Thursday, January 31, 2008

Michelle McCool Dating... WHO?

The January edition of Power Slam Magazine out of the U.K. is saying in their monthly newsline report that Michelle McCool is dating a "powerful member of the WWE empire." Here is what they wrote to be exact: "Rumour has it that Michelle McCool is going out with a powerful member of the WWE empire, who happens to be married..."


Triple H in Wrestlemania Main Event?

Ever since John Cena's surprise in-ring return Sunday night at the Royal Rumble, Triple H has reportedly been politicking like crazy for the WrestleMania main event slot.

Lashley's WWE Departure

More on Bobby Lashley's departure from WWE. He is the one that wanted out of WWE and not vice versa. Furthermore, he didn't want out to go to a MMA promotion, or TNA, or anywhere else, he simply wanted out of WWE.

Flair's Last Opponent Will Be _________________

WrestleMania XXIV is expected to be the clumination of Ric Flair's retirement storyline and his final match in WWE. Two names that have been discussed as possible opponents for Flair have been Mr. Kennedy and Shawn Michaels. It now looks like Shawn Michaels will be Flair's final opponent. Two independent sources within WWE have confirmed that the current plan is for Michaels to end Flair's career and that Vince McMahon has already approved the match.
We will see what plays out in the coming weeks but that is the current scenario being discussed.


Joey Mercury Admits Mistakes

Former WWE Tag Team Champion Joey Mercury has posted a unique blog in which he admits his faults and how he "lost it all." Mercury writes: "The well-informed die-hard fans of ROH have heard the rumors. "Joey's life is in shambles", "Joey has personal issues", "Joey has demons", "Joey showed up in 'no condition to perform'". That's the thing about rumors, they're usually true. In this case, they were. 3 drug overdoses, 7 car wrecks, a 5 month stay in drug & alcohol rehabilitation, and countless broken hearts along the way, including my own. My former employer did everything they could for me. They gave me chance after chance after chance. I did this to myself."

Credit; wrestlinginc

WWE Mentions TNA PPV

WWE is sending Royal Rumble questionnaires, via e-mail, out to all of their WWE newsletter subscribers. The questions ask about thoughts on the PPV, how you ordered, thoughts on gimmick PPVs and specialty matches and backstage entertainment, as well as other stuff. One question asks, Which of the following recent pay-per-events did you order?

WWE Armageddon (December 16, 2007)
TNA: Final Resolution (January 6, 2008)
Boxing: Trinidad vs. Jones Jr. (January 19, 2008)
UFC 80: Rapid Fire (January 19, 2008)

I thought it was slightly interesting to include TNA PPVs on the list.


Why Several WWE Superstars Are Livid With Triple H Over The Royal Rumble Match Finish ?

Several WWE superstars are said to be upset with Triple H. According to the source that I talked too, everyone felt like it should be Randy Orton vs. John Cena for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania. However, from the rumblings that I have heard, many superstars feel like Triple H flexed his muscle to get creative to hold Orton vs. Cena at No Way Out and have the RAW Elimination Chamber match be for the title shot at WrestleMania. I was told that there is no one in WWE that believes that Triple H is not going to win the Elimination Chamber match at No Way Out next month. The person I talked to said that most of the backstage outrage stems from Triple H "devaluing" the 30 Man Rumble match and forcing the company to hold two Elimination Chamber matches on one pay-per-view.

Credit; wrestlingnewsworld

Update On The Big Show's Return To WWE

For those wondering why The Big Show has still not returned to WWE, I was told that he is still having problems with his ankle. With that being said, he is due back any week now as the current plan is to put him on RAW. That could always change before it happens, but is the current plan. The Big Show has been working out privately at the FCW facilities in Tampa, Florida.

Credit; Wrestlingnewsworld

McMahon's WrestleMania Plans

The McMahon/Finlay/Hornswoggle program should be continuing through at least WrestleMania, reports Bryan Alvarez. There has been talks doing something between Vince & Finlay at WrestleMania. Mick Foley may also come into play in McMahon's Mania plans. There have also been talks of Vince vs. Foley, Foley vs. Shane McMahon, or Finlay & Foley vs. Vince & Shane.

Credit; Wrestlingworldnews

Shawn Michaels/Batista On WM24 Promo Poster

hawn Michaels and Batista are featured on a new WrestleMania XXIV promotional poster that was featured on the iNDEMAND website. From now until the event there will be several promotional posters released, however, they do not mean anything regarding the matches.


Update On The Health Of Bobby Heenan

Mike Johnson of the Professional Wrestling Insider is reporting that WWE Hall of Famer Bobby Heenan recently underwent another surgery where more skin and tissue were transferred to his neck to help the healing process of his serious jawbone replacement surgery. Heenan’s body does not heal as quickly because of the radiation treatment that he underwent while battling cancer. The replaced jawbone is said to be doing well and set in place.

According to Johnson, Heenan is in good spirits and has joked that he wants out of the hospital. He is scheduled to begin physical rehabilitation to help regain his strength shortly. Heenan is very weak from being bedridden for such a long period of time.

Our thoughts and prayers certainly go out to Bobby and his family as he goes through this process.


Official Press Release On JBL's New Energy Drink

WWE World Champion John Layfield and Baywood Launch Mamajuana Energy

Joint Venture between Baywood International, Inc. and Layfield, Inc. Produces Virility Energy Shot

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Baywood International, Inc. (OTCBB:BAYW) announced today that, through Layfield Energy, it is launching MamaJuana Energy, a new virility energy drink for men. The product is inspired by mamajuana, the Caribbean cocktail with a mythical history spanning 400 years. The legendary elixir has been used for everything from common colds to infertility - and is known especially for being a natural aphrodisiac. But MamaJuana Energy’s debut in America required intense research since the exact amount of the right ingredients needed to be blended to achieve the effect of the legendary recipe in order to be produced on a mass scale. The result comes as a 2 oz. shot that can be taken straight from the bottle or mixed with a favorite beverage.

“I believed there was an opportunity to recreate mamajuana as an all-natural, new age beverage that would taste good and add fun and excitement to people’s lives,” said Layfield, CEO of Layfield Energy, Inc. “With the launch of MamaJuana Energy, we’re taking energy drinks to a new level.”

“The development of Mamajuana Energy from concept to completion has been one of the most exciting projects I have been involved in,” said Neil Reithinger, President & C.E.O. of Baywood and director of Layfield Energy. “The product is effective, uniquely packaged, tastes great and brings a whole new perspective to the energy drink market. Working with John and the team at Layfield Energy has been just terrific.”

MamaJuana Energy’s proprietary formula contains a blend of herbal ingredients that improve virility and increase energy. The non-alcoholic “shot” has a mixed-berry flavor and can be consumed straight or as a mixer. The product is available in 12-Pack cases online at


Official TNA iMPACT! Preview For Tonight

onight, TNA Wrestling returns to SpikeTV for two hours of Total Nonstop Action as the road to the February 10 “Against All Odds” Pay-Per-View continues!

The following is a preview of what will take place on the broadcast:

- Tonight, TNA Management Director Jim Cornette will officially present Samoa Joe with his new contract! According to TNA management, the contract contains everything that Joe has demanded, including a bigger salary than Kurt Angle!

- After their brawl this past week, TNA World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle will battle TNA World Tag Team Champion Tomko in singles action. Angle wanted to get Tomko back on his side, but he made the mistake of insulting the wife of the Tag Team Champion. Following a fight through the Impact Zone, Angle challenged Tomko to face him on Thursday’s broadcast.

- Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar will both speak out about their history as well as Lesnar's upcoming UFC Pay-Per-View debut against Frank Mir!

- In tag team action, it will be “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner and “The Maple Leaf Muscle” Petey Williams taking on the team of Lance Hoyt and Jimmy Rave with Christy Hemme, aka The Rock N’ Rave Infection. Have Steiner and Williams put their war over their Fight For The Right cases behind them?

- Also, TNA Women's Champion Awesome Kong will take part in her first interview in Total Nonstop Action!

- In addition, it will be Hernandez of The Latin American Xchange facing Kip James of the Voodoo Kin Mafia

- Plus, in a mixed six-person tag team bout, it will be Eric Young, Sonjay Dutt and Traci Brooks facing “Cowboy” James Storm, Robert Roode and Ms. Peyton Banks

All this and much more tonight on “IMPACT!” on SpikeTV, including news and updates on the upcoming Against All Odds Pay-Per-View!


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

TFW Match Results from Friday night in Tupelo

Note: Due to inclement weather the ladder match and the cage match that were scheduled for this show were postponed until a later date by TFW General Manager Joey Lynn.

Chazz defeated LSD.

J-Kid defeated Curly Moe by DQ due to interference by "Prime Time" Nick Grimes.

Parental Advisory (Stud & Tony) defeated The Southern Saints when a mysterious wrestler dressed in black interfered.

Charlie Brown defeated Neil "the Real Deal" Taylor by DQ due to interference by Parental Advisory, LSD, & Curly Moe.

Josh Matthews, Chris Styles, Charlie Brown, Chazz, & David Cox defeated LSD, Curly Moe, Tony Dabbs, Studd, & Neil Taylor in a wild brawl. During the match, Charlie Brown was unmasked and turned out to be "Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore.

Crowd was way down due to the weather, I would say about 50.

See the "Up & Coming Shows" page for this week's TFW card.

RWA Match Results from 1/26 in Jonesboro, AR

Loose Cannon & Medieval defeated Deadly Dale & Chris Steel with help from Rotten Randy.

San Francisco Treat defeated Jamie Jay.

Rodney Mack defeated Gary Diamond.

Prince Travion issued a challenge to Jazz, which Jazz accepted. Jazz demolished him, "beating him from pillar to post."

Ali Stevens defeated Cameron Cage.

Reno Diamond & Bishop defeated The Posse (Lil' Chris & Simon Reed) by reverse decision.

From all I have heard it was a very good show with a good crowd. Check the "Up and Coming Shows" page for this week's card.

JWS Match Results from 1/26 in Booneville, MS

LSD, J-Kid, & Cassanova Kid vs. Tysin Starr, Damion Rage, & Jay Webster ended in a no contest ruling when 24/7 (Kross & JR Mauler) interfered.

Danny Morris defeated "Dangerous" David Cox.

Slammer & AC Styles defeated Buzz Harley & Blade.

PHAT Foundation (Justin Rhodes & Chris Fontaine) w/Paul Rhodes defeated BJ Fuller & Dalton Storm. Special referee for the match was Diamond.

"The Perfectionist" Josh Matthews defeated "The Future Chris Styles. This was a great match!

Buzz Harley over Bonecrusher & Chris Austin w/Nathan Lee in a 3-way match.

JWS Tag Team Champions Testosterone (Brett Michaels & Fusion) defeated The Asylum (Psycho & Pappy) by DQ. Another very good match.

Crowd was about 45.

XOW Card for 2/9 in Savannah, TN

FTW Match Results from 1/26 in Cookeville, TN

Match 1: Justin O'day defeated Tyler Sutton. Tyler and his manager attacked O'day after the match, and hit the Canadian Destroyer.

Match 2: Daddy Mac defeated Mary Kelly after a spike DDT. She now is his valet for 90 days.

