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How smart is Bill Goldberg?

We'll find out for sure when he appears on an upcoming episode of the "Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?" game show.


"Hell in the Cell" and "Summerslam" DVD Relase Date

WWE will be releasing a 3-disc Hell in a Cell DVD set on 10/14.

The Summerslam Anthology box set (every show from 1988 to 2007) will be released this Tuesday.

"WWE SmackDown" Taping Results... SPOILERS!!!

Dark matches and spoilers for tommorrow night:

Credit: Annette M. Boyer and

Dark Matches before ECW Began:

Funaki defeated Nic "The Natural" Nemeth

WWE Smackdown:

- Jeff Hardy vs. The Great Khali is the feature match.

- The Cutting Edge was to feature a mystery guest. They kept teasing the mystery guest throughout the show.

- M.V.P. defeated Jimmy Wang Yang - Following up his angle from last week, Jeff Hardy was at ringside during the match. M.V.P. hit the Yakuza kick for the win. Jeff Hardy came in after the match and told M.V.P. never to talk about his house, the fire, or his dog again. M.V.P. went after Jeff. Jeff left him laying with a Twist of Fate.

- Kennedy defeated Shelton Benjamin in a non-title match - Kennedy won with the Mic Check to clearly set up a match at Summerslam.

- Brian Kendrick, with Ezekiel, defeated Stevie Richards

- The Great Khali defeated Jeff Hardy - Hardy was mega-over with the crowd. A plodding match with Khali dominating 90% of the match. There was a mega pop for Jeff when he hit the Whisper in the Wind and then followed up with a Swanton Bomb. M.V.P came out to distract Jeff. Khali took advantage wand used the Vice Grip for the win. M.V.P. posed over the fallen Hardy.

- Maria defeated Victoria

- Big Show defeated Domino - Umaga came out and had a stare down with Show.

- The Cutting Edge was next. They had a table, ladder, and chair in the ring as Edge came out for his segment. Edge explained that for the past week he had been searching for inner peace. He said that T.L.C. represented that inner peace and was the key to defeating the Undertaker at One Night Stand. He said that he has not had a moment of peace since Vicki's announcement last week. He claimed that now he needed help in defeating the Undertaker in the Hell in the Cell at Summerslam. He said that his mystery guest was the one person who understood the Undertaker and Hell in the Cell better than anyone. He then rolled to the outside and pointed at Mick Foley. He said Foley was the man who could help him at Summerslam and called him to the ring. Mick reluctantly climbed into the ring.

Inside, Edge showed Foley a clip of his unforgettable HITC match with Taker a decade ago. Edge told Foley that since the match he was a different person. He told Mick that he was still feeling the effects of the match and was never the same because of it. But now was Foley's chance to gain revenge against the Taker by helping Edge to defeat him. Foley was tremendous in his response and showed why he is still one of the best promo guys around. Mick said the only person that could help Edge was Edge himself. Foley said that the old ruthless Edge could defeat Taker, not the current white tuxedo Edge. Just watch the promo. It's amazing. Foley asked if he made himself clear to Edge. Edge said he had and attacked Foley. He speared him into the ringside steps and then set up the ladder and table. Foley got the Mandible Claw on Edge but got a low blow for his trouble. Edge placed Mick on the table. He climbed the ladder with the chair and splashed Foley with it. The show closed with Edge standing over a fallen Foley.

Dark Match:

- Big Show defeated Edge by count out

OLLIE'S OPINION: Sounds like a VCR moment for the Foley/Edge segment.

Championship Wrestling "Fun Fest Rumble 2008" Results from 7-26 in Kingsport, TN

The big news coming out of Fun Fest is that the National Heavyweight Title has been declared vacant... During the Title Match between Robbie Cassidy & Thorn, both men's shoulders were counted down for 3 by referee Rob Knight... The match was declared a draw. However, AWA Matchmaker, Clarence Clippenback took the title from Thorn and declared the belt vacant barring a rematch... Thorn didn't take this news well and attacked and bloodied Clippenback with the title belt.

Later in the night, Clippenback announced that Thorn has been suspended indefinitely from Championship Wrestling... He also announced that a new National Heavyweight Champion would be crowned this Saturday, July 26 at Encore 2008 in Kingsport, TN at the Civic Auditorium as the 4 Top Contenders for the Title will compete in a 4 Way Ladder Match... The competitors in that match will be Robbie Cassidy, Big Steve Fury, Alyx Winters, and the current CW Television Champion, Wayne Adkins... Cassidy, Fury and Winters have all held the title in the past. Adkins has never held the title, but if he is successful this Saturday in Kingsport, he will be the 1st person ever to hold every major title in CW.

--- Tony Givens pinned Brian Logan and seemingly won the AWA World Heavyweight Title at Fun Fest, but the decision was reversed when the referee found a pair of brass knux in Givens' tights... The knux had actually been used by Logan and planted on Givens' earlier in the match.

