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Thanksgiving Night Extravaganza 08

Southern States Wrestling
Thanksgiving Night Extravaganza 08
Thurs Nov 27
Kingsport, TN @ National Guard Armory

17th Annual Thanksgiving card

* Cody Ices beat Chase Owens with Ashlee

Good opener with a lot of action. Owens as become one of the most hated wrestlers in this area. Cody Ices was award the Most Improved Wrestler of 08 before the matches started.

Owens used Ices tights several time durning the match to take him down and to get out of Ices' holds. Owens used the tights into an O' Conner role but ref Brandon Cox caught Owens using the tights and pushed him backwards which ended up with Ices on top for the 3 count.

* Ray Idol beat Mike Cooper

Both of these guys are long time Kingsport regulars and were received well by the fans. Good solid wrestling match with Idol getting his hand raised.

* Moe Jenkins beat BoBo Brown by TKO in the 4th round of a taped fist boxing match

Jenkins fought for almost 10 years in gold gloves while growing up in Detroit which showed. Brown prob had never been in a boxing match or class in his life which showed but still held his own.

Round one was the two just filling each other out Brown threw many punched but never landed a one. Round town Brown sucker punched Jenkins on a break and got the up hand which lead to him knocking him down twice in the round. As round two was ending Jenkins landed a big right that dropped Brown but he was saved by the bell.

Mike Cooper was Brown's corner man he had to pick brown up and drag him to his corner. Between rounds cooper took something from his tights and rubbed it all over Brown's right hand. Jenkins started round three on fire until Brown rubbed his right hand across Jenkins eyes. Moe had to back off and was trying to wipe his eye's and Brown unloaded on Moe giving him a beating and scoring another knock down. Jenkins was saved by the bell.

Brandon Cox informed Jenkins' corner if he did not fight back or show more defense he was stopping the fight. Jenkins' corner man Nick Hammonds worked between rounds trying to wash Moe's eyes out. Round four started with Brown again rubbing in the eyes and pounding on Moe. Brandon Cox stepped in and check Jenkins then allowed him to wipe his eyes. Jenkins then able to see unloaded on Brown and beat him across the ring into the corner and pounded him until the ref stepped in and stopped it.

* Misty James and her mystery Partner were next vs. Ryan Dookie and Kole Layton King

Other then the main event this was the most heated match of the night. The men came out first and dared any woman in the building to be Misty's partner and said them are not worried about anyone she brings out as long as she is in the match they were going to win. NO WOMAN COULD EVER BEAT A MAN. They also said they Beau James had given them permission to hurt Misty if needed.

Misty came out alone. She said that this was not only a big match but she had a lot of pressure on her to make a good showing and that she knew she need a partner that would get down and dirty and do what ever it took to win. She then told the people that they need to trust her on this decision she has made for partner and to please support this person like they do her. The music hit and out came Rebecca Lynn. This was Lynn's first time back in Kingsport since Misty beat her in a loser leave town match in June.

Misty started with Dookie. She took his arm which lead to him getting out very easy and making fun of her. He did a little dance and when he turned around she arm dragged him. He came up and charged her she arm dragged him then hip tossed him. King then charged in and was hip tossed. The men found themselves on the floor in shock.

Dookie tagged in King who came in ad grabbed Misty in ahead lock which lead to her coming out with a top wrist lock and tacking King down. She out wrestled him couple more times and know it was Rebecca's turn to come in. They did a couple classic "Tennessee spots" with the girls making the guys look like a couple jack assess.

Dookie end up stopping Misty with a knee to the stomach and the men took over. They never hit her they just slammed,suplexed her, and tied her up in holds. Misty got loose and starting punching King which lead to him knocking her down and dropping a leg then a fist on her. Dookie came in and dropped an elbow on her.

Misty ended up ducking a double clothes line and clothes lining then guys. ALl three were down and Rebecca was ready for the tag when Jamey Gibson showed up put of no where and pulled her off the ring.

Gibson demanded her to leave with him and said why should we help her she ran us out of town. Lynn would not leave she need up decking Gibson and rolling in the ring and getting a big come back on the guys. Now the girls had the upper hand and were cleaning the guys clocks until Gibson reached in and tripped both girls. Ref Rob Knight stopped the match. The girls rolled out as Gibson came in and grabbed chairs and then ran the guys out of the ring.

The crowd started the 5 more minutes chant. Rebecca got on the mic and said she came here to prove a point that woman can compete with men.And she planned on it being a one time deal but now she is mad and plans on staying around until she can get the three of them in a match. The girls challenged the guys for any two of them to have a match with them Christmas Night and that the other please come to ring side so they can keep and eye on them and they would bring some one to be in their corner.

The guys said ok and said who you going to get one of these fat women and pointed to the front row. Maybe that old lady in the second row or even better yet one of these rednecks. Misty said no she already had some one in mind and he was coming that night to give her an award and she said she knew he would be happy to be in her corner and that it was not a woman but he is like these people that comes to the matches he is the original people's champion and he knows how to fight because he is the leader of the street people she was talking about "Handsome" Jimmy "Boogie Woogie Man" Valiant.