Match 3: Noah Richards defeated Dexter York in a Loser Leaves Town Match.

Match 4: AC Frost and SWG defeated Maddog and Patrick Colvett.

Match 5: Josh Frozt defeated Josh Vincent.

Match 6: Justin Sane defeated Justin Kase in a Fan strap match.

Match 7: "Next Level" Ryan Jefferies defeated Ronin and Last Salami after Madrox hit Ronin with a chair, after Ronin inadvertantly slammed into Madrox at ringside.

Semi-Main Event:
ELE and Strange and Pain fought to a no-contest, which saw a bloody brawl afterwards.

Main Event:
Rock Dogg was disqualified against DC Vital, and retains the Fusion title.

Today is anniversary of the Death of WCCW Star

Today, January 30, 2008, is the 22nd anniversary of the death of Gino Hernandez. He died of a cocaine overdose at the age of 29.

TLC has cancelled "The Bussey Bunch,"

After one week, TLC has cancelled "The Bussey Bunch," a reality show on a family running the PCW Wrestling independent promotion out of Arlington, Texas. Last night's originally scheduled episode(s) didn't air last night because TLC had already cancelled the program. The debut episodes of "The Bussey Bunch" on TLC scored ratings of 0.25 and a 0.26 for the 9:00 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. showings. TNA star Lance Hoyt appeared on the show as PCW is his main wrestling promotion besides TNA.

Credit; wrestlingworldnews

Jeff Hardy signed autographs and Randy Orton gives the finger

At RAW in Philly, A good amount of people were waiting outside the venue to try and get the wrestlers to stop their cars in hope for autograph signings and pictures after the show concluded. After many superstars sped by without a glance, (Horn Swaggle was very funny to see speeding off in the parking lot.) Jeff Hardy pulled over, along with his girlfriend in the car, and took pictures and signed autographs with everyone who was freezing outside for over 45 minutes. He was truely a really nice guy and was the only wrestler who acknowledged the fans. He even started to pull off, and i asked him to wait and take another picture with me and he waited even when my camera was not working. On a meaner note, Randy Orton was a passanger in a vehicle, and gave a little boy who was holding a John Cena sign the finger!


Hogan Endorses Obama

Hulk Hogan was on Jimmy Kimmel last night. He talked about going to Mardi Gras this year and announced that he is endorsing Barack Obama for President.


Florida Championship Wrestling Results from 1/29

After a exciting weekend event at the Jewish Community Center, Florida Championship Wrestling came back to Bourbon Street Night Club, 4331 US 19N in New Port Richey for their January 29, 2008 event. WWE Superstar the Big Show, the Shane Twins and Doug Basham were in attendance.
(1) Robert Anthony defeated Mr. Yamamoto. Both men started out fast but it was Anthony who hit a huricurana sending Yamamoto to the floor and his katana sword. The referee convinced him to put it away and re-enter the ring. When he did re-enter, Yamamoto went to his martial arts background to wear out Anthony. He went for the sword a second time and the referee took it away. So Yamamoto used his wrist tape to choke Anthony out and lock in a mid-ring sleeper hold. But Anthony got to the ropes but Yamamoto didn’t break clean and Anthony fought back with punches to the face. But Yamamoto hit a judo throat thrust to send Anthony to the mat gasping for air. Yamamoto went for the submission via what looked like the Octopus. Anthony refused to submit so Yamamoto let the hold go as #1 contender “The Puerto Rican Nightmare” Eric Perez & Eddie Colon looked on from ringside. Anthony got on the attack with a top rope bodyblock for two and a sunset flip also for two. Anthony won via a clothesline into a rolling pin. But his evening went sour when Yamamoto-san spewed the dreaded green mist into his eyes.
(2) Sheamus, “South City Thriller” Hade Vansen & “Carnival Freak” Sinn Bowdee defeated Brandon “the Greek” Groom, Tommy Taylor & “Campus Legend” Brad Allen. There were several different combative styles in this match. We saw chain wrestling between Vansen and Groom, some high flying action when Taylor was in the ring and straight out power with Sheamus and Bowdee. Allen stood on the apron and flirted with the ladies as his partners did most of the ring work. When he did enter the ring, Allen was more focused on schooling his partners then competing. At one point Allen went to leave and Groom tossed him back to face Vansen who attacked with martial arts holds. Taylor reluctantly tagged in when Allen came to the corner, walking into a storm of action on the other side of the ring. With Allen not interested in the match, Groom tried all he could to help Taylor. Sometimes hurting instead of helping. When Groom got tagged in he took the fight to all three men. Just when it looked like Groom had the victory; Sheamus scooped him up for a power bomb. Taylor could have saved his partner but Allen held his feet from the ring floor.
(3) Jake Hager & “Bad Seed” Shawn Osborne defeated Rycklon & Bryan Kelly. Osborne and Rycklon began the match but it was Rycklon and Kelly who controlled the tempo of the match. That was until Hager tagged in and he used his size to toss Kelly from one corner to the other. But Hager dropped too early on an attempted backdrop and Kelly kicked him in the face. Rycklon tagged back in and went into a power attack. Hager got schooled when Rycklon got on top for a front facelock but Hager backed him to the corner and tagged in Osborne who laid in several kicks. Kelly came into stop it but the referee stopped him, so Hager & Osborne resorted to double teaming. They did their best to keep Rycklon off his feet so he couldn’t use his strength. But it wasn’t enough as Rycklon tagged in Kelly after Rycklon countered Osborne’s suplex with one of his own. All four men fought in and around the ring but it was Hager who hit Kelly with a tilt-a-whirl slam to get the pin.
Before the biggest match of his career, “Handsome” Heath Miller and Ted DiBiase Jr. hosted the Happy Hour. The special guest on this evening was Christopher Gray. But before Gray came out DiBiase told Miller how proud he was of Miller for defending the championship with style and class. When Gray did grace us with his presence, he corrected Miller who forgot to call him “the Superstar.” Gray took some time to insult the fans and the pub FCW held its events in. As he was running down his ring credentials, he was cut off by fellow Brit Steve Lewington who said he was pissed off about the way things ended Saturday night when he was screwed over by DiBiase’s interference. Lewington demanded a rematch since he was still the number one contender. When Gray stepped into the exchange, Lewington slammed him to the mat, leaving Lewington alone with Miller. But when it looked like they were going to fight, Miller said he was going to get ready for Val Venis.
(4) “The Puerto Rican Nightmare” Eric Perez & Eddie Colon defeated Johnny Curtis & Kevin Kiley. With help from Colon, Perez won the FCW Royal Rumble on Saturday earning him a Southern Heavyweight championship match on February 15th. Curtis and Kiley didn’t seem too happy about that and took their aggression on Colon in the opening minutes. Perez finally tagged in and went on a power attack, working over Curtis in a corner but Curtis avoided a Stinger Splash and went to work on Perez’s left arm. Kiley tagged in but ended up on the wrong side of the ring, hit with chest chops and punches. Kiley fought back but took his focus off Colon, going after Perez. When he realized where Colon was, Kiley was hit with a Hot Shot. Perez tagged back in and hit Kiley with several power moves and a legdrop that got two. But Colon’s middle rope headbutt missed the mark and Kiley tagged in Curtis who took on both opponents. As this went on Mr. Yamamoto snuck out to ringside and sprayed Kiley with the green mist. As the referee told Yamamoto-san to leave ringside, Colon & Perez hit Curtis with a double team move getting them the pinfall.
(5) In a special open challenge, 7 Ft Giant Titan (w/Mosca) defeated David Mercury. This was a rematch from last week where Mercury was chokeslammed to defeat. This week Mercury thanked FCW for allowing him the chance to go with Titan once more. Titan and Mosca came to the ring as fans chanted for the Big Show. Mosca said he was confused why Mercury was asking for this match, saying he was missing a few screws. Titan went right to work with a boot to Mercury’s face and followed with a ring shaking power bomb that ended Mercury’s evening.
(6) The Bella Twins (Nicole & Brianna) defeated Nattie Neidhart & Victoria Crawford. Things between these four FCW Divas escalated Saturday during the Happy Hour when a brawl broke out. FCW Commissioner Steve Keirn decided to let them settle things in the ring. Neidhart and Brianna started the match with Neidhart trying to bully Brianna but she got slapped across the face. Both ladies tagged out and Nicole hit Crawford with a cross bodyblock for two. But Brianna got the referee’s attention when she questioned something and it allowed Neidhart and Crawford to double team Nicole. Neidhart went to work using the ropes to choke Nicole out while Crawford tagged in for a full nelson. But Nicole fought out and tagged in Brianna who attacked both her opponents. Neidhart got knocked to the floor and when Brianna came to the ropes she tripped her. But their double team move backfired and Neidhart got knocked into the sound booth as Crawford was rolled for pin. Afterwards Neidhart and Crawford had a heated verbal exchange and left separately.
(7) “The Natural” Nic Nemeth & Big Rob defeated Mighty Mikey & “The Rocket Surgeon” G-Rilla. Nemeth and Mikey have been warring for weeks and Mikey and his partner have come out on top each time. So this week Mikey got G-Rilla as his partner. Like their previous encounters Mikey did his talking with wrestling while you had to offer Nemeth millions of dollars to get him to shut his trap. Nemeth decided to have an amateur contest with Mikey, claiming he was ahead on points for several minutes. Mikey caught up on points by hitting Nemeth with several armdrags making the score 10-4 in the eyes of the fans. Mikey decided to let G-Rilla get some of Nemeth and Nemeth ended up on his back after a shoulder tackle. G-Rilla hit an inverted atomic drop and tagged Mikey back in but Mikey went after Big Rob and Nemeth attacked from behind. Nemeth tagged in Big Rob who picked Mikey up for a chokeslam but Nemeth tagged back in to finish the job. Mikey fought out of a chinlock but Big Rob called for the referee and Nemeth used Mikey’s mask to toss him to the canvas. Nemeth came off the middle rope but met Mikey’s boot instead of his chest. Mikey went to tag out but Nemeth stopped him and took Mikey back down into the chinlock. Mikey got to his feet again and this time Nemeth slammed Mikey down before going up once more. This time Nemeth saw the boot and landed in the ring, but missed his in-ring elbow drop. This allowed G-Rilla to tag in and hit Nemeth with a corner splash. But Big Rob grabbed him and hit a Hot Shot which allowed Nemeth to hit a spinning neckbreaker to get the victory.
(8) FCW Southern Heavyweight championship representative “Handsome” Heath Miller (w/champion Ted DiBiase Jr) defeated WWE Superstar Val Venis. This championship match came about after Venis was a guest on the Happy Hour on Saturday. He stuck around to see the controversial ending to Miller’s match and got FCW Commissioner Keirn to sign off on the bout. If Miller was intimidated by the former European and Intercontinental champion he didn’t show it in the opening moments despite Venis in control after some shoulder blocks and armdrags. Miller slid to the floor to rethink his plan of attack with DiBiase who stood at ringside on his crutches. When Miller came back in he got a kick to the gut but Venis grabbed hold and hit several kneelifts to the gut followed by a Russian legsweep for two. Miller floated over on a corner move and dropped down, hitting Venis with a chop block to the knees. Miller drew a bullseye on Venis’ left knee with a spinning toe hold. Venis fought out and went for a suplex but his knee buckled and Miller went back to the leg hold. Miller dragged Venis to the ring apron and dropped the injured knee on it and then dragged it under the ropes pulling for all it was worth. Miller switched and went for a standing ankle twist but Venis blocked the Figure Four, kicking Miller face first into the corner. Venis fought back with a series of punches to the jaw and a backdrop followed by a sideslam for two. Venis went to pick up Miller but got double legged and Miller had the pin but the referee saw both feet on the rope and called for the break. Venis nearly head the title after hitting a sitout power bomb but got two. Miller picked up Venis and went to a corner but ran into the referee. With the referee out of it, Venis hit a Perfect Plex but didn’t get the pin. As Venis went to revive the referee Miller hit him with one of DiBiase’s crutches. Steve Lewington came to ringside to stop the cheating as a second referee came out to keep the match going. Venis went for an ankle lock submission, DiBiase got in the ring to hit Venis with his other crutch. When the referee went to stop DiBiase, he missed Miller tapping out to the hold. But when it looked like Miller was going down to Venis, Miller was slid brass knuckles by Lewington, which Miller used to nail Venis in the jaw with to get another controversial victory.
Remember each Tuesday night you can see FCW live at Bourbon Street Night Club.
Coming to the 2008 Florida State Fair? Well you better on Friday February 15th to see FCW live at 6 & 8 PM in the Entertainment Hall. Be there early because before and after the events you can meet the wrestlers for photos and autographs. WWE Hall of Fame member “American Dream” Dusty Rhodes plus WWE tag team champions John Morrison & The Miz are going to be in attendance, more names will be announced later.
FCW will return to the Jewish Community Center on Saturday February 23rd with an 8pm belltime.
Be looking for information on our TV tapings to begin on Thursday February 28th in Tampa.
For more information on the FCW Superstars log onto
Credit: Alan J. Wojcik @ Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