Givens and Logan will once again meet in the ring this Saturday Night in Kingsport, TN... This time it will be in tag team action. Each man has selected a partner: Logan has selected fellow JHP member, "Tennessee Redneck" Chris Richards and Givens has select former TNA Star, David Young... Young and Logan were tag team partners many years ago in GA, so Young knows Logan extremely well.

--- "The Real Deal" Chase Owens became the newest member John Hawkins Promotions when he defeated Cody Ices... After the match, Owens and Hawkins continued to beat on Ices until Casey Oxendine made the save... The last time we seen Oxendine in CW, he was wrestling against Ices. Oxendine says that has gained respect for Ices in their match and he has offered to train Ices for a rematch against Owens this Saturday in Kingsport, TN.

--- During the US Tag Team Title Match between Beau James & Moe Jenkins (now known as the Hip Hop Express) and the 501st, Super Jin was unmasked... Super Jin's face was revealed to the camera for a split second. We are not legally allowed to speculate as to who Super Jin was revealed as until CW Officials review the tape.

After the mask was taken off, the 501st left the ring and took the count out loss to Beau & Moe... Beau & Moe have asked for a rematch this Saturday in Kingsport. This time there will be no escape as the match will be contested under Lumberjack rules.

Championship Wrestling presents
Encore 2008

Saturday, July 26, 2008
Kingsport, TN
Civic Auditorium
Bell Time - 8:00 pm

4 Way Ladder Match for the National Heavyweight Title
"High Risk" Robbie Cassidy
Big Steve Fury w/ John Hawkins
CW Television Champion, Wayne Adkins
JHP Member, "The Cold" Alyx Winters

Dream Tag Team Partner Match
Tony "The Dragon" Givens & Former TNA Star, David Young
AWA World Heavyweight Champion, Brian Logan & "Tennessee Redneck"
Chris Richards w/John Hawkins

Lumber Jack Match for the
United States Tag Team Titles
Champions, The 501st (Jin & Super Jin)
"Handsome" Beau James & Moe Jenkins w/ Misty James

Special Challenge
"The Real Deal" Chase Owens w/John Hawkins
"Young Gun" Cody Ices w/Members of Team Oxendine


"Notorious" Nick Hammonds
"Power House" Ray Idol
Scotty Roberts
Mr. Bolo
Adam Maggart
& More

Card Subject to Change

Ticket Information
Front Row: $10
General Admission: $8

Doors open at 7:00 PM

Venue Information
Civic Auditorium
1550 Fort Henry Dr.
Kingsport, TN 37664
(423) 229-9457

Chikara News

After playing to boisterous crowds in both Massachusetts and Connecticut earlier this year, we've decided to take the CHIKARA circus on the road to see our fans and friends in the Midwestern United States. The third weekend in September, we're hitting the road and making our debut in both Illinois and Ohio!
Today, thanks to the cooperation of groups like NWA Midwest and Elite Pro Wrestling, among others, we can finally announce the exact location for our September 20th Chicago-area event! On that particular Saturday, the stars of CHIKARA will play the Streamwood Park District Community Center, located in scenic Streamwood, IL. Our event will be titled, what else but, "The Artistic Pursuit of Being Yourself" and so far, a who's who of CHIKARA's finest have signed to be part of the event: Jimmy Olsen, The Colony, Lince Dorado, The Osirian Portal, Tim Donst, The Super Smash Brothers, Vin Gerard, the Fabulous Two, Incognito, The Order of the Neo Solar Temple and CHIKARA founder "Lightning" Mike Quackenbush are among the first to commit to wrestling at the Streamwood Community Center.

"All That Glitters"
8.9.2008 - Saturday Evening
Live @ The Riverside Beneficial Assoc.!
1742 Pear Street
in Reading, PA!
The action begins at 7:30 pm!

"Vanity and Violence"
8.10.2008 - Sunday Afternoon
Live @ The ECW Arena/New Alhambra!
7 W. Ritner Street
in South Philly, PA!
The action begins at 4:00 pm!

"Style and Substance"
9.7.2008 - Sunday Afternoon
Live @ The ECW Arena/New Alhambra!
7 W. Ritner Street
in South Philly, PA!
The action begins at 4:00 pm!

"The Artistic Pursuit of Being Yourself"
9.20.2008 - Saturday Evening
Live @ The Streamwood Park District Community Center!
777 S. Bartlett Rd.
in Streamwood, IL!
The action begins at 7:00 pm!

Our homebase: - In Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese & French!
For our free, weekly video podcast:
Join our official fan club:
On MySpace!

FTW Card for 8-23 in Sparta, TN

FTW Card for 8-23-08 at the FTW Arena (The Stronghold), 341 Burley Street, right off North Spring St. in Sparta, TN.

