website before the end of this Saturday night,January 31st as well as make your plans to check out their spectacular event on Saturday afternoon,February 7th in Largo,FL at 4 PM!

Even if you are not able to make it to the show,
you will STILLbe able to see the show live because it will be streamed live online
on the internet on the ICWF website!!!
Please check out the ICWF website for more details.

For more information,please go to the official ICWF websites at:

You can also go and check out their official MySpace site at:

Chris Jericho Appears on Larry King to Confront Mickey Rourke


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

AWF Results from 1-24 in Lucedale, MS

The Alabama Wrestling Federation was in Lucedale, MS, on January 24. Results: "The Feature" Carlos D'Angelo defeated J.D. Scoundrel. Nathan Crown defeated Xion. The Mountain Man defeated Randy Riggins & Mr. Jimmy King. Wade Garrett defeated B.J. Sullivan. Cameron McCallister, Rory McCallister & "Road Dogg" B.G. James defeated Doink the Clown, General Payne & 2 Quik.

Credit: Southeastern Wrestling News

CSW Results from 1-24 in Mossy Head, FL

Culture Shock Wrestling was in Mossy Head, FL, on January 24. Results: "Mr. USA" T.A. Jones defeated Mike Metal by DQ. Pure Dynamite defeated J.T. Angel & Extreme G. "Scarface" Terry Ryker defeated Milo. The Confederate Kid defeated "the Human Wrecking Machine" Dunham. "The Chocolate Boy Wonder" Marcus Gibbs defeated Mr. Dark Personality to become the new US champion. "The Golden One" Aaron Idol defeated "Mr. Syndicated Saturday Night" "BTY" Colby Godwin. "Dirty" Dick Dunn, Jr., was the special guest referee. "Supernerd" Lane Smart defeated David Prime, "Afroman" Bruce Marshall, Victor Cru, "Mr. Violence" Jon Ryker, and DJ Durst in a 6-man fans bring the weapons elimination match to become the new CSW champion.

CSW will be back at the Community Center in Mossy Head, FL, on February 28. Matches to be announced. Doors open at 7:00 and bell time is at 8:00.

Credit: Southeastern Wrestling News

AWA - GEORGIA Results from 1-24 in Danielsville, GA

Savannah Valley Wrestling, now known as AWA-Georgia, was in Danielsville, GA, on January 24. Results: Brian Lawler defeated Enigma & Kid Cassanova in a triple threat match. Team DC won a tag gauntlet which featured Old School, Shane Bell & Nick Halen, Kevin Blue & Chris Spectra, and Hate City. James Boulevard defeated J.D. Jackson. For the Reaction championship, Ballenger defeated Talon Williams to retain. Jason Blackman defeated Darkside.

SVW will be at the Graybell Auction in Danielsville, GA, on February 7. Advertised: James BLVD defends the SVW championship against Jason Blackman. Tickets are $10. Kids under 13 get in for free. Bell time is at 7:30.

Credit: Southeastern Wrestling News

GLOW Open Casting Call

GLOW Open Casting Call!

The 1980's TV sensation is getting ready to cast a new generation of GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling) girls to take part in an incredible journey! If you think you have what it takes, show up in person!

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009
Between 4-6 PM

Big Vision Entertainment
14431 Hamlin St.
Van Nuys, CA 91401

If you have questions, please Email: (email is quickest and more effective than calling)

You do not need experience in professional wrestling to take part. We are looking for a very wide range of types and styles of people. You do not need to RSVP, jus' come on down!

Think you have what it takes? PROVE IT! We will see you there!!

View GLOW on Myspace:

View Big Vision Entertainment on Myspace:

Credit: Devin Cutting @

MACW 2-21 in Cheraw, SC

The "Nature Boy" Ric Flair will manage his son's Reid and David as they wrestle for the MACW Tag Team Title's at Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling:

"Night Of Champions"
Saturday, February 21st, 2009
Cheraw High School
Cheraw, SC
8 PM Bell Time
Doors open at 6 PM !!!

Also scheduled to appear: Buff "The Stuff" Bagwell, "The Rock n' Roll Express" Ricky Morton, "The Midnight Express" Bobby Eaton, Rikki Nelson, plus many other MACW Superstars !!

Tickets are available at:
J&K Grill in Cheraw, S.C. 99 Powe St, Cheraw, SC Tel: (843) 537-3056.
Stroud and Save in Chesterfield, S.C.
Cheraw High School Office 649 Chesterfield Hwy. Cheraw, SC Tel: (843) 921-1000.
Also at the door the day of the event!