Chris Harris Confirms He Has Signed With WWE

Former TNA Wrestling Superstar, "Wildcat" Chris Harris recently announced on his official website yesterday that he has signed a contract with World Wrestling Entertainment. The following was posted on yesterday:

"Wildcat Chris Harris is officially announcing that he has signed with the WWE on January 29th."


TNA Knockout Shelly Martinez to Star in Porn Flick

The AVN (Adult Video News) Media Network is reporting that TNA Knockout Shelly "Salinas" Martinez (Ariel in ECW), will be appearing in a porn flick that will be released on 2/11. It's called The Notorious Jewel De'Nyle & Shelly Martinez, starring both ladies.

TNA News

As we've been reporting, TNA started drug testing their wrestlers at this week's iMPACT! tapings. Wrestlers were told that they will be fined $200 if they test positive for marijuana. There is still no word what the punishment will be for performance enhancing drugs or how often they will be tested.

TNA's Turning Point DVD goes on sale next Tuesday, February 5. For more information on the DVD release, visit

TNA PPV ticket sales still remain slow. Against All Odd's is less then 2 weeks away, yet you can still purchase second row ringside seats, in addition TNA's March PPV, Destination X which is to feature a Samoa Joe World Title match went on sale last week, yet still have front row ringside seats available. Both these markets are proven wrestling territories, especially in the WCW days, but with TNA going in with ringside seats at $150 a shot, they may be out pricing themselves. Feedback from there recent house shows have been great, but they may want to re-evaluate their pricing to increase attendance and grow there brand in the long-term.


Hardcore Holly's Birthday

WWE World Tag Team Champion Bob "Hardcore" Holly turns 45 years old today.

Cena's Return a Well Kept Secret

After John Cena called management telling them that he was cleared to return to the ring, it was kept a secret from practically everyone, sans the people in WWE's inner circle. In the end, the wrestlers were surprised by Cena's return, just like the fans, as they didn't mention his return to them prior to the show. Word from backstage earlier in the day said that Jimmy Snuka was in the building, but nobody said a thing about Cena, thus meaning he probably hid in a car throughout the night and didn't enter the building until shortly before he made his grand entrance.

Who Will Wrestle Flair at Wrestlemania?

At the moment, there are plans to do a Ric Flair vs. Mr. Kennedy match at WrestleMania, but that might change. Shawn Michaels is pushing to wrestle Flair in what will likely be his final match at WrestleMania.


Latest Releases from TNA

The latest issue of Power Slam is reporting that Rick Steiner is through with TNA. Their report has been confirmed as his profile was removed from TNA's official website this week. TNA has also removed the profile of Senshi, so it appears that he's done with the company for good. In other news, TNA has added a profile on Robert Roode's manager Ms. Peyton Banks. And after debuting in TNA nearly five months ago, they have added a profile on Jimmy Rave. Raven and TNA have also parted ways.

Latest on Hogan Divorce Case

Linda Bollea's motion to freeze her husband Hulk Hogan's assets immediately has been turned down. Judge George Greer has set a hearing for February 28th to discuss these issues. Linda also wants Hulk to be banned from coming to the Bellaire mansion (as seen on their VH-1 reality series) and the Clearwater beach house without her permission. No ruling has been made on those issues.


Latest Card for TNA Against All Odds PPV 2/10

Here is the updated Against All Odds card:

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match- Kurt Angle (c) vs. Christian Cage

TNA World Tag Team Championship Match
AJ Styles & Tomko (c's) vs. BG James & "Bullet" Bob Armstrong

TNA Women's Championship Match- Awesome Kong (c) vs. ODB

Barbed Wire Massacre 2- Abyss vs. Judas Mesias

Six Man Hardcore Street Fight
Team 3D & TNA X Division Champion Johnny Devine vs. The Motor City Machineguns & "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal

Booker T vs. Robert Roode

Drinking Championship Match- James Storm vs. Eric Young

Petyon Banks vs. Traci Brooks

ASWF Match Results from 1/26 in Tuckerman, AR

Battle Royal:
10 ASWF stars in the royal, with it coming down between Bigg Rigg Cody Murdock and The 1 Cody Only. They battled back and forth but eventually Cody Only gets the win. Then out of no where out comes Mortimer Douglas with Silas and they attack Cody and leave him lying.

Nikki Lane comes out to challenge a member from the crowd and then Justin Smart’s girlfriend excepts but Justin comes out and ask for 10 minutes to teach her a couple things. Match made for a later in night.

“The Irish Dragon” Scott Fury beat Seth Sabre.

Nikki Lane vs. Bethany:
Nikki won when Austin Lane interfered. Lil Bit also jumped in and Nikki beat her also.

Ladder match for the X-Division Title:
“Mr. Pyro” Ray Ray beat “Mr. Playboy” Tommy Wayne & “Mr. Impact” Chuck Fears to win the ASWF X-Division Title. At the end Chuck and Ray on the ladder but Ray pulls out a chain to hit Chuck then Tommy grabs the belt, but Ray throw a fireball in his face and gets it away before Tommy could fully grab it.

WFAC Reunion:
California Dream and X-Kaliber vs. Morgan Lane and Big Al. The finish had them run an angle with Big Al and California Dream turn and start attacking X and Morgan take the tag belts and declare their friendship over and they are there to take the tiles from the Degenerates. They announce they are the West Coast Mafia.

Johnny Harper and Casino Kid beat Wild Bill w/Demon X and Mac Daddy.

ASWF Title Match, Title vs Hair:
“The Human Highlight Reel” Austin Lane beat Justin “The Juice” Smart to win the ASWF Title. Special Guest Ref. Dirty Little Dave. Finish had Austin went to spear Justin but he moved and he speared Dave. Justin then hit Austin with a drop kick and goes up for the frog splash elbow drop, but Dave punches him and Austin hit him with a gut buster and gets the win. After the match they beat on Justin and get the clippers to cut his hair but out comes Chuck with a chair to make the save. Dirty Little Dave tell Chuck that he knows he is in line for a title shot but he would have to go through Dave to get to Austin and Chuck gladly accepts…

Credit: Brian Tramel

Big Show This Friday In Batesville Ms.

Memphis Wrestling Primetime Results-January 26, 2008

Corey Maclin opened the show. They joined the rerun with Corey and Brian Teigland promoting the Throw Back show.

They take a look back at last week's battle royal when Jerry "The King" Lawler and Brian Christopher split the money, while Jimmy Hart was disappointed.

"The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart comes out for an interview and offers Corey another watch. This watch featured an autographed picture of Jerry Lawler. Corey told Jimmy to let Jerry Lawler know that he did not want the watch and for him to "Take the watch and shove it, where the sun don't shine!" Jimmy replied, by saying that he tried to help Corey, but now he is going to feel the wrath of what everyone else has felt for twenty years in this territory.

"Mr. Compulsive" Tim Davidson(Grind) with Sexy Assassin #6 defeated Tracy Smothers with Jimmy Hart after hitting him with Brian Christopher's belt and rolling him up. Brian Christopher jumped in, during the match and was arguing with Jimmy Hart after the contest.

Shock and Jimmy Hart came out for an interview. Shock called out Summer and Brandon Groom. Shock tried sweet-talking Summer, but to no avail. Shock then challenged Brandon Groom to a match at the Throw Back show, where the winner gets Summer.

Shock with Jimmy Hart defeated Derrick King with a powerbomb and by placing his feet on the ropes for a little extra assistance. Summer and Brandon Groom watched the match at ringside.

They take a look back at a classic Memphis moment from July 1985, featuring the Rock n' Roll Express, Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson defeating The Bruise Brothers, Porkchop Cash & The Dream Machine with Jimmy Hart for the Southern tag titles. After the match, The Bruise Brothers beat up Referee Paul Morton.

Jerry Lawler then tried to sell some fireworks for the Fourth of July weekend, promoted the Throw Back show, and even advertised for Bud Davis Cadillac of Memphis.

Tim Davidson(Grind) came out and challenged Brian Christopher to pick a partner to square off against The Sexy Assassin #6 and himself at Throw Back Night.

They air a clip of Jimmy Hart bringing in three hotties, known as "Jimmy's Angels" to help get Kamala to sign a contract with Jimmy Hart for the next fifteen years. When the girls entered Kamala's dressing room, you could hear him slapping his belly and moaning, but you never see the big man. The girls got him to sign the contract, so Kamala made a Good Call.

Jerry Lawler came out for an interview, followed by Jimmy Hart and Brian Christopher. Jerry asked Corey, "What did he mean by the statement of telling him to take that very valuable watch and shoving it where the sun don't shine?" He also asked, "Is that what you are really trying to tell me to do with that watch, Corey?" Corey nodded and said, "That's exactly what I mean." Jerry told Corey that they have got unfinished business. Corey then interrupted Jerry while he was speaking so Jerry started verbally firing away at Corey. Corey even dropped his mic. Jerry points this out by saying, "Look at him. He's so nervous, now he's dropping the microphone. It's a good thing he's wearing dark pants, right now. That's how scared he is." Jimmy Hart asked what does this partnership between Jerry and Brian mean for him? Jerry then started imitating Corey Maclin talking about Throw Back Night. Jerry said, "Corey is going to be happy that concessions are going to be a dollar. "He's gonna be throwing them back! Ain't you, Corey? He's going to be drinking! Oh, Boy! He's gonna be throwing them back!" That was hilarious!