Young Lion, vs. A legend..
Logan Shane vs. MTWA's Dirty White Boy

Tag Grudge Match
Mr. Pure Wrestling Toby Farley and Standard Wrestling Guy w/The Wrestling Dictionary
Xander Blaze and Hard Knox AC Frost

Tag Title Match
New Champs Jeremy Travis and Josh Frozt
BCI w/Precious

Best of 3 Title Match
Rocky McDaniel (champ) w/TK
Noah Richards

6 Man Grudge Match
COP and Ace
ELE and Sabbath

Number 1 contenders match for Tradition Title
Dexter York vs Patrick Colvett

Mary Kelly vs Strange

Also Robert Mullingan, Maddog, Big Daddy Kane, Johnnie Deacon, and possibly more.

Tickets...$8 @ door.

Eye Candy For The Week....

Krazy Kiara Dillion is a former Miss California and National beauty pageant winner. She had the honor of working with the WWF/WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) with wrestlers Dean Malenko and The Godfather. She is currently working the independent wrestling circuit with her partner in crime, Jason Vega.

Police Investigating Mike Levy Beat Down at IWA Show

The Mike Levy incident from a few weeks ago is now being investigated by police. The incident saw North Carolina independent wrestler Mike Levy get beaten up badly by wrestlers Devon Moore, Tank, Ian Rotten, and Rotten's son following Levy's match with Mickie Knuckles at an IWA show. The reason for the beatdown was apparently because Levy left a knot on Mickie Knuckles' face during their match. Ian Rotten, the promoter of IWA, later said that Levy got his ass kicked for the right reasons and claimed that Levy was fine afterwards and happy he could still be part of IWA. Once press attention started coming in, Rotten said the beatdown was an angle and part of the show. The officer investigating the situation says he isn't so sure the beatdown was part of the show.


TNA Bound for Glory PPV Pre-Sale Event TODAY

(Video) Honky Tonk Man Almost Loses A Finger

-- The longest reigning WWE Intercontinental Champion of all-time, Honky Tonk Man, nearly lost a finger in a guitar stunt that went wrong a few days ago. Apparently, he was horsing around with a fan outside the Boston Pizza restaurant, where he made a special appearance earlier in the day. They were going to slam guitars together, but the fan missed hitting HTM's guitar, and accidentally hit his hand instead. Honky Tonk Man ended up almost losing a finger as he had to be rushed to the hospital. He needed eight stitches and was able to save the finger.

See "Honky Tonk Man Almost Loses A Finger" video


Quick Reminder: Memphis Wrestling Special This Saturday Night at 7pm on CW30

"Superstar" Billy Graham's Bizarre E-Mail To A Wrestling Promoter

-- WWE Hall of Famer "Superstar" Billy Graham was originally scheduled to appear at the NWA Legends FanFest in Charlotte, North Carolina taking place from 8/14 to 8/17. However, Graham apparently started demanding more money and special perks after the original deal had been made between himself and convention promoter Greg Price. Anyway, Price posted a bizarre e-mail Graham sent him yesterday afternoon, on the NWA Legends FanFest message board. Here is Graham's e-mail:

In a message dated 7/28/2008 3:02:10 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, Superstarbg writes:

Subject: $ 475

This number should be, 666 and tattooed on your forehead, you mark whore for wrestling. I will have this email posted on every message board I can find and encourage you to do the same. You have hurt the ones that I love best and covered up the truth with lies, one day you will be in the ditch, flies buzzin around your eyes. I hope that you die and your death will come soon, as I would love to follow your casket on a pale afternoon, I will watch as you are lowered down to your death bed and stand over your grave to make sure that you are dead. I have been praying to the devil that HE will send demons to pluck out your eyes, cut your tongue in half and sever your ears, spit venom in your face and gut you with a butcher knife and watch as your intestines spill out. You f****** worthless wrestling mark whore. More coming.

According to Price, "the $475 he refers to is the cost of the airline ticket he had me buy for him to travel to Charlotte, the same $475 that he says is now MY "financial loss."

According to Price, Graham sent him some more bizarre e-mails, as this is only one of them. Price added, "Folks, those are Wayne Coleman's written words. It's sickening, especially from someone who professes to be a Christian. I'm not sure how long I will leave this up, but I did want you guys to see it. As promised, ALL of my email exchanges with Supercreep will be released to the public on August 18th."

Credit: Daniel Pena @

Press Release: Hulk Hogan To Star In Movie With MMA Fighter, Kimbo Slice

The following is a press release about a new movie Hulk Hogan will be starring in with Kimbo Slice:

Kimbo Slice to Co-Star with Hulk Hogan in Stereo Vision's Martial Arts Comedy "Kung Fu U" in 3D

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Stereo Vision Entertainment, Inc. (OTCBB: SVSN), a film production company focused exclusively on developing high quality, low cost, polarized 3D feature films, announced today that the undefeated Mixed Martial Arts phenomenon, Kimbo Slice, will be co-starring with Hulk Hogan in Stereo Vision's hilarious kids' comedy "Kung Fu U" in 3D.