$75 Flair Super Ticket (includes a front row reserved ringside seat, an 8x10
personally autographed Ric Flair picture and meet with Ric Flair !!)
$20 Ringside (excludes front row)
$12 General Admission

For all MACW upcoming events and news go to

Credit: Dan Parris @

RWA Results from 1-24 in Jonesboro, AR

1. Lucky VS John Allen Winner John Allen

2. Gary Diamond VS Roger Allen Winner Roger Allen

3. J.D. Kerry and Mike Titan VS The Irish Dragons Scott Fury and Acid

4. Chris Steel and Loose Cannon VS "The Natural Born Playa'z" [Pimptacular/Southside Brawler] Winner Playa'z

5. Mike Anthony VS The Tejano Kid. Winner Mike Anthony.

6. Austin Lane VS Precious Winner Precious

7. The Dawg Pound VS P.O.B Winner Dawg Pound.

The show started by POB interrupting Frank Martin as Frank was running down the card to the fans. Martin had just told the fans that the RWA TV show would debut this Tuesday night on cable channel 22. Martin also told them that the main events at the RWA shows would never be shown on TV. He let them know that the show would be 2 weeks behind on TV so if you want to keep up on what is going on in the RWA you need to be there live each week. This is when POB came out and told Martin that they had beat the Dawg pound in every match and did it not by cheating but by wrestling. Then they told Martin they were there to rid the RWA of the Dawg Pound for good. Martin took exception to these remarks and reminded Ron Rage [photo below] that he had already bought one of the members of POB. In fact he told Rage it was Silas and he paid him to take out Chazz Wesson back in the summer. POB then started to eye Silas however Martin then dropped the first bomb shell and told Rage that he has bought another member and when the time was right he would turn him loose on the POB. Rage now does not know who to trust. Martin went on to tell the POB that he would give them their shot at the Dawg Pound. That is when the Dawg Pound came out. Rodney Mack [photo above], Soul Train Jones, Rick Ruby. They all had dog collars on connected to chains. Martin made the match a 6 man dog collar match. POB was shocked cause Martin did not tell them that was going to be the match before the show(Shoot) The reaction was priceless.

The Kerry & Titan VS The Irish Dragons was a great match with Acid hitting a full 360front flip leg drop off the top rope on Mike Titan for the win. The Big Man can fly!

Mike Anthony and The Tejano Kid had a bloody match with Tejano putting Anthony out for 8 weeks with a bad concussion.

The Dog Collar Match was as bloody a match as I have ever seen and all the shots were stiff. Ron Rage, Rodney Mack, Cowboy and Rick Ruby were all bleeding badly. At the end Buzz Kill came out of no where and attacked Mack. Then the big man Cujo came out and made the save for the Dawg Pound.

No one has as strong a roster as the RWA and the workers are all showing the fans that they are the best in the indys in the mid south.

180+ in the building for a great show. TV taping next week.

Credit: RWAreporter @

Wrestling @ West Middle

Southern States Wrestling Jan 30

Monday, January 26, 2009

New Misty James DVD is Out

Misty James
"Don't let The Looks Fool you This Country Girl is Tough DVD"

Only $15 each DVD comes with a signed 8x10 Photo of Misty. ORders
outside the U.S.A. email misty-james@ for more info

Follow Misty as she battles her toughest rival Rebecca Lynn in a
series of matches that all comes to a head in their big "Loser Leaves
Kingsport Match."

Plus Misty teams with her husband "Handsome" Beau James the King of
Kingsport in mix tag action.

Also as an added Bonus see Misty battle tough young rookie sensation
Kassie Rains

Misty James video

MLW News

If you are a true fan of Ladies Wrestling, you will be excited to know
on February 28th, we will be doing customs and tapings with some of the
most talented ladies in wrestling.

We have available:
Pandora, English lady that is awesome in the ring.
Angelina (Pink) from LLF fame in Mexico.
Simply Luscious(the Texas Crazy Lady) who was trained by Shawn Michaels.
Su Yung (MLW 2008 Rookie of the Year).
Mary Kelly (Prettiest Tomboy in Pro Wrestling).
Rock N Roll Rock C (5' 11" Gorgeous beauty from Chattanooga).
Kassie Rains (Knoxville's Tennessee Number one lady wrestling star).
Misty James, Queen of East Tennessee (Wife of champion star, Beau James).

All of these ladies will be available for custom matches. Please check our web site for pricing and details. Also check out the downloads and dvds we have available on our website.

Thank s Memphis Ladies Wrestling

GCW Results from 1-24 in Palmerdale, AL

Global Championship Wrestling was in Palmerdale, AL on January 24th. Results: Johnny Slaughter defeats Amos Moses. Antonio Garza defeats Joey Lightning. Sgt. Hammer defeats The Dynamo. Orion Bishop defeats Muddbone. Genni Right defeats "Island Girl" Tracy Taylor. Theodore Tutwiler III & JP Magnum defeats Kid USA & Adam Jacobs. Scotty Blaze defeats Mike Taylor to retain the GCW championship.

Credit: Brian Slack @

IZW Results from 1-24 in Lawton, OK

Impact Zone Wrestling
January 24th 2009
Impact Arena

Kyo-te Joe beat 'Great' Dane Griffin by disqualification

'Freakshow' Chrisstopher Crow beat 'Mr Money' Randy Price by disqualification

Shane Rawls beat 'The Vulture' Kenny Campbelll by disqualification

Austin Tacious beat 'The Gifted' Eric Rose by count out

Monteego Seeka beat Bernie Donderwitz by pin fall

Credit: Dawayne Capshew @

ROH Gets TV Deal

Ring of Honor and HDNet have reached an agreement which will provide ROH with a weekly broadcast to a wide audience. HDNet networks are available on AT&T, Bright House Networks, Charter Communications, Comcast, DIRECTV, DISH Network, Insight, Mediacom, Time Warner Cable, Verizon and more than 40 NCTC cable affiliate companies.

Credit: Southeastern Wrestling News