Jerry agreed to be Brian's partner at Throw Back Night to face Tim and the Sexy Assassin #6. Jimmy Hart calls Brian a "jabroni." Jerry separated the two and said that they will have a trial run later on in the show, with Jimmy Hart in their corner for him to show his value to both Jerry and Brian. Brian immediately yelled, "Oh crap!" Funny stuff. Jimmy replied, by saying, " What do you mean, Oh crap? I've won more matches than you've even had." Brian screamed, "You ain't won nothing!" Jimmy Hart said that he's got a video that we'll play on this show to prove that he beat "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, Randy Savage, and a host of others.

They take a look at Jimmy Hart's video that he was talking about featuring Jimmy beating up Sting with a chair, taking out Jake "The Snake" Roberts with a 2x4, and giving "Rowdy" Roddy Piper a low blow. It also featured entrances with Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, and The Nasty Boys. Of course, all of the footage was from the Acclaim videogame Showdown: Legends of Wrestling, which is actually a pretty cool game to check out, considering all of the greats that are on it. After the video, Corey said that it was ridiculous and that it looked like a cartoon. Jimmy Hart replied, by stating that it's their stupid equipment that they have at the studio because it's not updated. Jimmy told Corey that he needed glasses and asked Brian Teigland to give him his glasses.

The Lifeguards, Scott & Dustin Starr, defeated Jerry Lawler & Brian Christopher after Jimmy Hart got the team disqualified. This led to Brian getting Jimmy in the corner, but Shock ran in to make the save. Shortly thereafter, all hell broke loose with Lawler, Christopher, and Shock going at it with Tim and The Lifeguards. During the brawl, Corey mentioned that he had some unfinished business with Lawler too and ran in the ring. He then choked Lawler from behind with his tie and started gently tapping on him, before Jimmy Hart pulled him off. This enabled Lawler to regain control of the situation and led to Hart, Christopher, Shock, and himself ganging up on Corey. Corey really should have just stayed in his seat.

Corey finished up the show, by showing his appreciation toward Lance Russell and Dave Brown. Corey also thanked the fans for letting Memphis Wrestling come into their homes and he's looking forward to seeing everybody, again, next week.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

UCW Results from 1/26 in LaGrange, GA

Here are the results from the January 26 Ultimate Christian Wrestling event in LaGrange, GA, at the Tabernacle Baptist Church with a reported attendance of 467: Justin Dirt won the UCW Heavyweight Championship (in the first fall) and Dustin Powers retained the UCW Heavyweight Championship (in the second Fall) of a 3 way elimination match with Rob Adonis (first fall determined the National Champion - Second Fall determined the Heavyweight Champion) (13:32); Billy Jack beat Brian Lawler in 15:05; Kyle Matthews defeated Alex Phoenix in 11:20; Sal Rinauro beat Austin Creed in a 30 minute Ironman Match; and Chris Rippey & Justin Brown beat Colt Derringer & the Destroyer (w/ Bruce Biggins) in 12:53.


SECW Results from 1/27 in Carrollton, GA

Southern Extreme Championship Wrestling results from Carrollton, GA, on January 27 at the VFW Fairgrounds: Frankie Valentine versus Kyle Matthews ruled a no contest; the Nightmare versus the Super Destroyer ruled a no contest; Austin Creed & Adrian Hawkins over K.I. Elite; Tommy Rich & Kidd Body Drop over Chick Donovan & Kidd Enigma; Ricky Morton & Brad Armstrong over Will Owens & Sal Rinauro; and Bulldog Raines over Bull Buchanan. It was reported that 600 were in attendance for this card, and Jeff McGowan and Johnny Boom were credited as being referees.


GWP Results from Sunday Night in Woodstock, GA

Georgia Wrestling Promotions ran their second show at the Hot Wheels Skate Center in Woodstock, Georgia Sunday night: Jess Wade & D.L. Norris beat Justin Dirt & Dustin Powers in around 15 minutes; Big Head Hanson beat Locomotive (with Ace Heffner) in one minute flat; Slim J beat Kid Ego in 5:05; Hollywood Brunettes (Andrew Alexander & Kyle Matthews with Attorney Jeff G. Bailey & Lexi Pillman) & Talent & Money (J. T. Talent & Andrew Pendleton) beat Regular Guys (Bobby Hill & Tyler Smith) & Chris Lightning & Jeff Jameson in 12:33; Jamar Acid beat Texas Ranger in 4:52; Gangrel & Bill Dundee beat Masked Superstar & Jay Clinton (with Aaron Voight) in 6:32; David Young beat Cru Jones in 16-17 minutes; Hellbillies (Jessco Blue & Timbo Bryant) beat Devil’s Rejects (Iceberg & Shaun Tempers with Wilson) in 13:47; and Ron Killings beat Manny Fernandez in 10:35.


!BANG! TV Results

Blain Rage became the Number one Contender for the Funking Conservatory World Championship and earned the right to face the Champion, Shane Chung tonight.

In a hard fought battle, Blain Rage wins over Shane Chung to become the new Funking Conservatory World Champion. After the match with both men exhausted, Elvis Sharp entered the ring and blasted both men with Blain Rages newly won World Championship belt challenging Blain Rage for a Title Match on the next !BANG! TV Taping, Sunday March 23rd.

U.S. Championship Match, Modern Cage Match Rules (Win by submission, pin-fall, escape through the cage door or escape the cage over the top. Wrestler whose feet hit the floor first is the winner of the match) for the U.S. Title - Johnny Magnum (Champion and seconded by 14 year old Pistol Payton Gunn) wins over Flyin' Ryan "Air" Mitchell with an over the top of the cage leap to the floor with both feet.

Flyin' Ryan "Air" Mitchell has signed with "All Japan Pro Wrestling" to travel to Japan and wrestle on All Japan's "Excite Series" February 17 through March 2nd.

A crew from "All Japan Pro Wrestling" will be on the next !BANG! TV Taping, Support the Troops 24, "Super Showdown."

A complete bio of Flyin' Ryan "Air" Mitchell is on our website at

More Results:

Introducing - Tom "Bi-Polar" Behr (Pronounced Bear) wins over Hack MeyersTournament to be Number One Contender for the Funking Conservatory World Championship.

Kid Vegas beats Johnny Romano

Damien won beats Kid Vegas

Chris Slawson beats over Damien

Blain Rage beats Chris Slawson

Information on Dory Funk Jr.'s "Final Countdown" to his last match in professional wrestling in Japan is on our website at Dory's final match will mark a new beginning as He will become full time Coach of the Funking Conservatory. For training information and schedules at the Funking Conservatory, Call 352-895-4658.

Professional Wrestling returns to the Funking Conservatory Sunday March 23rd with Support the Troops 24, "Showdown." Gail Kim, Rocky Johnson and "All Japan Pro Wrestling" will be represented on the show.

For ticket information call 352-895-4658 or visit

Credit: Dory Funk, Jr. @

MACW Results from 1/26 in Easly, SC

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling results from Easley, SC, on January 26: Chris Hamrick (billed from ECW) pinned Donnie Dollars in 12:24 following a legdrop off the top rope; Rock 'n' Roller Ricky Morton pinned Andrue Bane in 8:11; Bobby Eaton upset The Barbarian in 10:38; In a supposedly non-title affair, Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Buff "The Stuff" Bagwell won a reversed decision over Mid-Atlantic Jr Heavyweight Champion Rikki Nelson; and The Barbarian won the imaginary "$1,000" eight-man battle royal, dumping both Eaton and Dollars to win in a whopping 8:15.


SCW Results from 1/26 in Sandersville, GA

Southern Classic Wrestling results from Sandersville, GA, on January 26: Leatherface destroyed "Kid Carnage" Scotty Carmichael with a chokeslam; DriveBY and Flatline wrestled to a time limit draw; Greg Haze beat Brian Titus w/ Ace Heffner. After the match Heffner, fired Titus from the VIP; In the Georgia Heritage Title match, Loco Motive beat Chaos by reverse decision when the ref spotted a chain that Loco Motive planted in Chaos's tights was spotted. Matt Mercer and Big Bank were responsible for the chain & distracting the ref, they were then recruited to join The VIP; The Freak beat Josh Stone; VIP's Matt Mercer & Big Bank beat TW James and Bobby Joiner; The Nightmare beat Frankie Valentine; Georgia Tag Team Champions Too Bad beat The Stanton Clan to retain the Georgia Tag Titles; Bobby Joiner won a 25 man over the top rope Bunkhouse Stampede battle royal to earn a shot at the SCW Championship, last eliminating Loco Motive with help from ring announcer Tiny "The Mouth" Hughes; and Bobby Joiner beat Tommy Lee to become the new SCW Southern Heavyweight Champion. Refs for this show were: Jerry Nelms, Willie Charles, and A.C. The next SCW event will be on February 23 at Big Dog Billiards in Sandersville, GA.


APW Results from 1/25 in Royston, GA

Alternative Pro Wrestling results from January 25 in Royston, GA: Ryan Michaels defeated Chase Darkness; Chris King defeated Aaron Lee; Chris Mayne (with Kevin Duncan) defeated Seth Delay by disqualification; Jeremy Vain (with Don Matthews) defeated Matt Sex Sells (with Ryan Michaels); the Friday Night Franchise (Matt Sex Sells & Ryan Michaels) defeated Justin Dirt and Dustin Powers to win the APW Tag Team Title; and APW Heavyweight Champion J.T. Talent and Bo Newsome wrestled to a draw in a title match. Click here for a full report, courtesy of Aaron Leggett.


PPWA Results from 1/26 in Douglasville, GA

Power Pro Wrestling Alliance results from Jessie Davis Park Gymnasium in Douglasville, GA, on January 26: Josh Storm over Jason Lynn; T.L. Adams over the Bouncer; Shannon Dumas & Midnight over the Southern States Outlaws (Michael Cross & Shane Williams); J-Rod over Dark Star, with Cru Jones attacking J-Rod after the match … setting up … Jones & Star over J-Rod & T.J. Hogan; and the main event between Bull Buchanan and Bulldog Raines ended in a double disqualification after referee Billy Knight was thrown from the ring by both men. It was reported that 125 were in attendance for this card. Aside from Knight, Ricky Spears was also credited as being a referee. The PPWA has announced a return to Jessie Davis Park on March 1.