"Kung Fu U" in 3D is a Disney-type comedy about of a bunch of nerds and misfits that are sent away by their wealthy parents to the Brentwood Academy (a.k.a. Kung Fu U) to learn the finer arts of self-defense. It's a heart-warming romp where the rather weathered warriors come to the rescue for the kids, and in turn, the kids rescue the warriors’ seemingly lost souls from what had been their eternal apathy. It's a feel-good story that reminds us that we're all the same, no matter what our age, or where we came from, and that we should all stick together.

Stereo Vision's Chairman, "Baywatch" creator Doug Schwartz, stated, "We're very happy to have Kimbo Slice co-starring in 'Kung Fu U.' He has an enormous media presence, and he'll fit right in with our star Hulk Hogan, and the other cast members in our made for kids 3D movie. We hope to have 'Kung Fu U' in 3D in theatres by the fall of '09."

About Stereo Vision

Located in Van Nuys, California, Stereo Vision Entertainment Inc. ( is a film production company focused exclusively on high quality, low cost, next generation 3D feature films. Responding to the incredible growth of digital projection 3D theater system worldwide, and the exploding demand for polarized 3D feature films, Stereo Vision has for several years, been developing an exciting slate of commercial 3D feature films. Led by a management team that includes Chairman and Chief Production Officer Douglas Schwartz, creator and executive producer of "Baywatch," the world's most watched television series in history, and Chief Financial Officer, Goldman Sachs veteran Theodore Botts, Stereo Vision intends to produce and release at least fifteen 3D feature films over the next 5 years. Capitalizing on its long-standing studio relationships, Stereo Vision is uniquely positioned to be a significant player in future of the 3D motion picture industry.

This press release may contain forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties, including statements regarding our business strategy and development plans, plans for entering into new businesses, anticipated sources and uses of funds and other statements regarding our plans, objectives, expectations and intentions that are not historical facts. Because these forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties, actual results could differ materially from those discussed in this press release.

Credit: Chris Cash @

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Stro mentioned in two PWI magazines this month!

Stro is mentioned this month in both the new Pro Wrestlling Illustrated Magazine (Indy Report) and PWI's 2008 Almanac and Book of Facts.

Both are on sale in newsstands now!

Dawn Marie Launching Campaign to Help Retired Wrestlers with Health Care Costs

The following was released by Dawn Marie:

Wrestlers Rescue

Mission statement

Wrestlers Rescue's mission is to create awareness and to help raise monies to support the health care needs of Retired Professional Wrestlers due to a career choice in wrestling.

Wrestlers rescue will be focusing on three stages of growth.
· 1st stage is to create awareness of the need and to raise funds.
· 2nd stage is to put in place a financial advisory for the active wrestling community to call on for advice on how to plan for their future. Including retirement, pension, college funds, family needs ect.
· 3rd stage is to set in place a Health care program that can be bought into at a group rate so that the community can afford care for themselves and their families.

We are dedicated to improving the lives of the professional and their families. By educating the person on how to expand their opportunities and how to reach their full potential in life.


According to a report by KNBC in Kansas City, MO, Twyla Riley is suing World Wrestling Entertainment for injuries she says she sustained to her head, back, neck, knee, ankle, and elbow at a May 19, 2007 Smackdown Event at the Gale Bullman Multipurpose Center .

She is blaming WWE for a fall from the bleachers where she said the railing gave way.Her husband, who also attended the show with her, is also part of the law suit. Lawyers for the University where the venue is located, and for WWE responded that Riley was at fault.

Credit: &

Kevin Nash Walks Out at Impact Taping

Kevin Nash walked out on last night's Impact taping because of a clash with management over a finish to a Gauntlet match set to air next week on Spike TV. Nash quietly left the taping, but it appears everything has blown over and that he is still with the company.


Tomko Reportedly Done at TNA, Black Reign also Gone

Tomko is officially done with TNA Wrestling and finished up at the company's TV tapings this week in Orlando. According to reports, the decision was made to part ways as Tomko has a history of turning down ideas from creative and not wanting to work with the company on numerous occassions.

Also, Dustin Runnels, who worked in TNA as Black Reign and was the former Goldust in WWE, has also finished up with TNA. Much like with James Mitchell and Rellik, the company had nothing for him creatively, but the door was left open for a return down the line.


TNA Building New Studio Near Nashville


TNA Wrestling is nearing completion of our brand-new 20,000 square foot TNA TV Studio near our headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee! The new studio will have several editing bays for the creation of our worldwide programming ("iMPACT!", Xplosion, etc) and DVD production, as well as standup/on-camera sets (similar to what ESPN uses). The studio will also house audio areas, a tape library, conference rooms as well as TNA's growing Merchandise Department. For those that have been employed with TNA since the beginning in 2002, this new state-of-the-art Television Studio is certainly a major milestone for our company.