Intermission was next with Misty and Rebecca drawing a huge line to their table for pictures.

*K.C. Thunder w/ Dawn beat Wayne Adkins for the Southern States Heritage Title

Thunder representing the First Family and Adkins representing "G1" . This match was almost all Adkins he started out a house of fire and stayed on top of Thunder most of the match. He gave Thunder a big hip toss on the floor with Thunder's body hitting making an awful thud on the floor.

Adkins hit his high cross body out of the corner on Thunder and had him down for the count when Dawn tried to get in the ring until she was stopped by the ref. The other First Family members Brian Logan and Beau James ran out. Logan jumped on the ring and was met by Adkins who wen to town on Logan. James sprayed either on a rag and threw it to his cousin Thunder.

As Adkins turns around Thunder put the rag over his mouth and nose and out went Adkins. Ref turns around and counts the 3. Thunder threw the rag in the crowd and left with the belt. Two refs and a couple wrestlers had to carry Adkin's limp body out of the ring to the dressing room.

* Iron Cross beat AWA World Champion Brian Logan by count out

Logan came out first and told everyone about winning back the belt last week in WV. And that Tony Givens just was not up to being a world champion and did not last long at all. And Logan said he was not putting the belt up tonight because Cross is not a top contender.

Cross came out and ask Logan to put the belt up. Logan said no but if he could some how get a win Then he could get a title match.

Cross came to wrestle and show Logan he was worthy of a title match. He kept upper hand for a few minutes until Logan could get his thoughts together and slow the match down.

Cross made a big come back and hit Logan with the Thesz press. KC Thunder ran out and put Logan's foot on the ropes. Ask ref asked for Cross to break it up Thunder pulled Logan out and they just left and took the count out.

* TV Champion Nick Hammonds beat 1/2 of Tag Champions Chris "The Stomper" Richards w/ John Hawkins

As every where else he goes Hawkins is a hated man at the Kingsport Armory.

Hammonds used his speed and first to get away from Richards and keep the upper hand. Finally when Hammonds went for his diamond cutter on the 6'6 325 lbs monster Richards cuaght him in the air and gave him a back breaker. Richards kept him in a bad way for a while. Hammonds was able to break free and hit a diamond cutter at the one count Hawkins rang the belt the ref and Hammonds jumped up to see why as Hammonds turned around Richards caught him with a choke slam and got the three count. Match Maker Al Bass came to ring side and ordered the match restarted because what Hawkins did. Match was restarted and Hammonds rolled Richards up for the three count.

* King of Kingsport "Handsome" Beau James and Tony "The Dragon" Givens went to a 30 minute draw

This was there first meeting in the ring since James turned on Givens Oct. 25. James countinues to come out with no music. Just walking to the ring smoking a cigar and caring his "baby" (a Bullwhip). Givens continues to have the longest music intro in wrestling today.

The first 5 minutes was Givens all over James with drop kicks and arm drags. James took a walk came back in and tried to out wrestle Givens in which Givens ended up on back on top with every series. James took a walk again.

James came back in and tried to get Givens to shake hands. Tony was having no part of it as he unloaded on James and opened him up with a series of elbows to the face and head. James was bleeding bad. Givens continued to work on James running his head in the buckle and striking James repeatedly.

The King of Kingsport stop Givens with a nasty low blow that drop Givens. Both men were down until James was able to get to his feet and then the beating began. The next few minutes saw James get several near falls on Givens.

At the 20 minute mark The Dragon started fighting back and had James in trouble until James scored a head but to the stomach that took a lot out of both men.

James again back on top went for and applied his famous finisher the cobra clutch in the middle of the ring. Givens fighting and fighting to get out was able to sit out of it and get James in a triangle sleeper but James went to the ropes. He caught Givens on the break and pounded him.

With two minutes left the Dragon started fighting back with everything he had. He had James hurt and ready to put him away he caught the sleeper on James with 45 seconds left. James was able to hold on until the bell.

James nearly out and still bleeding rolled out of the ring and head to the back. The crowd started the 5 more minute chant. Givens said he had been coming to the Armory for 12 years first as a fan, then as the ring crew, then ref, then open match, to middle to main and he did not want his first Thanksgiving Main Event to end that way and said he want to finish it now.

Al Bass came to ring side and talked to James. AL then says James agrees to come back if Givens forfeits his money for the night and James gets all the Main Event money. Givens agrees and the dives over the top rope to the floor on James. The rolls James back in and goes to work on him again. He gets James in the triangle sleeper in the middle of the ring. Then the first family hit and ist 3 on 1. Thunder and LOgan strech Givens out and James starts blistering him and ref Rob Knight with "Baby" . Other Members of G1 Moe Jenkins and Nick Hammonds run in and they meet the same fait has James whips them. Cody Ices trys to help and they get him too. The Family leave with Ices and G1 left laying.

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