Upcoming WWE Dates

World Wrestling Entertainment has a few dates planned soon within our coverage area:
Columbia, SC, on March 24 for the live RAW broadcast at the Colonial Center with action starting at 8:00 PM. Tickets go on sale on February 16 at 10:00 AM at the box office, the venue’s website, Play It Again Sports, and select Piggly Wiggly stores in Columbia and Lexington, SC. Call (866) 472-8499 for more info. Randy Orton, Triple H, Chris Jericho, Shawn Michaels, Jeff Hardy, Mr. Kennedy, and Umaga are scheduled to appear.
Fayetteville, NC, on March 25 for the live ECW/Smackdown broadcast and tapings at the Crown Coliseum with action starting at 7:30 PM. Tickets are available at the box office and through Ticketmaster. Call (910) 223-2900 or (919) 861-2317 for more info. Batista, Edge, Undertaker, Rey Mysterio, MVP, Matt Hardy, and CM Punk are scheduled to appear.
Orlando, FL, on March 30 for the live WrestleMania XXIV PPV at the Florida Citrus Bowl with action starting at 6:30 PM. Tickets are available at the Amway Arena box office and through Ticketmaster. Call (407) 839-3900 for more info.
Greenville, SC, on April 21 for the live RAW broadcast at the Bi-Lo Center with action starting at 8:00 PM. Tickets go on sale on March 22 at 10:00 AM at the box office, and through Ticketmaster. Call (336) 852-1100 for more info. Randy Orton, Triple H, Chris Jericho, Shawn Michaels, Jeff Hardy, Mr. Kennedy, and Umaga are scheduled to appear.
Greensboro, NC, on April 22 for the live ECW/Smackdown broadcast and tapings at the Greensboro Coliseum with action starting at 7:00 PM. Tickets are available at the box office and through Ticketmaster. Call (336) 852-1100 for more info. Batista, Undertaker, Rey Mysterio, Edge, Kane, MVP, CM Punk, and John Morrison are scheduled to appear.


GCW Match Results from Phenix City, AL 1/24

Great Championship Wrestling results from Phenix City, AL, on January 24: A.J. Steele (w/The Intern) vs DeathRow went to a no contest; The Hooligans defeated "That 80's Guy" & Skinny Jimmy; Sonny Siaki defeated Orion Bishop (w/Wicked Nemesis); Scotty Beach defeated Michael Cook; J-Rod & Tex Monroe defeated Hot Like Lava (w/Quentin Michaels) to become the new GCW tag team champions; Johnny Swinger & Zero Tolerance (w/Quentin Michaels) defeated Bull Buchanan & David Young.


Ring of Honor Results from 1/26 in Chicago Ridge, IL

Austin Aries and Bryan Danielson defeat Erick Stevens and Jay Briscoe in 16 minutes to advance to the Ultimate Endurance tag title match. Good match with decent comedy stemming from Aries and Danielson deciding to work together as a team and doing old-school moves like a double hip toss and a boot in the corner. Danielson gets the win with a small package.
Shane Hagadorn defeats Pelle Primeau in 5 minutes with brass knuckles.
Chris Hero and Sara Del Rey defeat “Sugarfoot” Alex Payne and Kyle Durden to retain the World Intergender Tag Team Championships. Sweet and Sour claimed that Sugarfoot counts as a woman.
Chris Hero and Sara Del Rey defeat Jigsaw and Daizee Haze. The titles were not on the line because Jigsaw and Daizee are not in the top ten international intergender tag team rankings. Decent match with Hero knocking Daizee out mid-match with a stiff elbow.
Claudio Castagnoli vs. El Generico goes to a 20-minute draw. “Real good” match with a lot of near falls and big moves in the last five minutes, including Claudio attempting a super Ricola Bomb, Generico attempting to reverse it into a hurricanrana, and Claudio rolling all the way through on the way down. Claudio had Generico in the Neutralizer as time expired.
Mark Briscoe defeats Joey Matthews Good 16-minute match with Matthews doing a lot of stalling and heel tactics. Age of the Fall accompanied Matthews and Jimmy Jacobs re-iterated that Aries has a standing offer to join them.
Delirious defeats Adam Pearce in a dog collar match. Delirious wins in 20 minutes with a splash through a table. Good brawl.
World Tag Team Title Ultimate Endurance Match - ROH World Tag Team Champions Jimmy Jacobs and Tyler Black with Lacey vs. Bryan Danielson and Austin Aries vs. Davey Richards and Rocky Romero vs. BJ Whitmer and Brent Albright.
Davey Richards and Rocky Romero win the World Tag Team Championships in an Ultimate Endurance Match In the first fall, Richards pins Black to guarantee new champions. In the second, Whitmer taps out to a triangle by Danielson. Richards rolls up Aries to win the titles and cap off an awesome final few minutes.
Nigel McGuinness defeats Roderick Strong to retain the ROH World Championship in 27 minutes with the Jawbreaker Lariat in what was described as a “bad-ass match.”

Florida Championship Wrestling Results 1/26/08

On Saturday January 26th Florida Championship Wrestling returned to the Jewish Community Center. The JCC is located at 9841 Scenic Drive in Port Richey.
(1) Robert Anthony defeated “Campus Legend” Brad Allen. This was a revenge match stemming from a tag match where Allen left Anthony in the ring to be beat down by Jake Hager & Hade Vansen. Anthony came out ready to fight while Allen looked like he just rolled in from the Gasparilla parade. Anthony hit a huricurana that sent Allen to the ring apron and a head scissor that brought him back in the ring. Allen got Anthony in an armlock but Anthony countered out and Allen bailed to the floor to rethink things. He came back in with a Hot Shot but Anthony fought back, that was until a triple jump moonsault in the corner was stopped when Allen shoved Anthony to the floor. As the referee went to count Anthony out, Allen took a turnbuckle pad off and the referee saw it. Allen used this time to slide out to his beer helmet and get a drink, which he spit into Anthony’s face. The action finally came back to the ring where Allen focused his attack on Anthony’s lower back. Anthony fought back but Allen sent him head over heels with a clothesline. Anthony fought out of a back stretch submission but Allan hit him with a Saito suplex before going up top. That flight didn’t go too well as Allen’s legdrop hit canvas instead of Anthony. Anthony got on the attack with his impact bodyshots trying to take down the “Campus Legend.” Allen cut off Anthony’s ten punches in the corner with a strategically placed kick to the groin. Allen went for the win but Anthony got his prized beer helmet. The referee took it away but not before Anthony got a swig and spit it into Allen’s eyes. With Allen blinded, Anthony scored the pinfall win.
(2) Billy Kidman & Matt O’Neal defeated “The Natural” Nic Nemeth & Big Rob. O’Neal and Big Rob have been in a verbal and physical war over the last few weeks with Kidman coaching O’Neal on the art of wrestling and Nemeth basically doing all the ring work for his team. In the opening moments it was Nemeth and his big mouth running things against Kidman, who let Nemeth talk all he wanted to. But in the wrestling department it was Kidman who had full control of things, sending Nemeth into the ample arms of Big Rob and actually heading to the locker room. But instead of a countout loss, Nemeth tried to sneak back in and attack Kidman but it didn’t work as the fans alerted Kidman. Nemeth wanted to make peace with Kidman but he got clotheslined for his effort. Kidman followed with a flying head scissor. This led Nemeth to tag in Big Rob to face off with Kidman and Big Rob used his power to toss Kidman around. Big Rob offered a test of strength and Kidman obliged with a kick to the ribs but his corner whip was blocked. So was his cross bodyblock which Rob turned into a bodyslam. Nemeth tagged back in and was hiptossed to the mat and O’Neal came in for his team, taking over on Nemeth’s left wrist. Kidman came back in but when he went to the ropes for a move, Big Rob dropped the top rope and Kidman went to the floor below. When Kidman did come back to the ring, Nemeth and Big Rob worked him over for several minutes. But nothing they did put Kidman away and after Nemeth missed a punch Kidman leveled him with a dropkick. Both men crawled to their corners but it was O’Neal who was tagged in first and went to work. But Big Rob came in with a cheap shot from behind, only to be taken out with a football tackle. O’Neal hit Nemeth with one as well and the win came courtesy of a Kidman missile dropkick.
(3) In his FCW debut multi-generational superstar Eddie Colon defeated “Bad Seed” Shawn Osborne. If Colon was nervous he didn’t show it as he went right after Osborne. Always the cocky one, Osborne took some liberties in his attack, sliding in a cheap shot slap on a corner break. Colon fired one right back and took Osborne down with a drop toe hold followed by hip tosses, working over the left arm. Osborne fought back but Colon kept him on the mat attacking the left arm and shoulder. Colon left the arm attack and hit Osborne with two dropkicks and a clothesline that sent Osborne to the floor. Colon didn’t want to wait for Osborne, so he hit a tope to the floor. Osborne came back in the ring but bailed to the floor and the foot race was on and won by Osborne who dropped an elbow on Colon’s back when he tried to come back in. Osborne tossed the rules out the door and went after Colon with a chinlock, using the ropes for leverage. The referee finally caught it and made Osborne break, so he opted for a sleeper in the middle of the ring. But Colon used some leverage and sent Osborne face first into the buckles. Colon got a second wind and attacked Osborne but got too close and Osborne used leverage to drive Colon into the buckles. Osborne went up top for a back superplex but Colon countered it and hit Osborne with a springboard bodyblock to get the upset victory.
The time came one again for “Handsome” Heath Miller’s Happy Hour. He was accompanied to the ring by FCW Southern Heavyweight champion Ted DiBiase Jr. The special guest this evening was WWE Superstar Val Venis, who came out with the Bella Twins. DiBiase and Miller were in awe of Venis who told the fans he was recovered from elbow surgery and he stopped by FCW to see the future superstars in action. Miller said he was just like Venis, having ladies dripping all over him. Miller even said he was just as good a wrestler as Venis. Bu Venis didn’t like it when Miller said he had gold around his waist and the Big Valboski didn’t. Miller and DiBiase tried to calm down Venis by talking about his acting career. The Twins gave Venis some pointers about what to reply with and apparently it had to with Miller’s alleged bedroom prowess. But before they could talk they were interrupted by Nattie Neidhart and Victoria Crawford who claimed the Bella Twins were tramps and slept their way to the top. The Bella’s responded with violence and a fight ensued with the referees being called out to break it up. During the fracas Miller appeared to suffer a low blow. That didn’t stop Steve Lewington from coming out for his title shot.
(4) “New” FCW Southern Heavyweight champion “Handsome” Heath Miller (w/FCW Champion Ted DiBiase Jr.) defeated Steve Lewington. This rematch came as a result of Lewington’s victory over Miller at the 1/19/08 event, despite DiBiase’s interference. Miller immediately slid to the floor to try and get the pain worked out of his leg. Lewington paced in the ring as DiBiase flung insults at him. Miller finally entered the ring and took his sweet time in locking up with Lewington, stalling for what seemed like an hour. When they did lock up Miller tried to stop the obvious power advantage from taking over. It did and Lewington went to work on Miller’s arm but Miller bailed to the floor again to confer with DiBiase. Miller came back in and squared off with Lewington but was scooped up and slammed to the mat. But when Lewington went for an elbow, DiBiase tripped him up. It didn’t work well as Lewington saw Miller coming and tossed him to the floor. Miller came back in once more but Lewington hit a back heel trip and locked in what looked like the Million Dollar Dream. Miller refused to submit, so Lewington scooped him up for a modified rib breaker. Miller fought off a roll up pin and sent Lewington to the ropes where DiBiase was waiting with a right hand punch to the face. As Miller argued with the referee, DiBiase hit Lewington in the back with his crutches. Lewington made his way back into the ring but Miller took him down to the mat in a chinlock. Lewington escaped but DiBiase was waiting with a choke as Miller got in the referee’s way. Miller kept the attack on the neck going with a knee drop for two. Miller went to end the match with a camel clutch but Lewington powered to his feet and drove Miller into a corner. It was all Lewington needed to get back on the attack, sending Miller running for his life. Lewington hit Miller with three dropkicks and a second rope elbow to the ribs getting two. Miller fought back with a top rope move but Lewington caught him and he hit a power move but the pin was too close to the ropes, allowing DiBiase the chance to drape Miller’s foot on the ropes. Lewington left Miller in the ring and chased DiBiase to the exit signs. But when he re-entered the ring his sunset flip was countered and Miller won with both hands holding the ropes for leverage.
But after the match ended, Val Venis took the house mic. He said the good news was Miller and DiBiase had the FCW Southern Heavyweight championship. The bad news was FCW Commissioner Steve Keirn granted Venis a shot at the championship this Tuesday night at Bourbon Street Night Club.
(5) In a no DQ Leather Strap Match, “Stampede Kid” TJ Wilson defeated Afa Jr. The winner had to drag his opponent around and touch all four top turnbuckle pads. But when the match was supposed to begin, Afa was nowhere to be found. As Wilson looked towards the entryway, Afa came from underneath the ring and attacked Wilson. He took the leather strap away from the referee, wrapped it around Wilson’s neck and bealed him out of the corner. Next Afa draped Wilson near the ropes and tried to hang him with it. Afa came back in the ring and whipped the prone Wilson with the strap and took him down with a clothesline. Finally Afa put the strap around his wrist and locked it around Wilson as well to begin the match with Wilson worn down from the assault. Afa went right to the corners to try and get victory but Wilson stopped him before he could get two touched. Wilson fought back, reversing a corner whip and it nearly snapped Afa’s shoulder. Wilson had enough and began to whip Afa’s back several times with a spectators’ belt. But Afa raked Wilson’s eyes and sent him to the mat but Wilson cut off the buckle touching with a Thesz press. Wilson used his taped up fist to punch Afa in the head, trying to draw blood. With Afa dazed, Wilson got three buckles touched but the fourth one was stopped when Afa hit a Samoan Drop. Afa got three buckles touched as he dragged Wilson around but his fourth touch was cut off by the strap hitting him in the groin thanks to Wilson. Wilson went after the four buckles as Afa fought for balance and stopped the fourth touch with a spinebuster. Afa got to his feet first and wrapped the strap around Wilson’s neck, dragging him to three corner touches but Afa didn’t realize Wilson was also touching buckles. Wilson fought out of a Samoan Drop and touched the fourth buckle ending the match. But it didn’t end the violence as Afa attacked Wilson with the strap and then went to use the ring bell but several FCW superstars hit the ring, sending Afa to seek higher ground.
(6) “Puerto Rican Nightmare” Eric Perez won the FCW Royal Rumble and he will receive a shot at the FCW Southern Heavyweight championship at the February 15th event. Perez eliminated G-Rilla with help from Eddie Colon.
The order of entry was: (1) “Puerto Rican Nightmare” Eric Perez (2) “Carnival Freak” Sinn Bowdee (eliminated by Kevin Kiley) (3) Bryan Kelly (eliminated by Johnny Curtis) (4) Rycklon (eliminated by Titan) (5) Tommy Taylor (eliminated by Rycklon) (6) “Rough House” Ralph Mosca (eliminated by G-Rilla) (7) Johnny Curtis (eliminated by Rycklon) (8) Chris Gray (eliminated by Bryan Kelly) (9) Mighty Mikey (eliminated by Titan) (10) 7 Ft Giant Titan (eliminated by G-Rilla) (11) “Mastodon of Mayhem” G-Rilla (eliminated by Perez) (12) Sheamus (eliminated by Jake Hager) (13) Sledgehammer (eliminated by Mosca) (14) “South City Thriller” Hade Vansen (eliminated by Sheamus) (15) Kevin Kiley (eliminated by Jake Hager) (16) Jake Hager (eliminated by Rycklon) (17) Brandon Groom (eliminated by Hade Vansen) (18) Mr. Yamamoto (eliminated by Titan) (19) David Mercury (eliminated by Jake Hager).
See you Tuesday night at Bourbon Street Night Club, 4331 US 19N in New Port Richey, bell time 8:30pm. Already signed WWE Superstar Val Venis against “Handsome” Heather Miller for the FCW Southern Heavyweight championship.
Coming to the 2008 Florida State Fair? Well you better, on Friday February 15th, to see FCW live at 6 & 8 PM in the Entertainment Hall. Be there early because before and after the events you can meet the wrestlers for photos and autographs. WWE Hall of Fame member “American Dream” Dusty Rhodes, plus WWE tag team champions John Morrison & The Miz, are going to be in attendance. More names will be announced later.
FCW will return to the Jewish Community Center on Saturday February 23rd with an 8pm bell time.
Be looking for information on our TV tapings to begin on Thursday, February 28th in Tampa.
For more information on the FCW Superstars log onto
Credit: Alan J. Wojcik @ Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