USWO/ATL Card for 8-2 in Nashville

Main Event
Richard Lowe & Kevin Dunn vs New York Gangster & Damien Payne

$800 winner take all!
Kid Dynamite vs White Tiger

Shawn Hoodrich vs Steve West

Derrick Neal vs Blue Amigo

Dyronic vs Chris Norte

Little Booger vs Nick Travis

and other stuff

Credit: WWRD @ Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

XOW Aug, 23, 2008 Senatobia, Ms. Huey White Chevrolet

click poster for larger view

Lex Lugar Update

Former WCW World Heavyweight Champion Lex Luger was a guest speaker at the Carolyn Baptist Church in Dalton, Georgia this past Sunday. According to a brief article on him, he wanted to tell his story. They wrote: "Lex Luger has endured a tough past few years. Run-ins with the law. Drug abuse. Partial paralysis. Now after becoming a born-again Christian, Luger wants to tell his story." Luger is still undergoing rehabilitation at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, but he can at least walk on his own now. Although, he is unable to lift a dumbbell, and is down to around 170 pounds.


CM Punk's Nose Broken

CM Punk's nose was bleeding profusely from his match with William Regal last night on Raw. has posted some photos of Punk tending to his bleeding nose backstage. As ntoed on WZR Radio, Punk's nose was indeed broken.


WWE Hires Freddie Prinze, Jr.

WWE hired Hollywood actor Freddie Prinze Jr. as a member of the company's creative writing team at Monday's TV tapings in Washington, D.C. for Saturday Night's Main Event and Monday Night Raw. Prinze is a big WWE fan and was featured as a "celebrity blogger" on the WWE Fan Nation website. Movie fans may remember Prinze Jr.'s work in films such as "She's All That", "I Know What You Did Last Summer" and all of the Scooby Doo films. He is married to Hollywood actress Sarah-Michelle Gellar.


Killer Kowalski Article

Here's an article on Killer Kowalski, and the battle he is fighting with health problems. Kowalski is in a nursing home, and his wife says he loves to receive cards from fans who remember him. If anyone would like to send a card, the address is included in the article.

Credit: Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

Brian Christopher in Rehab(?)

The following was posted on by Brian Tramel:

I am being told by several sources that Brian Christopher is in rehab. He will be gone for a few months. Not sure where the facility is located, but I was told it was being paid for by the WWE. I am happy to hear this and wish him the best of luck. Brian is a great talent, but as we have documented on this site, his “actions” have held him back for a long time.

If this is true, we at Wrestling News Center wish Brian the very best.

Kurt Angle "Reality" Show

Here's a link to a Kurt Angle video. It's his apparent attempt at a reality show.

Credit: Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

Ladies Of BLOW

"Beautiful Ladies of Wrestling" Eye Candy For This Week , Enjoy!

Cherry Payne
Sin D
Stephanie Starr

PWMA IN Chesapeake, VA 8-02-08

AUGUST 2, 2008

Hugh Parker
"Married by a judge, should have asked for a jury"

BLOW Coming To Cleveland Tn.

Brooke Hogan Lashes Out at "Stupid People of the Press"

It's her brother's birthday and Brooke Hogan will cry if she wants to.

The 20-year-old lashed out at "stupid people of the press" on her MySpace blog for claiming she skipped her sib Nick Bollea's 18th birthday behind bars on Sunday.

She seethed:

Here's how stupid and inaccurate the media can be...
According to the press I didn't show up to my brothers 18th birthday at the jail.
Lets see...
*hes in jail
*Its an important birthday...the big 18!!!
*I'm only a 4 hour drive to Tampa
*He's the most important thing in my life.

They must have thought I didn't show cause they didn't SEE me.
uhh...there's such thing as a back door you jerks."

Sunday served as a reunion for the Hogan clan, as Hulk and his estranged wife Linda -- whom he recently dubbed "the most formidable opponent I've ever encountered" -visited their son in jail.

Nick -- who is behind bars for a car crash that critically injured his best friend John Graziano -- has been moved to the central division jail for adults where he will be housed with up to 71 other adult men.

Source: Yahoo News

Hulk Hogan on Linda

Former WWE wrestler Hulk Hogan says he has fought a lot of bad guys in his day.

Who takes the title?

Ex-wife Linda Bollea!

"Without a doubt, this one is the most formidable opponent I've ever run into," he tells

"You talk about dirty tricks: Brass knuckles, steel knuckles, cheap shots,
tripping people up. Ive never seen anybody in the wrestling business that has more dirty tricks than she does!" he adds. "I guess I taught her well."

After 23 years of marriage, Linda, 48, surprised Hogan, 54, last November by filing for divorce. (He learned of the split from a newspaper reporter.)

Since then, the two have been embroiled in a messy war.

On June 30, Linda filed papers alleging that he "relentlessly and methodically" stalks her, "causing her anxiety and fear for her safety at all times." (His lawyer has called the claim "pure fantasy.")

They also have clashed over assets (she recently accused him of not paying his share of their $4.2 million Las Vegas condo).

Source: Yahoo News

Nick Hogan's Family Birthday "Party"

By Access HollywoodJuly 28, 2008, 11:07 am PDT

CLEARWATER, Fla. -- Nick Hogan (whose real name is Nick Bollea) got a family's worth of presents for his 18th birthday on Sunday, as his parents and girlfriend visited him in jail.