SPW Match Results from1/26 in Clarksville, TN

Match #1) "The Ice Man" Chris Eckos beat Eric Benjamin with a small package.

Match #2) Anthony Wayne beat Randall Shane by DQ when Shane wouldn't break the 5 count. Shane worked on Wayne's hand the entire match to the point where Anthony had to be helped to the back because he was in so much pain.

Match #3) Bubba Joiner & JW Wildfire won the SPW Tag Team titles against Otis Bass & Double D. After the match the four brawled around the ringside area. A challenge was then made for next months Clarksville return. Joiner & Wildfire against Bass & Double D in a "First Blood Match."

Match #4) "Rockstar" Mike Jablonski beat "Limited Edition" Lee Cross.

Match #5) Randall Shane & Chris Eckos beat Val Joiner & Eric Benjamin when Eckos pinned Benjamin who failed a monkey flip and Eckos put his feet on the ropes. The Executioner did not appear at the show. So, SPW Commissioner Biggie D along with MSCW Commissioner Jason Triplet came up with an idea. They put all the names in a hat and the one they drew would face Bud Ellis in the main event. The name the drew was The Arabian Assassin.

Match #6) "Cowboy" Bud Ellis retained the Mid-South Heavyweight Championship against "The Arabian Assassin I. Assassin I attempted to use a chain when Assassin II had Ellis distracted. Ellis turned around, ducked the chain which fell, grabbed the chain and scored the win.

Southern Pro Wrestling returns to Clarksville on Saturday February 23rd!

Credit: Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

Lance Storm on Shark Boy's Steve Austin Impression

Here's a link to a post on Lance Storm's web site where he comments about Shark Boy Imitating Steve Austin recently on TNA Impact:

Senshi Signs With New Organization

Low Ki, who has competed in TNA as Senshi, has signed with New Japan Pro Wrestling, reports the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. He will start as a regular on the 2/2 show in Sanjyo, and will be apart of the Rise group with Prince Devitt, Minoru, Milano, Goto, and Nakamura.


RAW Moving to NBC?!

NBC Universal issued a press release today to stockholders that announced that they will begin to add shows from their cable channels to their schedule. Top Chef from Bravo, Monk from USA, Psyche from USA, and WWE RAW from USA were all mentioned in the release. It has been said that NBC has been considering WWE programming since the beginning of the writer's strike.

USWO Match Results from 1/25 in Nashville, TN

Rob C vs Dyronic went to a double count out when Damien Payne ran in and attacked both.

New York Gangster b Damien Payne (w/Fetish).

Tim Renesto & J-5 (w/Charming Charles) b Justin Spade & Shawn Hoodrich when J-5 pinned Hoodrich.

Mark Anthony (w/Charming Charles) won a 3-man gauntlet beating Rob C, New York Gangster, and Dyronic.

Steve O b Mitch Ryder.
Quinton Quarisma & Jay Phoenix b LT Falk & Cousin Jason X to win the USWO Tag Team Championship when Quarisma pinned Jason.

USWO Champion Kid Kash b Chris Michaels by reverse decision when Michaels was spotted pulling tights on a pin fall.

Next Friday has Anthony vs. Tracy Smothers and a Kash-Michaels rematch with a special ref.

Credit: Jimmie Daniel @

SAW Match Results from 1/25 in Millersville, TN

Chris Eckos beat Chris Cane.

Hammerjack beat Tatsu (again).

In a match up between two Derby City guys, Damian Adams beat Raul Loco.

Matt Dillinger over Arrick Andrews via countout. Paul Adams and Hammerjack did a run in. Andrews took care of Hammerjack, but Rick Santel shoved Andrews off the top rope, injuring his knee for the count out.

Tribal Nation (Lennox Lightfoot & Indian Outlaw) beat Sharped Dress Man & Big Rig Brown.

Rick Santel (with Adams) beat "Boogie Woogie Boy" Gary Valiant. Adams distracted after a Valiant powerslam. Hammerjack joined Adams but got superkicked by Valiant. Meahwhile, Adams gave Hammerjack's sledge to Santel, and it was lights out for Boogie.

Credit: Brian Tramel

TIWF Match Results from Jackson, TN

AC Havoc def. T Bone

Iron Jake Johnson def. J. R. Rich

Dazzlin’ Dixie def. The Samoan Rajah

Danny B. Goode def. Gaylon Ray

Impromptu Match ( TV Title Match)
Ravishing Randy© def. Danny B. Goode with the help of Gaylon Ray and powder to the eyes of Danny B.

X-3 def. Dre’ Black and The Outlaw

Wildside def. John “ Biscuit” Roberts

TIWF Title Match ( Lumberjack Match)
Lawman Williams © def. Hardknocks Hooligan

This was the last Jackson, TN show. They will be in Trenton, TN next weekend and every week starting on 2.23.08.

Credit: Brian Tramel

LAW Match Results from 1/25 in Rector, AR

Idol Bane over Gary J

Evan Galistico over Lil' Tim

Slim Pickens over Pierre Abernathy

Rockin' Randy & Johnny Vinyl over Arnez to become New Tag Team Champions

LAW Champion "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony over Brandon Espinosa in a Non Title Match

Idol Bane opened the show stating that he apologized to Jeff O'Dell for “The Ghost of Andy Kaufman” on member of security and petitioned Jeff O'Dell not to let Derrick King come back until he apologizes. So when DK is man enough to apologize, he will be waiting to end DK's career with “The Ghost of Andy Kaufman”…After winning another shot at the Tag Team Titles, Rockin' Randy chose Johnny Vinyl as his tag team partner. During the match the ref was knocked out which lead Evan Galistico to come and hit Arnez in the back with a chair and then Randy/Vinyl gave him a double kick to the nuts. Both men pinned Arnez and celebrated with Galistico to the song "We Are The Champions". When Arnez made his way up Vinyl blasted him with one of the tag titles… In the main event, TGB hit Espinosa with the LAW Title to win the match. After the match, referee, Sharina Fowler was helping Espinosa to the back as TGB sitting on a steel chair, and O'Dell were in the ring bragging about how good they are. Espinosa turned like he was coming back to the ring. TGB said that if Brandon really had "NO FEAR" like he says then he shouldn't be afraid of a little steel chair. Espinosa hit the ring and TGB took a wild swing with the chair that Brandon ducked and fired up on TGB eventually clotheslining him over the top rope. Next week will feature a rematch for the tag team titles and will DK apologize??

Credit: Brial Tramel

TLCW Match Results from 1/26 in Ripley, TN

Dynamite Seth Knight vs. Ike Tucker was ruled a draw because both men's shoulders were down during the referee's count.

“Black Label Society” (Douglas/Bradley) defeated Shannon Lee/Tim Alfonso to retain the TLCW Tag Team Titles.

“The Baron” Baron Malkavain defeated Phoenix X.

Tattoo defeated Albino Rhino.

“The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony/Dell Tucker defeated Slim Pickens/Cody Melton.

Flash Flanagan/Chris Lexx/Idol Bane vs. Derrick King/"Too Kool 2"(Tim Grind/Flex) was ruled a no contest after Dell Tucker and Ms. Vanna attacked the referee.

The first match of the evening was interrupted repeatedly by The Golden Boy who was trying to protect his status as #1 Contender. Commissioner Mark Tipton had stated the winner would become the new #1 Contender….Prior to the Albino Rhino vs. Tattoo match, Commissioner Mark Tipton was introducing the fans to one of the students in the TLCW wrestling school, Angelina. Rhino came down the ramp, threw Tipton into the announcers stand, and proceeded to attack Angelina. Tattoo made the save….In a hot angle, after Dell Tucker began to whip the referee with a leather belt his father Tim Cummins hit the ring to stop the assault. Flash nailed Tim from behind and Tucker then began lashing his own fathers back with the belt.