Hulk Hogan and estranged wife Linda arrived separately, a source on the scene told Access Hollywood. Each brought gifts, with Hulk bringing a birthday cake and balloons and Linda rolling in with a skateboard for her incarcerated son.

"Nick always wanted a skateboard and I finally got it for him and he's going to enjoy it," she said, according to the source.

Nick's girlfriend brought balloons as well.

However, the family didn't get to see him in person - according to the source, the county now does all visitations via videophone, with the family allowed to sing him "Happy Birthday" as a group before spending individual time on the videophone.

Upon turning 18, Nick was moved from the jail's juvenile wing to its adult section.

Nick is serving an eight-month sentence after pleading no contest to felony reckless driving, which led to a crash that left his friend, John Graziano, paralyzed.

Source: Yahoo News

Memphis Ladies Wrestling Coming to Tupelo!!!

On October 4th, we will be having our first ever MLW Live show in Tupelo, Mississippi, and that very day we will be doing customs for you fans. If you go to the web site above, you can see the rules and what we are offering. The ladies that will be available are:
Lil Su Yung
Tasha Simone
Brandi Wine
Returning Little Jeanne
Returning Alere Little Feather
Hellena Heavenly
Sin D
Rock N Roll Rock C
Destiny from Alabama
Mean Misty Heat
First Time Appearing, Lil Bit
Misty James

Of course, ladies are subject to change but we are very excited about this being our first custom and live show. Bell Time that night is 7:30 pm. Tupelo is located about an hour and fifteen minutes from Memphis, Tennessee, and is the original birthplace of Elvis Presley.

We are offering on our web site also, the V. I. P. package for one night's lodging, ticket to the show, premuim seating, and a meet and greet with some of the ladies. All of this for only $100.00.


ACPW Hall of Fame/Legends show this Sat. Aug. 2nd.

ACPW Legends show





ACPW Title match special referee NWA LEGEND Nikita Koloff
KC Mcknight defends against Charlie Dreamer

ACPW Special grudge match
Jay Steel meets Former TNA star David Young

First time ever!
NWA Legend and a former WCW star and current NWA-MSW champion team up!

NWA Legend Dennis Condrey of the Midnight Express and Former WCW star,3 time ACPW champion, and current NWA-Mountain State champion Stro "The Maestro of Wrestling" have issued a open Tag Team Challenge .. who will accept?

also on the card former TNA stars The Naturals,Mystery former ECW/WWE stars...

ALL OF YOUR FAVORITE ACPW STARS....Hangtime,Tre G , The Dawsons, Josh Hunter, Daniel Messina , Sean Cruise, Chaos , Soul Reaper, Dave Renegade and Many More...



It has now come upon us. The ACPW is well in advance of getting ready to promote the year's huge legends event Next Sat night August 2nd in Roseboro,NC .

This year we are proud to inductee into the ACPW HALL OF FAME the following gentleman.......

1. Dennis Condrey of the Midnight Express***** Dennis is a true legend in not only ACPW but all of pro wrestling . He best known for is Tag Team partner , Bobby Eaton, as they formed the Midnight Express with Jim Cornette. They wrecked havoc throughout the world. They are known best for thier legendary war with the rock n roll express over the NWA world Tag Team titles.***

2. Former ACPW commishner Charlie Mintz*** Mr Mintz is a well respected gentleman in not only the wrestling world but in his community. If you ask anyone in his city or around , thier lives have been touched by Charlie in someway. Mr Mintz was very instrumental in ACPW's Growth over the years and for bringing many well needed funds to EE Smith Middle School. ***

3. Tre G *** Tre is been a figurehead in ACPW since its beginnings. He has been responsible for many young Indy Stars breaking Into the wretling Business. He is known as a w well respected Trainer, Wrestler and Promoter throughout the Eastern Coast. He is well traveled and is a well known indy star.***

4. Stro *** The former WCW star and current NWA-MSW champion has been worldwide known and is responsible for many young indy stars of today. He has been a mainstay in ACPW many years and has enjoyed many title runs . He is a mid atlantic veteran and legend.***

5. Dave Renegade *** Dave is a well respected Mid Atlantic indy figurehead. He was also a well known promoter of ACCW wrestling in the late 90's and early 2000 years. ***

This concludes this years inductees ... They will join The Following...
Ivan Koloff,Buff Bagwell,Rick Steiner, Ricky Morten,Jimmy Valiant, John Thundercloud,Tommy Young, Bobby Eaton, Abdullah The Butcher, East Coast Bodily Harm,Barnarian, and Robert Gibson.

Stro's Official website:
Stro on MySpace:
Stro merchandise on sale!:
Help fight Pancreatic Cancer:

"TNA Impact" Taping Results... SPOILERS!!!

Credit: Alex Hernandez and

Taping for this Thursday

- Beer Money won a tag team title shot at the PPV, defeating Christian Cage and Rhino after Team 3D cost them the fight. Cage and Rhino then challenged Team 3D for a match at the PPV.