Credit: Brial Tramel

Sunday, January 27, 2008

In the Spotlight: Interview with Jerry Lawler 1/19/08

This is an interview with Jerry "The King" Lawler. As always, the opinions expressed herein are those of Jerry Lawler only, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of myself or anyone else. I hope to be able to interview Jerry Lawler again one day soon. There is much more I want to ask him about.
We are in Jonesboro, Arkansas, at the RWA show, and I am with a living wrestling legend, Jerry "The King" Lawler, who has graciously consented to do a short interview. The date is Saturday, January 19, 2008.
Jerry, I appreciate you taking the time to talk to me tonight.
No problem, I'm looking forward to it.
We'll dispense with the preliminaries if you do not mind, since I know you don't have much time before your match.
OK, I have to beat somebody up real soon.
Great. I'll start out by asking how does Corey Maclin's suit against the WWE affect your being on Memphis Wrestling, or will it affect it at all?
I don't have any information on the suit. I haven't seen it or read it or anything, so I would rather not even comment on that. I don't know anything about it, other than what I have heard about it on the news. I was out of town, I was in Florida on vacation when it all happened. I saw when I got back where a couple of TV stations had tried to call me for some comments, but I haven't talked to anybody about it, I have not heard from anybody about it, so I would rather not say anything. there's really not anything I can say about it.
OK. Speaking of Memphis Wrestling, what is the status of the organization? We have heard that it is gone for good, and we have heard that they are going to resume taping, so what is the scoop?
The date... I can't remember the exact date, but Channel 30 was up for sale. Clear Channel was trying to sell Channel 30. We were approached by the Station Manager, more directly by the Program Director, Mr. Jim Doty, who we worked closely with at Channel 30, and he said that while the sale is hopefully going through, and at the time they were hoping it would go through, they were going to do some cost cutting measures, some cost cutting decisions, and basically it was to make the sale of the station look more attractive. In other words, to make the bottom line look a little better... Not that wrestling was costing them a great deal of money or anything like that, I think they looked at every aspect of their operation to see where they could cut back until the sale went through. One of the things they suggested was... There is quite a bit of production cost associated with doing the show, it's about $6000 per show that the station spends to produce the show... So they came to Corey and suggested that, until the sale goes through, that they put the production on hold and show re-runs and save that $6000 production cost until after the sale goes through. So we agreed. We wanted the sale to go through, too. So that's where we were. And they were expecting the sale to maybe go through some time in March. I was watching TV day before yesterday, and it was announced on Channel 30 that the sale has already gone through. It was announced on a public information spot that they are running during commercial time, saying that Clear Channel has sold their license to, and I don't even remember what the name of the new owners are, but anyway the sale has gone through, and there will be a little transition time, and then I'm looking for... We never even took the ring down, the ring is still set up in the studio, and so we'll definitely be back doing live matches in the studio, I'm figuring probably some time around the end of February.
I'm glad to hear that. Who are your three favorite performers in WWE?
Oh, let's see... When you say three favorite performers, do you mean guys that I like to watch their matches, or over all performers?
Over all performers.
Well, I know that it's gonna sound self serving and sound like brown nosing, but it's not. I've been a fan, basically since I first started doing commentary, but I enjoy watching Vince McMahon. You know, his shtick or whatever you ant to call it that he does with the Mr. McMahon character, to me it's always entertaining. It's entertaining with Stone Cold Steve Austin, it's entertaining with The Rock, he's entertaining with Triple H, or whoever, he's entertaining to me. As far as wrestlers, oh gosh, I enjoy John Cena, I like to watch Randy Orton, believe it or not I enjoy listening to Santino, the new Santino Marella guy. You know, he's very entertaining with his promos and things like that. There are different guys that I enjoy for different reasons Some guys I like to listen to more that I like to watch wrestle. Some guys I like to watch their wrestling more than I like to see them do other things, you know. But Vince, Randy Orton, gosh, I don't know, there's not too many... Maybe even above Vince, in a category of its own, I enjoy the divas.
Let's go back to the hey-days of Memphis Wrestling, back in the late 60's, 70's, & into the 80's, back to, say, the Mid-South Coliseum days, what do you miss most about those days?
Well, I don't think wrestling started at the coliseum until the '70's. I was a fan in the '60's, my family moved back to Memphis from Ohio in 1964. My dad was probably a bigger wrestling fan than I was, but at that time he and I would go down on Monday nights to the Ellis Auditorium, that's where the wrestling was at that time. My dad passed away in 1969, and I did not start wrestling until 1970 or '71, something like that. So he never got to see me wrestle, he never had a clue that I would ever do anything in wrestling. That's the one big regret that I've had, because my dad would have been so excited, so happy to see me involved in wrestling some kind of way, because he was such a big fan. But as far as the matches, somebody gave me an old program the other day from Ellis Auditorium, and I looked in the program, and there were only three matches, that's all that was on the entire card. Then I started to think back, and I said you know what, that's right, because they used to have three 2 out of 3 fall matches. The guys would come out and wrestle the first fall and then go back to the locker room for a few minutes, come back out and wrestle the second fall, go to the back again, and come back and wrestle the third fall. You would be buying cokes or popcorn or programs or whatever between each fall, and basically what it worked out to is the same, basically, as today having nine matches. They just used a lot less talent. You had nine separate segments. But anyway, I think wrestling over the years has really kind of mirrored society. A lot of people think that Vince McMahon changed wrestling, but I think that if wrestling had stayed the same in Memphis, like people knew, you know, the wrestling of the old days, I think it would have changed anyway. Just the way it's progressed nation wide, it's like people's attention spans have changed, people's interests have changed. There are so many other things that are competing for the entertainment dollar, for your attention, you know, TV viewing is way down because kids are now playing video games, so there are just so many ways that society and the world in general has changed. So wrestling, in order to keep up with that, you can't have those wrestling matches where a guy used to grab a head lock like Ed "Strangler" Lewis would put a head lock on somebody and hold it like 25 or 30 minutes while the other guy is struggling trying to get out. That's why guys had big cauliflower ears. You have a head lock on somebody and hold it for 30 seconds not, the crowd is gonna be chanting BORING, so it has to be a faster pace, with more wrestlers in order for everything to be faster and more exciting out there, and younger wrestlers. That's just the progression of it. That, to me, is the main difference that I see, it's more fast paced, it's more high flying, so-called exciting maneuvers, and you have to give the fans a bigger bang for their buck or they'll watch something else.
Speaking of the Mid-South Coliseum, what is the future of that building?
Well, it's sad to say, I am really afraid they will probably just tear it down and make a parking lot. The political leadership in Memphis is in such disarray, in such a sad state. They don't care anything about history, they don't care anything about the fact that Memphis needs an arena that size, a 10,000 seat arena rather than... There are so many acts and different types of entertainment that can't and won't commit to a 20,000 seat arena like Fed-Ex Forum, they just can't afford it. You know, they are looking to have no competition for the forum because they promised the moon and the stars to whoever built that, so I'm sad to say that I think the future of the Coliseum is bleak. It's already completely closed. We went in there and tried to negotiate just having one final last show, that's the way that whole Hulk Hogan debacle came about. The whole idea, the whole intention of that originally was to have one last match at the Mid-South Coliseum, a final wrestling show. The Mayor had given the OK, and we started on it, that's how Hulk Hogan came into the picture. Then the City Council came in and squashed it. They said the place is not wheelchair accessible, and how they could be sued by the federal government, which is probably true. Whoever made that wheel chair accessible law was a complete idiot. Trillions of dollars have been spent in this country making stuff wheel chair accessible that was already wheel chair accessible. We used to run shows in the Coliseum, and wheel chair people loved it. We used to let them in free in the back, there were no stairs or steps they had to go up, there was a whole back stage area that they got access to same as the wrestlers did. But now they're saying no, they have to be able to go up to the top of the Coliseum. Well, who'd want to? They had the best seats in the house for free. But anyway, that show was stopped, and that's how that Hulk Hogan show wound up down at the Fed-Ex Forum. and quite simply, that's why it was a failure. That kind of show, a locally produced show, is not capable of drawing a big enough crowd to pay the rent on the Fed-Ex Forum. It would have been great for the Coliseum, 10,000 people would have been a sell out crowd, but 10,000 people in the Fed-Ex Forum is only half full.
Whenever I interview someone, I like to do a little word association. I have a list of names here...
I want to let you know that I hate word association, but go ahead.
OK, well, if you'll indulge me, I will keep it brief.
The first name on the list is "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente.
A complete nobody. A blithering idiot. Somebody who, I guess, thought he was going to make a quick dollar, a dishonest dollar by trying to sue somebody that he was working with, and all he did was wind up, in essence, putting himself completely out of the wrestling business, with no chance of anybody ever wanting to have anything to do with him that is connected with wrestling.
How about Jimmy Valiant?
One of my all time favorites. I can't say enough about the chemistry that Jimmy and I had, working with the guy all throughout the years in Memphis, it was just fantastic. I know he was in New Your, and with Johnny Valiant, and I know he was in other places like WCW, down there with Big Mama, but I don't think he was ever as good as he was when he was in Memphis. I thought that was the peak, the prime years of handsome Jimmy, and he can still turn on a crowd like nobody else can.
Let's talk about Jim Ross.
Ol' JR... To me the ultimate compliment you could give somebody is to say they are the best at what they do. That's all I can say about Jim Ross, he's the best at what he does. When you talk about wrestling commentators, I think he's the best there's ever been, and he's certainly the best in the business today. He is the consummate professional. He has the passion, the believability, the sincerity, and nobody does it better.
How about Corey Maclin?
Corey Maclin is a good guy. He's a hard worker and a hustler. A lot of people don't realize how Corey just literally stays on the go. He's a family man, married with six children, and you would think that you would have to do a lot of work just to keep food on the table for six children, but Corey not only does that, he keeps a family running, he keeps a wrestling company running, and he's got Maclin & Associates, an advertising agency that is highly successful and has clients all over the country, in Houston Texas, and New Jersey. I went up to Boston not too long ago, I get off the airplane and there's people waiting to pick me up and take me over to this really nice, new car dealership, and they gave me the key to a brand new car to drive while I'm up there, courtesy of Corey Maclin. Corey is their advertising agency. So Corey does a real good job with that, he works hard and tries to stay on top of things, he hustles.
How about Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock?
Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock, well, what I said before, some people are the best at what they do, that certainly does not apply to Jimmy Blaylock. He may be the worst, uh, I don't really know the best way to describe Jimmy, maybe he's a wannabe... he's a wannabe king. I think that Jimmy Blaylock was such a fan of mine that, almost like the guy that shot John Lennon, remember that guy, that Mark Chapman guy, you know he started out being a fan of the Beatles. But then he became obsessed to where he wanted to be John Lennon. I've read the book where in his mind he thought the only way to take John Lennon's place or to be John Lennon was to eliminate John Lennon, so he murdered the guy. And it scares me sometimes because I think that Jimmy Blaylock may be that Mark Chapman , may have that Mark Chapman personality lurking somewhere in the back of his brain, you know, you do not see many people going around wearing robes and crowns and things like that to imitate someone else. He spends his whole life trying to be me. He's a menace. It's almost scary, he's dangerous. What I think is that I may have to put an end to him before he puts an end to me.
OK... How about Austin Idol?
Austin Idol... Very charismatic... he, along with myself, Bill Dundee, and maybe Jimmy Valiant, was maybe one of the most popular guys throughout the 80's to ever wrestle in Memphis. He was so great on the microphone. Austin Idol would do a great interview, great promo, whatever you want to call it. He could connect with an audience with a microphone where... you know, whenever you are on TV, you're trying to attract as many people to come see you wrestle as possible. That's the measure of your popularity. That's the measure of your success. If big crowds come to see you... it's the same in wrestling, it's the same in football, baseball, boxing, any kind of entertainment, you want people to come to see you. Austin Idol was as good at talking people into an arena as there ever was... not the greatest wrestler, and he'd be the first to admit it. He could just connect with a crowd. Great look, great physique, the hair - he didn't want you to touch his hair, right before a match he'd say, "watch the hair, watch the hair, be easy with the hair." I understand now that he's selling real estate in the Carolinas.
How about Joe Leduc?
Joe Leduc... A lot of people ask me who is the toughest man you ever wrestled, and I don't even hesitate, I always say Joe Leduc, in my mind the toughest guy I ever wrestled. I saw Joe Leduc do things in the ring with me, I saw him do things outside the ring with... like, holding a car with his legs, pulling a bus... he was an unbelievable physical specimen. He made a huge impact in Memphis as well. Nobody had ever seen the great look on his face, that look in those eyes, the strange nobody's home look when he went out there and said, (Lawler imitating Joe Leduc accent), " Jerry Lawler, I'm a going to kill you. And I promised myself, and da Canadian lumber jack, in da Canadian lumber camp, when we promise ourself, we make an oat." Now he was saying o-a-t, of course he was saying oath, but he said we make an oat. And he said, "So that we remember that oat every day of our life, we make a mark on our body, so that every time we see that mark, we remember that oat. So right now, Jerry Lawler, I'm gonna make a mark on my body so I remember the oat that some day I will kill you." And he took this big double bladed axe, and he just started sawing on his arm, right on live TV, the camera started zooming in, the blood just started pouring. He pulled that axe back, and it was layed open. It was, like, something people had never seen before, and that's the extent that Joe Leduc would go to get his point across. He was the toughest guy I had ever seen. I'd never seen anyone do anything like that, you know, for a match. It was just amazing.
A couple more and then we're done... Eddie Gilbert.
Eddie Gilbert... He almost would fall into that Jimmy Blaylock category. I think that somewhere along the way, Eddie Gilbert got in his mind that he wanted to be... even though his father was a wrestler, and he looked up to his father, I think he almost, as a kid growing up, idolized me more than he did his father, and wanted to model his own wrestling career after me more than he did his own father. Sometimes it got to the point that it was almost scary, he would imitate me... King Eddie Gilbert, he used the crown, the whole deal, he tried to run over me in the parking lot at Channel 5... and he was a very, verey talented guy, very charismatic and everything, but just a sad waste that his life was cut so short. He had some demons in there somewhere where he turned out to be his own worst enemy.
When I mention the name Von Erich, what thoughts come to your mind?
Well, a lot of people thought that I was maybe closer or had more to do with the Von Erichs that I really did. The only association I had with the Von Erichs was having a series of matches with Kerry. Early in my career I had a couple of matches in St. Louis, I teamed with David Von Erich a couple of times. But he was just so spaced out he didn't even know where he was. I don't think he even knew who he was teaming with. Later on... you know, they were down in Texas, the big family name and it was the biggest thing in Texas, and towards the end, there, I hooked up and had some matches with Kerry, and then we wound up doing the Super Clash pay per view, and... you know, just another sad, sad waste. The guy was very, very talented, and you couldn't ask for a better look, a better physique, the whole package, and then all of a sudden.... When somebody takes their own life, I just can't even comprehend it. I can't understand it. He was somebody that it looked like he had the world by the tail.
Well, We'll end the word association with one last name....
(At this point we are joined by Brian Christopher).
You didn't have Brian Christopher's name on that list. I just don't understand that.
OK, Brian Christopher....
JL: Oh God (laughter)....
BC: Let me answer this for you! Brian Christopher is one of the greatest, not only wrestlers, not only in ring talent, but hey, is this a kayfabe type of interview you're doing here?
JL: This is for Wrestling....
Much better than the other guys.
BC: Are you sure?
BC: Which is the one that printed all that bull about Spellbinder was a straight guy?
I think that was the other site, I know it wasn't us.
BC: This is the one from Mississippi, right?
BC: Oh, ok, we love people from Mississippi, don't we? Anyway, back to ME! I am great. If you don't believe me, just ask me.
JL: I wish you had been here earlier, you could have heard one of the all time classic interviews from, what's his name, Diamond Reo?
Reno Diamond.
JL: Reno Diamond, yeah. Listen, I go out there and run Reno Diamond out of the ring, and he gets the microphone in front of all the people, and says something like, "Tonight, when I get you in that ring, your fist is gonna be in my face." (laughter). I said did you just say my fist is gonna be in your face? "No no, that's not what I meant." Oh my God, that was just classic.
JL: Anyway, is that the end of the names?
No. I have one more left, if you have time. Tojo Yamamoto.
JL: Tojo... Remember the story I told a minute ago in the ring? We're back here in Jonesboro tonight, and when I first started, my first match, Jackie Fargo brought me over here, and I was sitting in the car with Jackie, and I was just a nervous wreck, I'll never forget we stopped, and I went in and got a bag of potato chips and Jackie said, "Put that over there, kid," and I said what and looked over and when I did he reached over and grabbed my bag of chips and just crushed them all into crumbs, and just every kind of rib you could think of on the way over. So then when we got here, I was wrestling Tojo Yamamoto. And I found out later, after he blistered my chest so bad, just beat me like a dog, afterwards Jackie told me, that all the young guys that are just trying to get started, they put them against Tojo. He beat me up so bad. Tojo don't like anybody, you know, Tojo don't like anybody, he has no family, he's got no relatives, he just hates the world, he lives out of his car, literally, and he has no friends, he don't like anybody. So they put guys against Tojo, because he beat them up so bad, that if they come back and say they want another match after that, they think, well, maybe they have some potential. But usually Tojo would beat these guys up so bad that they would not even ask for another match. So he certainly did that to me that night. I finally made it through it, and in the middle of the week Jackie called me and asked me if I wanted another match, and I said yes I do. He said OK, good, this Saturday you and I will go back over to Jonesboro and you have Tojo again. Oh, God, I dreaded it, and sure enough, five straight weeks against Tojo right here in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Finally after that I guess then they figured well, maybe the kid, he's not gonna just have a match or two and quit or whatever. But Tojo was great. Tojo was... I loved watching him when I was a fan. Nobody had better facial expressions. He had great psychology. He wasn't a big guy at all, he wasn't really a really tough guy, he was just another of those guys who was really good at what he did. He made people dislike him so much, that finally, he was such a hated bad guy, that finally when he came to the rescue of Jerry Jarrett, he was like, the most loved guy. People have got to really care about you one way or the other. They really hated Tojo, so finally when he did that one really good deed, everybody loved him. So he was great. He was another guy who, once he found out that he had a terminal illness, went home and took his own life. I really miss Tojo Yamamoto. People ask about him all the time.
BC: But what about Tojo's interviews? I never understood 'em. How could he... first he's going to beat you, then he's going to kill you, and then he's going to crucify you. How can he crucify you after he's already killed you? (laughter).
JL: I remember, later on after I got in, about a year after I got into the business, I got to ride on a couple of trips with Tojo. Tojo was a small guy, a short guy, and he actually had a little cushion in his Cadillac that he would sit on when he drove. So one time he said (imitating Tojo), "Let me look at your face. If someone hurt you in the ring, what kind of face you make?" And I went (Lawler making face). And he said, "That sissy face, sissy face! Come here!" Now, we're driving down the interstate, and he twists his mirror over, and he says, "You look at your face in the mirror. Make the face." So I made the face, and he says, "That sissy face." So then he takes my cheek (Lawler grabs my cheek and twists) and say, "Make the face now!" And he would twist my cheek all the way around, and I'm saying, OUCH! And he would say, "Look at face, that's the face, that's the face!" So, Tojo was a lot of fun. I really loved him.
OK. That's the last name on the list. We'll finish up with one final question. Vince McMahon, when he started his football league, had you doing some football commentary. How did you like that?
JL: I loved it, because we were surrounded by these beautiful XFL cheerleaders, and one of the other commentators was Dick Butkus, one of the all time, all pros, you know, ex-NFL player, and I just really enjoyed saying the words Dick Butkus. (laughter). But, believe it or not, I still think that if Dick Ebersol had not gotten involved, and he was so intent on making the XFL exactly like the NFL, and it wasn't ready yet. It would have taken a long time to do that. But if Ebersol had stayed back, and let Vince McMahon run the XFL like he had first envisioned, the whole idea was Vince McMahon's idea, if Dick Ebersol had not stepped in and taken control of it, I think it would still be around today, if he had let it be what Vince's idea was.
BC: So you're saying if they had just left it all tits, it would have been OK, right?
Well, I have nothing else I want to cover, so do you have anything else you would like to talk about?
No, that's it.
Well, I thank you very much for your time and for a great interview.
You're welcome. Except, this is gonna be on, what's the name of it?
It's, the number one wrestling...
No, it's the number two wrestling website in the country.
Number two?
Number two.
Well then, who's number one?
OK, fair enough, can't argue with that, you're right. Thanks again.
Credit: Photo by KC