- Jay Lethal, Shark Boy and Curry Man defeated Johnny Devine and The Rock and Rave Infection. After the match Lethal tried to propose again to Val, but she said she lost the ring. Lethal was upset about this.

- Booker T comes to the ring and offers to give Samoa Joe a tour of the Six Sides of Steel. Joe comes out, they brawl and someone drops a baseball bat from the rafters, and Booker knocks out Joe with it. AJ Styles came to the ring to check on Joe and then called out Sting, because he was sick and tired of making excuses for him. Sting's music hit, but Kurt Angle came out and attacked Styles, gave him the Angle Slam and left AJ laying.

- Consequences Creed defeated X-Division Champion Petey Williams in a non-title match.

- AJ Styles challenged Kurt Angle to a Last Man Standing match at Hard Justice.

- Matt Morgan defeated Sal Rinauro. After the match he called out Tomko, they brawled until security came out. They would break free and Morgan them laid out Tomko.

- Gail Kim and Taylor Wilde defeated The Beautiful People. Awesome Kong them came out after the match, laid out Kim and Wilde until ODB and Roxxi made the save.

"Saturday Night's Main Event" Taping Results... SPOILERS!!!

Credit: Billy Krotchten and

Dark Match:

Paul London pinned Charlie Haas with the shooting star press.

SNME Matches:

CM Punk comes out to a huge pop with the title belt around his waist as he joins Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross.

- JBL, Cody Rhodes, Kane, and Ted DiBiase Jr. defeated John Cena, Cryme Tyme, and Batista. JBL got the win after pinning JTG.

- Khali defeated Jimmy Wang Yang in a quick squash.

- Jenny McCarthy's on her way to the ring. She's just asking fans to give to the fight against Autism.

- Edge defeated Jeff Hardy after MVP hit Hardy behind the ref's back - Edge then hit a Spear for the win.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Stephanie McMahon Gives Birth

Stephanie McMahon gave birth to a baby girl earlier today. Her name is Murphy Claire Levesque and she weighed in at a healthy 8 lbs, 12ounces.


TNA House Show Results from 7-27 in Kenansville, NC

TNA House Show Results from 7/27/08
Kenansville, North Carolina

X-Division Champion Petey Williams defeated Kaz.

World Tag Team Champions LAX defeated The Rock N Rave Infection.

Knockout Champion Taylor Wilde defeated Awesome Kong & Jackie in a Triple Threat Match.

Rhino & Eric Young defeated Beer Money Inc. (Robert Roode & James Storm).

Abyss defeated Tomko in a Street Fight.

Samoa Joe defeated Christian Cage.

LAW Results from 7-25 in Rector, AR

Chris Rocker over Justin Smart
The Baron Malkavain over Rockin' Randy
Slim Pickens over Austin Lane
Derrick King over The Baron Malkavain
LAW Champion Flash Flanagan & Dell Tucker wrestled to a no contest with Greg Anthony & Idol Bane

50-60 in the crowd.

Justin Smart went to suplex Chris Rocker back into the ring but Slim came from the back to trip his foot allowing Rocker to gain the 3 count. This was a little payback for Smart who had done the exact same thing to Rocker last week in his match with Austin Lane.

Lane vs Pickens:The ref was knocked to the floor with Lane on top of an O'Connor Roll. As Smart tried to get the ref back in the ring, Rocker came and kicked Austin over putting Slim on top of the O'Connor Roll. 1..2..3.

DK actually went out and said that he wanted to wrestle but didn't have an opponent so he was going to sing. He started with "Friends in Low Places" but just then the lights went out and The Baron came out.

In the main event, Flash Flanagan hit a cross body on Idol Bane 1..2... TGB drops an elbow on the ref. As Flash beat on TGB in the corner.. Idol Bane came and clipped Flash's leg. Jeff O'Dell gave Idol a steel chair and Idol went to work on Flash's leg. 6 shots later, Tucker came and made the save.

Credit: Layingdownthelaw5150

Brian Tramel at

RWA Results from 7-26 in Jonesboro, AR

1st Match. J.D. Kerry VS Lucky. Lucky by pin fall.
2nd Match. Chris Steel VS Chief Quixote. Quixote. By DQ.
3rd Match. Silas VS Ron Rage. Rage by count out.
4th Match. The Asylum VS The Natural Born Playa's and PP3. Asylum by pin fall
5th Match. Fabulous Luke Graham Jr. VS P.O.B. (Midnight Cowboy) Graham by pin fall.

The Main Event. Rik Burton RWA Heavyweight Champion
Rodney "Red Dogg" Mack.
Rodney "Red Dogg" Mack is the new RWA Heavyweight Champion.

Ron Rage and Silas match came from the opening of the show. The Rat Pack came out and had Raven in tow with a dog collar around her neck and a chain attached to it. Classy Meltin Massy started telling the crowd how great all his guys were and then Rik Burton The Crown Jewel of the group and RWA Champ took his turn with the mic telling the crowd how much Raven was enjoying being with him. At this point “P.O.B.” [Ron Rage/Midnight Cowboy] came to the ring and the whole Rat Pack Bunch powdered. Rage told the real story of how Burton had tapped out in both of the matches and that he wanted another match with Burton. Burton told him if he had something to put up he would give Rage another match. Burton suggested that if Rage wins his match tonight he would get his match. Burton choose Silas as Rage’s opponent. Rage accepted the challenge.

J.D. Kerry and Lucky had a great Lightweight Match. Kerry continues to get better with each match that he has. He has built a good following in the RWA and is gaining confidence with every match that he has. Lucky being the veteran that he is gave Kerry a good wrestling match and the fans appreciated the match. IMO these two guys should team up. Lucky could really take Kerry to the next level.

Chris Steel and Big Chief Quixote have a feud going that is leading up to what could be a final match for one of these guy's. They have had two good matches so far and it seems that Classy Melton Massy can't keep out of it. Rottn Randy has been coming out with the big Indian and Massy and Rottn have butted heads in the past and again in this match. The Big Chief used his height and weight advantage in the match but Steel used Massy in the match. Massy cost the match for Steel with his interference.

Ron Rage and Silas match was just two big tuff men beating each other from pillar to post. For the first time Silas was actually challenged in a match. Silas took Rage through a series of power moves in the ring. Silas slammed Rage several times with big power slams. Both men ended up out of the ring on the floor fighting. Rage reversed Silas and whipped him into the ring post. Rage made it back into the ring before Silas and won the match by count out. Silas got back into the ring to slam Rage a couple more times working over Rages back.

The “Asylum” came to the ring together for the first time in the RWA - all three of them - Psycho, Arnez and Pappy. They were to face The “Natural Born Playa's” [Southside Brawler/Pimptacular]. Frank Martin had to come out to the ring to ask the NBP's manager Classy Melton Massy if he could count and read. The contract clearly stated a 6 man tag match. Massy would not be the partner for the NBP's, so Martin told them he would get them a partner. Out came PP3 much to the delight of the fans. The Asylum again were brutal though out the match. PP3 seemed to through off the team work of the NBP's and the Asylum got the win. Great match and very entertaining. The Asylum and the Playa's are some of the best workers.

Fabulous Luke Graham Jr. and The Midnight Cowboy once again had an old school wrestling match. Good wrestling and good fighting. The crowd really dislikes Graham and really love the Cowboy. These two guys had the crowd following them on each move they did. Graham shows every time he is in the ring just why he is fabulous. He takes the crowd on a rollar coaster ride every time he steps into the ring. The Cowboy has the crowd behind him 100%, they love The Cowboy and that puts a lot of heat on Graham. These two are giving the crowd a great series of matches they will not forget. The Cowboy had Graham beat this time but the wily veteran pulled a chain and knocked out the Cowboy for the 3 count. This has got to lead up to a no DQ match or a cage or maybe a match the fans have not seen in many years, hint it was made famous in Texas.....

Rick Burton came to the ring first showing off his Title Belt. Massy had Raven with him hooked up to the chain. Ron Rage came out to the ring favoring his back and was not 100% because of Silas. Before Rage could get into the ring The Rat Pack came out and attacked Rage form behind injuring his back even more. Rage could not wrestle after that. Martin came out and told Burton he was sick and tired of The Rat Pack jumping people and interfering in the Championship Matches. Martin then told Burton he was going to strip him of the title and the crowd went crazy. Burton told Martin that he did not have anything to do with it and he would take Martin to court if he stripped him of his title. Martin told him that's fine Burton would have a title match and he would pick his opponent. Martin went into the back and came out with all of the babys. Martin told Burton they would make sure that the Rat Pack would not interfere with the match. Then he told Burton he had his opponent for the match. That's when Rodney Mack's music hit. The crowd went crazy, you could not hear anything but the screams for the return of the Red Dogg.

Burton and Mack tied up and gave the crowd the match they have been waiting for. This match went back and forth and the crowd never sat down, they were out of their seats and screaming for the whole match. Burton got his figure 4 locked in and the chants of Rodney, Rodney, went up. These two punched and chopped their way through the match. Rodney seemed to be getting the advantage after a huge body slam. That's when the Rat Pack tried to hit the ring and the babys did their job and kept them out of the match. As Burton got up Mack hit him with a big spear and covered him for the three count and the crowd erupted. The babys hit the ring to congratulate the new champ, then the Queen of the RWA Jazz came into the ring to congratulate the King of the RWA.

It was truly a great night of wrestling action in the RWA. The crowd of 150+ were on hand to see a new Champ crowned. Jazz told this reporter that she is expecting twins. So Rodney and Jazz will have a new tag team in about 4 months. The RWA and the fans of the RWA would like to be the first to congratulate Rodney and Jazz and wish them all the best in the future with the new additions to their family. Rodney will be back next Saturday to defend his title.

Credit: RWA Reporter/Brian Tramel @